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Questions and Answers


I do not feel peace when I sit to meditate. Please help.


Keep resting and relaxing, and ignore whether your sense of "you" feels...


My coronary issue seems to be fairly constant, with just some relief. However, I do understand the entirely mental/suggestive nature of the problem. I am keeping thought turned as much as possible towards God. Is there anything else I should be doing to see this problem healed?

ANSWER: Always remember, there is not...


The difficulty I'm having is not harmonizing. Nothing is changing; nothing at all seems to be happening in the outer. I do not understand why.

ANSWER: Remember that God is God as ITSELF ONLY. There is nothing...


How do I lose the sense of fear and despair surrounding a problem that seems to be overwhelming?

ANSWER: Dissolving fear and despair, to witness Truth


How do we understand or reconcile the need for normal sexual relationships with the reality of Spiritual Selfhood? Our bodies participate in the function that is so important to the male/female fulfilling the natural urge to bring each other real pleasure and closeness and deep human love. How is this a part of our Reality of Being? Is my desire for a truly fulfilling relationship including fulfilling sexual relationship right?

ANSWER: Sexual Relationship

QUESTION: Can you give me help regarding an amount of money I need to keep my business afloat? The business is a good, worthy cause that will help thousands. I am sure it is God's Work. Please help.

ANSWER: God is omnipresent and unconditional BUT...

QUESTION: As I was reading today's Daily Snippet this thought came to me: You can only rid yourself of 'this world' and all it's limitations when you can say to yourself, and mean it, "OK!, that's enough now, so go away! (to whatever the condition you are experiencing that is not harmonious).

This thought came to me during a thunder storm this morning, that started at 5:30 am, and I thought to myself, "OK now, that's ENOUGH (it's now 7:15 am) and presently the storm CEASED...just like that!!!!

I wonder: was that what Jesus meant when he said to the storm from the boat, "PEACE BE STILL"!!! Wow! What an eye-opener.

ANSWER: Yes, when we can really know...

QUESTION: You say in The Miracle Self that being SILENT is an hourly practice, each day and night. Does this mean I should be meditating (or being silent) every hour?

ANSWER: Why a few minutes of silence each hour is crucial

QUESTION: I have experienced several different types of meditation, but I do not know how to meditate in the silence. Any suggestions?

ANSWER: The "silent self" meditation

QUESTION: In the 12 Part Demonstrating Supply Course you talk about giving - outpouring - every day. But it can be impractical to find a cause to give to every day. Can one give, say, once a week instead?

Also, is it necessary that the giving needs to be done in person or is it okay to give by cheque or over the internet or by phone? Is there a principle at work by giving every day and in person?

ANSWER: The fruitage of true spiritual giving

QUESTION: If Spirit is the Substance of all form, then where does work come in? I am becoming less and less motivated to work to become successful and financially prosperous because I find it far more fulfilling sitting in the Silence!

Where does work come in? Will my situation of lack disappear miraculously, or do I have to act somehow before my good becomes tangible? If so, how do I engage myself in "doing" even though I feel little motivation for these tasks?

ANSWER: Work is spirit in activity

QUESTION: My life seems to be a series of difficulties. I am having real problems realizing that all is Spirit.

ANSWER: Only One Presence, One Power

QUESTION: I've been a spiritual seeker for most of my life. I understand that spiritual unfoldment requires you to give up all sense of "ego" self.

My biggest challenge has been to juggle the material with the spiritual. I have a burning desire to live spiritually but the biggest resistance I have is the DESIRE for wealth or supply or material comforts. My thoughts around spiritual fulfillment revolve around surrendering to the universe so that Its Will Be Done, not "my" will.

Does "being spiritual" mean I have to give up my desire to be successful and wealthy, with the material comforts I have so long desired and been driven by?

ANSWER: Overcoming material desire and belief

QUESTION: You say that we should meditate for at least 2 to 3 hours per day if we are to evidence rapid and substantial changes in our experience.

Is it best to do this in one sitting, or spread over the day, in say, four or five different sittings?

ANSWER: How long to meditate

QUESTION: You say in The Miracle Self that "the kingdom is finished" and that "It is Done" (chapter 9 and 20), yet I cannot stop thinking that my demonstration "will come soon". How do I realize that my harmony is here and now, and therefore tangibly evidence it here and now?

ANSWER: Demonstration is always "Now"

QUESTION: I am experiencing a severe problem with money. I thought I understood how to demonstrate spiritual supply but I am still experience real difficulties with a lack of money.

Please help!

ANSWER: How to evidence supply

QUESTION: Please say more about Invisible_Supply. You say in The Miracle Self teachings that "I HAVE" an infinity of supply already... that "I AM" supply itself.

In a nutshell, what does this mean? How do I tangibly demonstrate the infinite supply?

ANSWER: Invisible supply explained

QUESTION: Why do I suddenly "get" the deeper meaning of a word or phrase after I have read it a hundred times in the past without any kind of special inner "Ah Hah"?

What has "happened" in my consciousness when this happens? Am I awakening?

ANSWER: Truth suddenly realized