Other Recommended Teachers
and Resources of the Principles
and Practices of God or Christ Consciousness
(as revealed by the Master, Christ Jesus)


Joel S. Goldsmith, The Infinite Way

"Without the pure Christ revelations, principles, meditation practices, and clear living disciplines as taught by Joel S. Goldsmith throughout The Infinite Way books and class audios, I and The Miracle Self would not be here today."

Paul F. Gorman

For Infinite Way class audios visit
Joel S. Goldsmith, The Infinite Way

For Joel's complete book library, plus a wonderful new Electronic Library Search Tool of every Infinite Way book and class transcript visit
Acropolis Books

Virginia Stephenson and John Stephenson

Virginia's and John's website is full of excellent resources, class audios, books, plus John's upcoming live classes.

Visit Aloha Mystics

Lorene McClintock

"There isn't a spiritual student on earth who would not greatly benefit from Lorene McClintock's extraordinary book Love and Forgiveness. These principles, diligently practiced every day, are deeply healing and life-changing in the most tangible ways."

Paul F. Gorman

The Lorene McClintock Foundation honors and
continues Miss McClintock's Infinite Way work,
including her focus on Love and Forgiveness.

The Foundation offers regular workshops.

Lorene McClintock Foundation

Herb Fitch / Bill Skiles

Prolific Infinite Way teacher and practitioner Bill Skiles, as well as having his own library of over 1,200 class audios and two books, has made available an extensive library of Herb Fitch class audios, transcripts, and books.

All are available on Bill Skiles's website
Mystical Principles

Petra Houdelet

Petra is a wonderful Infinite Way and Miracle Self teacher and practitioner. She gives regular classes throughout Germany and Switzerland, and online classes and meditations.

Visit Petra's website
Der unendliche Weg

Margaret Ponga and Margaret Macfarlane

Margaret Ponga and Margaret Macfarlane are Infinite Way teachers based in New Zealand. Margaret Ponga also regularly speaks in other countries.

For information and resources visit
Infinite Way New Zealand

Lorraine Sinkler

Visit the Valor Foundation for Miss Sinkler's books and library of class audios, and other resources.

The Valor Foundation