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The Miracle Self is a non-denominational, non-institutional spiritual teaching and healing practice. It is the revelation and practice of one God, one truth consciousness: the consciousness of oneness and unity, in and as which all people and all of creation is one and full of God. "The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord."  Read more


Infallible God
God, Good, Is Infallible As and To Itself

Transcript of Class given October 14, 2017

Good morning!

Maybe everything else we have done these ten years has led to this. Maybe this is the most important message of truth, because until we get to the stage of being able to completely let go of every belief about who we are, what we need, what life is, what existence is, what wealth is; what friend, love, peace is and let that which is present itself to us — not only its formation but its purpose; until there is zero personal sense of self remaining in us and as our universal sense, we cannot freely or fully evidence that which is, that which we have called God or truth.

So, this class is very different from any other we have been given. This is why I described it as being only for the so-called advanced student; and so I very much appreciate us being together. Thank you.

Let us prepare. Let us have a couple of minutes of silence, and in that silence begin to truly let go of everything of you, everything — everything of your entire being, your entire universe; every ounce of knowledge you have gained since inception and birth. Let it go, or begin at least to let it go, to make room for the message which, of course, is also the form of itself.

The message (the Voice) "and" the form (manifestation) are one.

A few minutes silence. . . . 

Is truth infallible? Can we legitimately use that word and promise the infallibility of truth or of healing? Is God or reality actual? Is it something which can be brought into real, practical experience?

Absolutely yes; but we have to understand why this is true, and then with that understanding, attune ourselves to that which is in order that it be the one reality, the one practicality of our tangible experience.

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12 Monthly Class Transcripts, Series 2

I am pleased to make the second series of Miracle Self monthly class transcripts available!

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We have chosen particularly high Class messages for this second series, selected from among the most advanced class and retreat series we have been given over the 10 years since the Miracle Self was born.

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