My whole coronary issue seems to be fairly constant, with just some relief. However, I do understand the entirely mental/suggestive nature of the problem. I am keeping thought turned as much as I am able to God. Is there anything else I should be doing to see this problem healed?


I Am with you each hour. Be still; rest; relax; allow your True Body of Peace to well up in your awareness.

Always remember, there is not ACTUALLY anything "wrong" but AWARENESS being "low". The more AWARENESS we feel as happening within us, the more of the True Body that is 100 percent Peace, Life, Vitality, Harmony, Omnipresence and Freedom we tangibly EXPERIENCE.

Remember also that "God seeks you". Not "for" human betterment but AS ITSELF experienced by "you" and "me" as a perfectly healthy and vital body experience (and EVERY department of experience).

In other words, the True Body seeks full awareness as you. We never have to "work" on understanding "Spirit as Body", or somehow "bringing It to bear here as our bodily health", anymore than we have to work on, or bring, the experience of light and heat from the sunshine.

It is the very "working on it" or trying to "understand it" that paradoxically blocks It from our experience. "The things of God are foolishness to man."

The ONE THING we do have to do is OPEN OURSELVES FOR THAT WHICH IS CONTINUALLY SEEKING US, or more accurately stated, continually BEING US, in the same way as we have to open the curtains for the sunshine which is continually "seeking us".

It is time now for you to stop "trying to keep thought on Truth" and instead simply give up all "your" effort, and LET GOD BE GOD AS YOU as you rest and relax, remaining open and receptive, in exactly the same way as you open the shades and LET the sunshine be the sunshine in your experience.

I Am with you in the experience of God being the fullness of Itself as the full awareness of Truthful Body this very minute, and always. Rest THERE with Me, in the "happening" of God being God rather than the "trying to know God as body" or as "healthy or healed heart".

Remember there is no "process" or "time" involved. It IS NOW. You are wanting to feel how your AWARENESS of the ISNESS OF PERFECT BODY has sprung up and become tangible for you. When it is tangible enough, and continual enough (by you always seeking only GOD FOR GOD ITSELF rather than for any "human betterment") that is the end of all "illness" forever for you.