Being Aware of Awareness Itself Is the Key

Many Miracle Self readers are asking for a further explanation of what awareness of spirit is, of what I mean by being aware of Awareness Itself, the presence of spiritual being.

The awareness you are, the finished kingdom, the completely and utterly fulfilled you that you are, means the actual aliveness, or consciousness, or perception, or observing-ness, or cognizant-ness, or alertness-ness that you and that which you are universally aware of, is.

"Three" aspects of existence seem to be happening. You, the person, thing or condition you are aware of, and the awareness you are aware with. In fact, the "three" are one and the same awareness (existence).

We "here" are not aware of a thing "out there," with our awareness detecting it by stretching from where we are to where it is. Awareness Itself is all. Awareness Itself is infinity and omnipresence. There is no "other." Awareness Itself is the I that is all of all, all in all, and all as all.

Maybe this makes it clearer:

Let us say that your room is pitch dark. No light at all. You get a flashlight, switch it on, and instantly light shines forth. NEXT, the light "sees" (shines ON) an object in your room -- a table, a chair, a painting, a door.

To material sense we have TWO new aspects of experience. The LIGHT we see by is one, and the THINGS the light shines ON that enables us to see is another. In spiritual realization, we have THREE aspects of experience that are actually the one I of self-complete existence: we (the seer), the light we see by, and the objects we see. All "three" are the one presence of Awareness Itself, objectively sensed. It is our objective sense that makes oneness appear to be (in this example) three aspects of experience.

In other words, all is the light. The universe and all it constitutes -- its people, things, places, activities, amounts, places -- are all "made of" and are forms of light.

You are Awareness Itself individually and uniquely aware as "you." You are individual God being. The pure awareness you are is the one universe you experience. Awareness and form are one. Awareness is what you ARE, what you see WITH, and that which is SEEN. So, when I say "keep attention on Awareness Itself" it is the same as saying "keep attention on the LIGHT ITSELF", rather than on "you" and the "things" the light shines ON.

Awareness Itself is not the awareness OF any THING or any CONDITION or SITUATION, it is the one infinite and omnipresent "light" you ARE, you see things WITH, and the THINGS themselves.

You are aware of -- conscious of ("alive" to) -- these words. But it is not "you" being aware of "these words" with "your faculty of awareness." What makes the experience possible is the oneness of Awareness Itself. That which you are aware of is Awareness Itself, and the "you" being aware is the same Awareness Itself. Awareness Itself is existence itself. It is what has been called God or I or I am. "I am that I am." Awareness Itself is BEFORE the "you" you are, before the words, and before the awareness you are aware with. It is the very Awareness Itself, pure, uncontaminated, undefiled, un-tampered with by the introduction of any name or definition, any personal sense. It is existence as it is, devoid of belief. Many call it God; we can call it Awareness Itself.

Awareness is BEFORE PERSON, BEFORE THOUGHT, BEFORE THING. It cannot be attached TO. It is the substance, the aliveness itself that you are, that you are aware with, and the objective universe you are aware of. Your objective sense is itself that which your thought is, that which you see, hear, taste, touch and smell, and the objects of these themselves.

Awareness Itself is the infinity and omnipresence of spirit -- the WHOLE of infinity and omnipresence BEING individual you, this and every instant. It is the I AM THAT I AM -- the one, incorporeal Awareness that is the one infinite individual self, the one infinite allness, the one self-complete and self-fulfilled, incorporeal being YOU ARE.

Even simpler: you ARE, and your entire world IS, the one incorporeal Awareness Itself (God), the absolute silence of being, simply BEING aware as all perfection of existence.

Awareness itself is the miracle that you are and your entire world and universe is. It is the great demonstration you have been searching for, and all this time it has, every instant, been right here with you, BEING you. It is your very own awareness itself.

AS YOU KEEP ATTENTION ON THE ONE AWARENESS ITSELF, and BE the silent self (effortlessly and receptively resting in the silence of the one awareness you are for AT LEAST three or four hours every day, simply, effortlessly LETTING the one awareness BE ITSELF as you) you are BEING the Miracle Self. You are achieving what you've been trying to achieve all this time. You are BEING the demonstration of boundless, unconditional and omnipresent life, love, harmony, peace, and abundance Itself without thought, without effort.

Simply, effortlessly sit IN and AS the impersonal infinitude of Awareness You are and that all is. Be still, b silent, and "listen." Be open, feel the presence within, LETTING IT BE itself without "you" (the human, personal sense of you) interfering by thinking or fearing or scheming.

As pure Awareness Itself radiates as and "through" you the true image and likeness appears as your "outer" world of person, thing, relationship, family, home, business, money, automobile, opportunity, happiness, safety and security.

Everything you are aware of "shines forth" AS a greater, more bountiful, and more spontaneous appearance of PURE love, life, success, abundance, satisfaction, pleasure and joy because awareness is the ONLY existence, ONLY presence, ONLY substance, ONLY form, even though, through our objective sense of mind, all appears to be human, mental, physical and material.

Do you see now? Does this make it clearer?

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