Silent Sanctuary

Spiritual healing, rest and renewal

The light of Truth shines within
24 hours a day...


Silent Sanctuary is unconditionally free for you to reach out to for immediate spiritual help for yourself or another.

Simply use the request form below.

You may submit your request anonymously or by name. If you would like an individual response make sure to include your email.

You may send as many requests as you need to until harmony and wholeness are witnessed.

As soon as you submit your request for help it is received, read and embraced in the presence of Truth. You are immediately bathed and imbued in the light, love and harmony of Truth.

After you submit your request be still, rested, relaxed and spiritually receptive. Stay gently open to the presence of peace you are bathed in, and which wells-up in awareness from within you as you are held in the arms of truth.

Feel the presence and activity of God within.

As you feel truth gently welling-up within, know that your or your loved one's spiritual healing is taking place.

Just as light dispels dark, the feeling of the presence and activity of truth within is itself the presence of life, love, abundance, harmony, and wholeness which is then quickly sensed objectively as "this world's" good.

"Be still, and know that I am God. . . . Stand still, and see the
salvation of the Lord, which he will show to you this day."

Come, rest here...

Spiritual help is requested for: