Each new year begins for millions with new hope for an improved life experience. Of course each day is filled with hope for improvement; each hour, each moment.

What will this new day, this new hour, be to you? How will you be LIVING - tangibly evidencing - your True Spiritual Self and World in one month, three months, 6 months, 12 months compared with today, now?

Will the apparent problem that has plagued you for months, years or decades STILL plague you as it has done yesterday, last week, last month or possible for a year or more?

Will you STILL be "trying" to overcome the problem of illness or disease in one month, or three, six or 12 months?

Will you STILL be without the deeply loving and joyful relationship or family you have longed to experience?

Will you STILL be battling lack and limitation, struggling each month to pay bills, to enjoy true financial freedom - the freedom that allows you to fully express yourself, without restriction, in business, creativity, home, travel, recreation?

Will you STILL be struggling to find and express your TRULY FULFILLING PURPOSE both in "work" and "play"?

In short, will you be able to justly announce - INFALLIBLY THIS YEAR - that you are NOW living the beautiful, free, bountiful and joyous TANGIBLY SPIRITUAL LIFE you have for a long time yearned to live?

Will you be able to TRULY evidence to your world that every department of your experience, especially that department which has stubbornly plagued you for too long, is now tangibly proving CONSISTENT and BOUNDLESS harmony, health, abundance, love, joy and fulfillment WITHOUT YOU TAKING THOUGHT FOR IT OR MAKING AN OUNCE OF EFFORT FOR IT?


I want you to know that there is NO REASON any person need struggle to evidence Truth. Despite what you may have read elsewhere or been told, it does NOT have to take years or decades to lift out of the material sense into the fully tangible and visible Spiritual Reality.

Let me state it more clearly: You do NOT have to continue to experience problems, especially that one major problem that has seemed insurmountable to you, any longer now. There is absolutely NO REASON why you have to continue to struggle anymore than there is a reason light would struggle to shine in a dark room. Can you imagine light "struggling" with darkness in a room? Can you imagine darkness suppressing light?

Of course it is nonsense. The FACT is much simpler: WHERE THERE IS LIGHT THERE IS NO MORE DARKNESS because dark is not a "thing" or a "substance" or a "block". It is nothing more than a simple lack of light. There never has been even a single room of darkness that is able to obscure, or block, or delay light.

Also realize that there are NOT different "types" of darkness; ALL darkness - anywhere in the world you want to search - is just ONE thing: a lack of light. We may NAME darkness by many different names - "my" dark room, "your" dark room, a dark "kitchen" or "dining room" or "garden" or "town" or "country". But ALL darkness is just ONE darkness and that ONE is nothing more than a lack of light.

In the same way, we give many names to the "human" experience both good and bad. For this moment let's focus on the "bad". We create names such as "illness" or "disease" or "poverty" or "loneliness" or "unhappiness" or "injustice" (plus thousands of other names we collectively call "bad").

But ACTUALLY, in FACT, there is just ONE "badness" - a lack of Spiritual Light.

Just the same way as darkness instantaneously disappears when a light shines in that place, no matter what we may have "named" that darkness, so all "bad names" of so-called "human" experience instantaneously disappear when YOUR SPIRITUAL LIGHT shines in the place where you are -- "Do you not know that the place on which you stand is holy ground?"... is WHOLE, COMPLETE AND PERFECT ground and that all it takes to WITNESS THE VISIBLE EVIDENCE of that WHOLE AND PERFECT GROUND is SPIRITUAL LIGHT which has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of "effort" the "human" sense of you can make.

IT IS ALL DONE "FOR YOU" because, actually, literally, what you ARE is ALREADY the boundless WHOLENESS and PERFECTION of ALL, tangibly here, now, always.

This is why I can justifiably assure you, with proof, that YOU NO LONGER NEED TO STRUGGLE IN REALIZING YOUR TRUE SPIRITUAL SELF AND BOUNDLESS HARMONY. In fact the message and "method" of this chapter, the Finished Kingdom Retreat, and the new Telephone Series is that you MUST NOT continue to struggle for even a day longer. If you do, you are unwittingly the LIGHT thinking it has to struggle with darkness. Think about that. The notion is absurd.


Yes, it may have taken you a "long time" so far, with little fruitage evidenced, or some fruitage here and there but certainly nothing CONSISTENT nor 100% RELIABLE. But let me assure you that that can and will and MUST change NOW as you become aware of, and adopt, the One True Consciousness THAT YOU ALREADY ARE, THAT HAS NO DELAY... as you realize All is here, now… the sublime Finished Kingdom that is ALREADY BEING ITSELF AS THE ENTIRETY OF YOU without an ounce of effort made (nor ever possible) by your "human" sense.

Understand this: your complete, boundless, overflowing Harmony of Being - from the "biggest" and most "important" and "urgent" to the "tiniest" and seemingly most "inconsequential" matters of your life here and now, eternally, are ALREADY TANGIBLY FULLY PRESENT AND MANIFEST right where you are this minute, AS everything You ARE, everything You HAVE, and everything you DO.

I know it may not LOOK like that to you at this moment. Why? THE ONLY "PROBLEM" YOU HAVE (and it has nothing to do with the APPARENT problem you're experiencing of illness, disease, lack, limitation, loneliness, barrenness, depression, injustice, incapacity of any nature, safety or security) is that the "human" sense of awareness is oblivious to the Fact - the literal, tangible, physical Fact - that you "live and move and have your being" in and AS Heaven, mistakenly named "earth"... "Heaven is spread all over this earth but men do not see it"... "Heaven and earth are One"... "I (earth) and the Father (Heaven) are One" - Jesus.

EMPHATICALLY and ASSUREDLY know this: it is UNACCEPTABLE to continue to struggle with whatever difficulty hounds you. You simply do not need to, my friend. NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND ON TRUTH AND WITNESS ITS LITERAL, TANGIBLE, VISIBLE EFFICACY. Now is the time to get OFF the spiritual "path" and ACTUALLY LIVE IT, EXPERIENCE IT, BE IT - which you will NEVER BE WITNESS TO as long as you remain a "student". Now is the time to STOP BEING A "STUDENT" and start being the DOER ITSELF... the BE-ER ITSELF... the One that IS the EXPERIENCE ITSELF.

The time of spiritual awakening has come. There are a substantial number of you who are more than ready to BE the BE-ER rather than continuing to be a "try-er", a "practice-er", someone who hopes that by all the effort of "knowing Truth" and "meditating" and "silence" will soon have Good transform their experience.

This is the time of awareness that witnesses the BE-ER not the "desire-er". We will (those who are ready), from this moment, shed the old skin of the "separate and barren human self" - the self that thinks of itself SEPARATED FROM ITS GOOD, the self that DESIRES to be and have the divine fruits of spiritual limitlessness and of course therefore never witnesses it (and never can) - and now "take on" the TRUE, ONE, ALREADY FULLY EXISTING SELF that is THE SELF-CONTAINED INFINITY OF GOOD ALREADY FULLY MANIFEST, TANGIBLE AND VISIBLE.

The "taking on" is nothing more than a realizing and an acceptance. Know and then be still... BE the Stillness that IS ALL MANIFEST GOOD, ALREADY FULLY FORMED, HERE, NOW. Then the SELF-CONTAINED ALLNESS OF GOOD THAT YOU ALREADY ARE becomes FULLY VISIBLE and OBJECTIFIED to the "human" sense as that SENSE of You RESTS in the effortless, totally relaxed and open SILENCE.

That is IT. There is nothing more to this whole "Miracle Self" than what is described in the above paragraph. BE It and you ARE, THIS VERY MINUTE, THE MIRACLE OF SPIRIT VISIBLY TANGIBLE.

I have said: I FEEL the monumental "shining forth" of True and Pure Spiritual Light HAPPENING ALREADY all over the world. It is "bursting through" collective consciousness everywhere about. I am ALREADY EXPERIENCING it AS YOU and AS EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE, and you are already experiencing it AS ME and AS EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE even though your "human" five senses may be oblivious to that which is happening infinitely around them, IS ALL FULLY MANIFEST GOOD infinitely around them, actually "happening" AS them.



No more "studying", no more "trying", no more "working hard to realize Truth", no more "labor", no more "effort".

One must no longer "allow" oneself to be anything less than TRUTHFUL and WHOLE, our ONLY ACTUAL SELF, as best we can each day. If we DO continue to allow less than truthful self experience, frankly, we are little more able to WITNESS THE ALL-GOOD OF TRUTH than a barrel full of sugar is able to. Our words of truth and our sincerity may be sweet but sweet without SUBSTANCE is inane, vacuous.


Be, that is all. Being is what "finally" dissolves the material sense that binds experience.

The Good of Truth "bursts through" in individual experience as consciousness is spiritually illumined, and one starts BEING rather than "studying to be".

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