Daily Silence

Formal* daily silence is held at the following times each day, which you are invited to join from wherever you are in the world for some or all of the hours:

Monday:  5 am - 8 am

Tuesday:  5 am - 8 am

Wednesday:  5 am - 8 am

Thursday:  5 am - 8 am

Friday:  5 am - 8 am

Saturday:  5 am - 8 am

Sunday:  5 am - 8 am

* Many more "informal" hours of silence are held throughout each day. The "formal" morning hours are an opportunity for you, wherever you are in the world, to join Paul and thousands of other Miracle Self students around the world in the silence of God-is.

As the consciousness of God-is all harmony is revealed.

Note: time does not exist in God. In this realization, world time zones are insignificant. Rest in the silence of God-is (God is this instant of Now) and you discover that we are "all" one and together in the silence of Now.

NOTE: if you would like individual spiritual help
please contact Silent Sanctuary