True Silence of Mind

In order to be the spiritual demonstration we are in true Self-Identity, we must live a constant state of spiritual receptivity; we must live as an impersonal self, seeking nothing for ourselves, living as a god for the glory of God on earth. Are we? Of course not! That, dear friends, is why we lack spiritual evidence.

We must never judge the scene or situation that seems to stand before us and then attempt to heal, harmonize, or prosper it. Do we? Of course! That, dear friends, is why we lack spiritual evidence.

We must never have God and God and a person, thing, amount, or condition. By doing so we have create a false sense of separation from God, from oneness, and we suffer it.

That personal sense of I is the illusion that binds one’s experience to limitation and discord. Yet how many hundreds of times each twenty-four hours do we recognize a "he, she, it, situation or condition" separate from God, from true Self; less than utter spiritual perfection, disguised in the clothes of materiality? Many hundreds of times! That, dear friends, is why we lack spiritual evidence.

So let us see how this false sense of materiality, personal self, and separation from God (all Good) is turned around, revealing rich demonstration in all areas of life.

I Am the one being.

I Am it.

I Am the demonstration of life itself; I Am the infinity of being already demonstrated on earth. But I must realize this truth in order to tangibly evidence it.

Your real being which is this very being you are, here and now, but without the material sense is the silence, or true meditation (living awareness) of Life Itself, for there is truly only oneness. But you must be the oneness of the appearing outer scene you must be the "cause" of oneness that then becomes evident as the outer "effect" of oneness: health, harmony, love, and abundance. Being constantly aware is the key; remembering to be aware a few times a day is inadequate.

It is a constant state of openness and receptivity, listening to the finished kingdom all about, with absolutely no judgment, opinion, concept toward the "outer" appearing material world and what seems to be happening in it.

It is being a complete emptiness of personal sense, so that true sense the presence and activity of God – can "shine through" to reveal the true being, place, and condition of each moment.

Realize that you and I as personal selves cannot demonstrate God or truth. Not one experience of health, supply, home, success, relationship, love, or happiness can be demonstrated by the personal self.

Do we believe that "we" have demonstrated spiritual health, spiritual supply, compassion, generosity, charity, love, or kindness" Do we believe that "we" have, or can attain, spiritual  understanding? No! Only God is, therefore God alone is and evidences itself as its qualities.

And here is a big misnomer: do we believe that "we" meditate or sit in silence? Do we believe that Buddha did, Jesus did, Shankara did? No. "If you bear witness to me (the personal sense of "I"), you bear witness to a lie." "Do not look to me; it is the Father within me that does the works."

So our attitude becomes, "God, 'I' cannot demonstrate, nor even meditate or be silent, so You be my allness, You be my health, my supply, my home, business, career, success, love, joy, relationship; You be my meditation, my silence; You be my all of all."

"I desire ONLY to see what God, spirit, life itself sees here. Show me, Father, what is truly present here, because I know for sure it is not what any personal sense of ‘I’ sees and experiences."

Do you see? We reach the true silence of mind, the silence of the personal sense of self that judges and desires, where the fullness, perfection and abundance of truth reveals itself. Health and harmony become tangible to sense as "we" become empty, silent, and receptive. In and "through" our silence our senses (our mind) become avenues of awareness. We are like a movie camera which receives images rather than creates its own concepts of the scene.

As you become empty and receptive, you are released from the interpretation and concepts of collective belief. The finished kingdom then becomes evident. In other words, when "we" are absent God is present.

Everything everywhere is the finished, glorious kingdom of utter completeness, life, abundance, and joy. You are looking at It this minute, but if you are looking as a personal self you cannot see It. You see belief's concepts of It, and they appear as the pairs of opposites: health and disease, abundance and poverty, harmony and disharmony, love and aversion.

Collective belief, unwittingly accepted by the spiritually unaware, presents a world full of good vs. bad: birth vs. death, love vs. hate, abundance vs. lack and limitation. The entire universe of pairs of opposites is a false picture of the finished kingdom – a picture of belief only. It is because every belief has an opposite that, when we are unaware of and not yet living (being) truth, our senses are filled with pictures and seemingly personal experiences of good vs. bad. Every one of these pictures and experiences are false, with no substance, law or principle to sustain them. The moment the light of truth is brought to the scene by "you" or "me" who have awakened to truth, and start living it, all falsity dissolves to reveal truth.

You have to still the senses, bring them to a quietness, by withdrawing from the apparent world. You "judge not by the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." You realize that everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is not a reality in itself; that only God itself is reality. Then, your senses are "clear" and are experienced as avenues of awareness, witness to the harmony of true being and world. Truth becomes visible and tangible to the clear senses and all is very good.

So-called "healing" is simply the experience of being released from the false "concepts" of belief. Because all is God, nothing is diseased or disharmonious, therefore nothing needs healing or improving. The healing experience is that of watching the fog of false sense dissolve, revealing the health, harmony, and abundance that is already and forever present. Do you see this? We are never healed from lack, limitation, discord, disease, hate, injustice or insecurity because these conditions never were present or real. They are substance-less, law-less, principle-less false pictures which quickly dissolve in the presence of truth consciousness.

As soon as we remove belief from the equation, and stop battling what appears to be our problem as if it were a real entity, our senses are clear to see the true mind, body, and world.

We have always had the one true mind, body, and world but only now, as belief is dropped and we withdraw our attention and effort from the outer, and turn within in stillness and receptivity to God, does the true kingdom of love and harmony become visible to sense.

Unconditioned mind is pure God mind, substance and form. The "conditioned" mind is the human sense of mind. But sense does not change reality. Mind is mind. The mind you have is the one mind despite your sense of it.

--Revealing the fullness of the kingdom that is the ONLY creation right here at your feet, everything you are looking at and experiencing this very moment, is SIMPLY a matter of "rising" up to the UNCONDITIONED ONE MIND THAT IS GOD, SPIRIT, CONSCIOUSNESS, and is achieved simply by STOPPING, or "taking away" the conditioned "human" mind - in other words, taking away from the scene the "you" that is your mind, and just being the Creation sitting there, the Creation walking around, the Creation being active... which all means that "you" are now being RECEPTIVE TO THE PRESENCE OF THE ONE PERFECT CREATION instead of accepting of the conceptualized images the mind sees and experiences.

You are TOTALLY a "receiving awareness" not a judging mind. You are like the camera, completely and utterly not "making" its own images, but RECEIVING the images that are REVEALED to it.

"Stand still, and see the salvation of the lord" really means "Stand still, make no judgments, criticisms, beliefs; rise ‘above’ the conditioned mind, be the UNconditioned RECEPTIVE Mind, then you will see the kingdom revealed."

While the human mind is continuing its activity of "knowing" Truth, or "thinking" about Truth, or trying to "see" harmony, life, and supply - which it IS doing when it desires ITS CONCEPTS of the healing of the body, mind, salary, bank account, business, relationship, home, happiness or situation - that is like a clear sky without sunshine.

The mind cannot make Truth appear anymore than it can make sunshine shine. Only what IS can shine through, become visible, BE present. When God, Spirit, Creation is the only One sitting there, standing there, active there, observing there - when there is NO mind, NO "you" sitting there, impressing the scene in front of you with a billion mind-formed concepts - does the SHINING become visible... does the sky suddenly become evident as being filled-full of glorious sunshine.

It was only EVER the mind "blocking" the visibility of the kingdom - the conditioned, concept-filled mind. Lift "up" into the Pure, UNconditioned, absolutely-no-“you”-sitting-there Mind, and All is instantly revealed.

The perfect Creation of One Existence, One Life, One Presence, One Abundance, One Form, One Universe of Love and Joy is revealed to be right here, now, this instant, and eternally.

There is a subtle but critical difference between "you" or "I" TRYING to BE the perfect creation all around, by THINKING It, MEDITATING It, trying "our self" to be the silence of It - "telling" It what It is, or should be, which, of course, can only ever be more CONCEPTS ABOUT the Kingdom, a clear sky without sunshine, and, instead, STILLING the mind, making an emptiness of the conditioned mind, an opening for the UNconditioned Mind that is a pure, think-less, concept-less, judgment-less... making it NOTHING more than an avenue or vehicle of AWARENESS ONLY, RECEPTIVITY ONLY - a complete openness into which glows the visible kingdom, the One True Presence, the True One Creation at your feet.

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