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Silent Sanctuary, where the light of Truth shines for you 24 hours a day...


Silent Sanctuary is unconditionally free for you to reach out to for immediate spiritual help for yourself or another.

Simply use the request help form below.

You may submit your request anonymously or by name. If you would like a personal response make sure to include your email.

You may send as many requests as you need or want to until harmony and wholeness is witnessed. There is no limit to how many times you may contact Silent Sanctuary.

As soon as you submit your request for help it is received, read and embraced in the Presence of Truth. You are immediately bathed and imbued in the Light, Love and Harmony of Truth which dispels all false material sense (experience).

Spiritual help is requested for:

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Come, rest here...

Rest from fear and concern, rest from burden, rest from the discord or disharmony that seems to be.

Receive the truth of health, wealth, home, relationship, safety and security -- the truth of your being and world which is fully manifest already and always -- by resting here in the peace and wholeness of the Silent Sanctuary.

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