Self-Complete Infinity of Being

Being constantly consciously aware of yourself as self-complete, infinite being is the spiritual receptivity that witnesses the light of truth to dispel all darkness.

Rising into the living awareness of your self-complete infinity – your I Am, I Have reality – is the window for the light of God that quickly dissolves the false pictures of disease, injury, lack, limitation, relationship discord, insecurity, and fear.

Every human struggle we experience is unnecessary and can be dissolved and then forever avoided as the light of truth fills awareness. Where there is light darkness cannot exist.

Harmony is as quickly evident as is light when brought to dark. But, if we are holding onto a belief about the false pictures being real in themselves, the inner light cannot "get through" our senses and the false pictures remain in place.

The greatest and most rapidly freeing truth to realize is that God awareness constitutes (not "produces") our objective sense of fulfillment.

We are – literally and tangibly – not separate from God. What we have believed we are (human, with a physical body in a material world) is not what we truly are.

We are spirit and truth here and now. The I of us is God itself individually being everything it is and has as you and as me (and as all people) – just as the sun is being everything it is and has as every sunbeam.

Luckily, the sunbeam does not anything about herself; unluckily, we do.

The very moment we release ourselves from belief we experience the wholeness, freedom, and fulfillment of our lives in the same way as the sunbeam experiences his and hers.

How can I legitimately say to you that we instantly (or very quickly) experience our release and freedom? Because God already is. Our visible, tangible good already exists. The problem is not that our good is not fully and visibly present, but that we cannot see it if we attach our sense to appearance.

Have you ever had the experience of being unable to find something (like a key) when, in fact, it was right under your nose? Is it because the item is not present? No. It is because our awareness and the item are not at one. (Our awareness is distracted or we believe the item is in a particular place when it is in fact somewhere else, or is a different shape or color from what it truly is, and so for awhile we cannot see it even though it is right there.

So it is with the visibility of our true and infinite good. When our eyes (our senses) are open in truth, we see te good that is. "Before I was blind, now I see."

The inner and the outer are not two but are omnipresence, one, here and now. The so-called outer is and has all that heaven is and has. Everything that God is, earth is, because heaven and earth are omnipresence, one. What we have called "earth" is simply our objective sense of omnipresence or oneness.

Our objective sense is no different from putting on sunglasses and seeing the world shaded.

The world is the same, with all its same qualities and characteristics, but our experience of it is shaded. The shading is innocent and powerless. It does no harm, it does not affect or limit our world.

So it is with God. Our objective mind gives us an objective sense of God, but that sense has not in any way affected the omnipresence, the one that God(all of all) is. Heaven is earth, earth is heaven. Every person, thing, amount, and place you witness is the infinity of God or heaven, not different or separate, just sensed objectively.

What to sense testimony appears to be you or me or an object is unchanged infinity. You are, and all people are, the infinity of being. All things, places, activities, amounts, and conditions are the infinity of form. You have absolutely no limitation, no finiteness, nothing to hinder you or your full infinity and freedom of expression. Nothing in your world is finite or limited; no thing or amount is insufficient to meet your every need, even your ability to feed the multitudes if or when they present themselves to you. Why? All is infinity and is ever at-hand as the very forms of everyday practical living.

"The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. . . . The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. . . . The earth is satisfied with the fruit of thy works [the fruits of God consciousness]. . . . O Lord [mind, objective sense devoid of belief], how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all; the earth is full of thy riches."

God – our literal and tangible identity – is the one, omnipresent finished kingdom. When we know this truth and cease from believing this or that difference, separation, and limitation about ourselves, our bodies, and our worlds "then shall the earth yield her increase."