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by Paul F. Gorman

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The Giving Self by Paul F. Gorman

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The Miracle Self by Paul F. Gorman

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The true secret of life is not found in, or by seeking, the outer forms of health, relationship, money, success, home, employment or enterprise. These things of life are good and legitimate - available to each and every person in limitless bounty and beauty - but the way in which we attempt to get them is flawed. That’s why there is little or lasting harmony, health, wealth and deep love witnessed even by many metaphysical and spiritual seekers.

The miracle you have searched for - the substance of all healthy, harmonious and prosperous form - is within. It is already fully manifested, simply awaiting your silence and open receptivity. Then the Miracle Self is released as tangible, boundless good, here and now, in individual life.

If you have read dozens of books, attended retreats, and for years practiced meditation, visualization, affirmation, positive mental attitude, tithing, and even prayer and are still not experiencing the fullness of health, abundant money, love, and true life fulfillment this extraordinary teaching can - finally - enable you to enjoy rich spiritual fruitage in every department of life.

From The Introduction

Why, if spirit really does exist, and if, as it is taught by the great masters, we are one with It — one with the very essence of life, love, harmony, abundance and joy Itself — do we suffer?

Why, after more than 150 years of metaphysics and metaphysical techniques—such as visualization, affirmation, positive mental attitude, tithing and meditation—plus 4000 years of truth teachings and demonstrations given to us by the greatest spiritual masters who walked the earth, are we, as a general world populace, and commonly individually, still in the grip of disease, lack, limitation, war or threat of war, and discord?

How can an individual study dozens, even hundreds, of books written on the subject of spirituality and truth, and practice diligently, yet suffer the same degree of hardship, illness, injustice and disharmony as those who do not study or practice?

Why is it that you or I can seek spiritual health, prosperity, love, success and true purpose in life for years or decades yet fail to experience the tangible fruitage?

The answer is this: Metaphysics has lost its way in deviating from the pure truth as taught by the Masters of old. The pure Truth is principle not caprice, therefore repeatable. When the Masters healed the sick, fed the multitudes, demonstrated abundance of all, and brought peace where there was disharmony they were not only demonstrating the presence and ever availability of the Infinite, but revealing the principle involved so that anyone — including you and me, here and now — can do the same. This is the secret revealed and taught in a series of breakthrough lessons in The Miracle Self given by a spiritual light who’s traveled the path before you, and has much to show you.

“The minute you discover even a grain of the truth of Spirit and therefore of yourself, and then you learn to rest in Its sublime Peace and Wholeness, you not only release the miracle within, but experience a sustained life of such harmony, love, health, abundance, success and fulfillment that living takes on a completely new, higher and more richly rewarding purpose and fruitage than ever the mind could imagine.” — Paul Gorman.

In The Miracle Self Paul has given the world a teaching that infallibly leads to demonstration—by principle. As he illustrates, in the same way you can rely on and trust the principle of mathematics, music, and gravity, so you can rely on and trust the principle that is Spirit — the Infinite Invisible substance and form of all existence.

“When the mind has ceased its words and thoughts, its mental efforts and struggles, and becomes silent and transparent—open and receptive to the Silence Itself—then Spirit is tangibly witnessed within as harmony, life, love and abundance of all, then experienced as the outer material harmony. Silence is the principle, and the miracle itself.”

If you have read spiritual books, attended seminars, practiced meditation, visualization, affirmation, incantation, tithing, and praying with little or no sustained tangible result here is teaching that can, finally, be the catalyst for your breakthrough.

You can witness health regenerate your body; you can witness your employment, business and investments reap rich wealth; you can witness the most deeply loving relationships in your life; you can witness your life’s true purpose unfold in front of your eyes.

This book explains the exact “how” of it, the mistake that has lead to little or no tangible harmony, beauty and bounty in your life, and how to make the simple yet powerful changes in your spiritual practice that take affect spontaneously. This is not a coffee table book, nor a work you’ll read once then delegate to the book shelf. You will want to keep it by your side, dipping into it each day, sometimes each hour, drawing truth and inspiration that gently evokes your silence of mind and the flow of spirit as your tangible experience. Each chapter contains a clarity and power you’ve not found in most metaphysical and spiritual teachings — a clarity that is enabling breakthroughs for spiritual students the world over.

In these pages you rediscover the ancient art, principle and actual demonstration of the miracle in every day life, here and now. Once the profound, yet in essence, simple, principle is lived each hour of each day — a joyous, often ecstatic experience itself — individual life becomes glorious, beautiful and bountiful without limit, overflowing with the tangible fruitage of health, love, relationship, prosperity, home, success, attainment and true life purpose.

It truly is a miracle—the Miracle within you, functioning as you, and pouring through you into your outer world of body, mind, people, activities, things, places, situations and conditions in joyous harmony, synchronicity and abundance.