If God, spirit, is One, and good alone; and if everything everywhere IS that One, where is it as my one visible, tangible good?

Where is the good that spirit is? Why does it seem absent or lacking from my experience?

If all body, life, health, love, supply, wealth, success, home, travel, happiness and true, tangible fulfillment is omnipresent - which means it is right here where I am - even more, it IS what I Am, and I Am what It is - why is it not tangibly here in my experience, today?

Why, even though I have earnestly studied, pondered, meditated, kept my mind "on Spirit" and even prayed for weeks, months or years, is my good still not apparent?

The answer - and the method - is quick, sharp and powerful.

Think: Spirit is One. Spirit is the Oneness Itself. Yet Spirit is invisible to the mind.

And there is the answer:

YOU ARE LOOKING FOR YOUR GOOD IN THE VISIBLE rather than realizing, and resting in, the Truth - the actuality - that the ONLY PRESENCE, the ONLY HEALTH, the ONLY WEALTH, the ONLY SUCCESS, HOME and ATTAINMENT, the ONLY LOVE, PARTNER and FRIEND is the ONENESS that is invisible to the mind.

And yet, the miracle is, that AS you realize and rest in the "invisible" Oneness, the dense fogginess of the mind clears to reveal a greater measure of the all-good that is present everywhere AS you, within you, and all about you... as far as the eye can see, the mind can think, and the experience can experience.

It is revealed to be the everything, everywhere, in boundless perfection, life and abundance. It is - literally and tangibly - right here, "in the air" and as everything everywhere the mind sees and names "physical, material, and tangible".

Actually, the ONLY "physical, material and tangible" is the Oneness; Spirit. Why? There is no other. Oneness cannot be twoness, only One.

This is very well and good, but how do you, and I, tangibly and reliably EXPERIENCE our all-good and perfection EACH DAY, without exception, without delay, without disappointment... so much so that we never have a health problem that worries us or that we are still battling... a money problem that still embarrasses us and that we are still struggling with each month… a fray with success... a constraint to the style, size and location of home we truly would like and that would provide us with a much happier, more peaceful and more enjoyable family life... the vocation and life purpose that would be a true and exhilarating satisfaction?

The solution - the solution that reveals the fullness of good here and now, and every day - is to snap ourselves out of the mesmeric sense the human mind presents.

This entire realm of appearing materiality, physicality and tangibility - the appearing world of body, thing, condition and place - is the mesmeric sense. It is illusion, just as the world on the movie screen is illusion. Not one person, thing, condition or place pictured on the movie screen is real. It is ALL nothing but LIGHT beaming forth from the projector, through the images on the film, to the screen. Get right up close to the screen and all you find is light images.

Luckily we know that truth, and so do not find ourselves drawn into believing that the 2D screen images are real. We do not try to interact with them, earn them, sell them, buy them, visit them, desire them, create success with them, love them, live in them, attain them, and gain our satisfaction from them.

Can you imagine a person, in a confused state of mind, attempting such feats "down there" on the movie screen? It would be ludicrous.


All of "this world" is nothing but Spirit, Light, Consciousness, God, the Infinite Invisible Oneness (use whichever synonym best clicks with you). When you stop looking from the "outside" of all these seeming physical and material, objectified appearances, and you look closer - with a "spiritual microscope" - all you find is Spirit, Life, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Light, Awareness, Abundance... the Oneness that is the REAL everything everywhere.

"My kingdom is not of this world." The great spiritual Master did not mean, as is traditionally thought, that there are TWO worlds, one called "this world" and another called "heaven". No, no. All is One, not two. And "All" means what it says... ALL is One; ALL is THE Oneness.

There is not as little as one grain of sand or blade of grass, nor as much as the largest ocean or highest mountain that is not "included" in the word "All". ALL is THE ONENESS. There is NOTHING else. Heaven and earth are One place, One state, One existence, One Allness HERE AND NOW.

Yet the mind sees the One Allness "darkly" or "foggily".

Also, there is no "more" Spirit in "infinity" than there is in a single grain of sand, a single pound or dollar, the air in the palm of your hand, and the "empty space" right in front of you, and all around you.

The WHOLE of Infinity, and everything in It, exists tangibly, fully manifested, at every point in the universe at the same time. What looks to you and me as the vastness of space is actually no "more" space than that which occupies, and appears as, the tiniest grain of sand. The WHOLE of Infinity, and everything It is, is "contained" in that tiny grain.

The Master explained the secret as, "I and my father are one". That simple six-word sentence of the Master’s reveals the entire secret of limitless, immediate, eternal and perfect life, love, success and prosperity for every person on this planet:

I (this material-seeming body and world, and everything everywhere in it) and my father (Heaven, Spirit, All-Perfection) are ONE.

Now, let’s go back to the beginning. This Oneness that is the ONLY presence, is SPIRIT, which is INVISIBLE to the five senses of the mind.

Yet everything everywhere in our sensed world appears to be VISIBLE. So, what is the REAL WORLD, the REAL SUBSTANCE, the REAL FORM, the REAL BODY, the REAL OBJECT, the REAL PLACE?

It is NOT what appears visible, but the Oneness that is INVISIBLE.

But "invisible" does NOT mean that this infinite Allness of good and perfection is not present, "right here", as tangible and manifested as can be. It simply means that It, Itself, in Its Pureness, is not visible to the senses of the mind… just the SENSES of the mind… just as, with a little poetic license, the light beaming images onto the movie screen is not "visible" to the senses of the mind.

The majority of this universe is not sensed by the mind. It is all a matter of FREQUENCIES. The mind is able to sense certain frequency ranges, but not others (the majority). But that does not mean the others are not just as tangibly present.

For instance, the human mind cannot sense the high pitch of the dog whistle. But dogs can. The mind cannot sense certain light frequencies, for instance, those used by remote control devices, but the devices themselves and the equipment they control, obviously can. The mind cannot sense all the radio, television, mobile phone and internet signals flying everywhere throughout the air, yet they are all around you this minute!

I still stop in amazement when I think how I am able to email words, photographs, audio and video images from my PC to yours, over a wireless network, and yet I, and you, never see any of these images flying through the air between us.

Tangible, clearly visible words, audios and videos I send you, and you send me, "arrive" invisibly at our PCs, are "converted" into a visible realm the mind can detect, and are THEN, what we call, "experienced".

We could just as well say they are then "demonstrated" or "manifested". Actually, nothing has been "demonstrated" or "manifested" but simply CONVERTED into visible-to-the-mind frequency. They are no less present when they are invisible to the mind as when they are visible.

The PCs are seeing all this "invisibility" just fine, but your mind and mine are not. Clever. And it’s all just to do with differing FREQUENCIES... frequencies below or above that which the mind is able to detect.

But ALL is ONE. The invisible word, audio or video does not "manifest" from "nothing"; the One present and real form BECOMES, or CONVERTS TO a visible frequency from an invisible frequency.

But remember, it is not TRULY invisible, it is only invisible to the mind. It is right here, all around, but the mind cannot see it. So what? What’s the big deal? What’s all the worry and fear about?

Do you feel fear when I say I’ll call you on your cell phone and yet you cannot "see" my voice "in the air". Why then do you feel fear when you cannot see your health, wealth, love, home or success "in the air". It is ALL right here where you are, AS You, in Its infinite and perfect fullness, and BECOMES the frequencies you can detect WHEN YOU KNOW THIS AND THEN BECOME STILL, SILENT and RECEPTIVE TO IT.

It is JUST like the light beaming through the film from the projector, BECOMING images, sounds and movements you and I can detect on the screen. Luckily the FILM does not interfere with the process. It does not fear and therefore obscure, or frustrate, or distort, the easy, natural flow of the light beaming through it, to the screen.

If it DID there would be a limited, extremely fractional "amount" of light on the screen resulting in the APPEARANCE of "lack, limitation, discord and disease" of the imagery. There is actually no lack or limitation of anything, at any time, at any place, but there APPEARS to be.

Because the film does NOT interfere in any way, but "knows" that LETTING the LIGHT pour through it without "my own self being a co-director or assistant", or even worse, "trying to run the whole show", all appears on the screen freely, fully, naturally and easily.

Let’s see the great secret revealed by another Master: "Stand still, and see the salvation of the lord." Stated in modern vernacular, "Still the mind, make it completely silent, and you will see the dissolving of what appears as problems - whether of health, wealth or happiness (which is ONLY the obscuring of the Light, not reality) - and the revealing of all health, wealth and happiness."

Another: "The battle is not yours, but God’s." The discordant appearances and experiences we have thought of as being conditions WE have to remedy or heal, are not ours to do anything with BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT TRULY WHAT IS PRESENT. The ONLY presence is Spirit, the infinite good and perfection of All, invisible to the mind, yet CONVERTED through the mind as the good and perfect tangible body, things, conditions and places of the 3D imagery that is "this world" - the movie screen of life.

The "battle" (the "process") is not yours (the mind’s) but Spirit’s. In your stillness, the Spirit You are pours through, clearing the fog of the mind to reveal Wholeness.

And another: "Be still, and know that I am God… I will be exalted in the earth." Webster’s Dictionary describes the word "exalted" as meaning "an excessively intensified state of well-being… an increase in degree or intensity".

Yes, the presence of the One Isness... Omnipresence Itself... the Only Presence... the Only Form... the Only substance... the One Light... the One Spirit of Allness... is excessively intensified, increased in degree or brightness "in" and "out through" the mind AS WE QUIET THE ACTIVITY OF THINKING and LET IT pour through without "my own self being a co-director or assistant" or worse, "trying to run the whole show".

Be still... be the Silent Self... and KNOW that All Presence all around you, AS you, and as your entire world is Good, Perfection, Life, Abundance, limitless Success and overflowing Joy of All... and then simply WITNESS It "exalted in the earth"... as an intensified state of well-being, as all tangible good experience right here in the material (earth) realm of mind awareness.

You are the Oneness Itself. Your entire world of body, things and affairs is the Oneness Itself, for there is none other. That means you are the INVISIBLE You, and this whole world and everything in it is the INVISIBLE World, made visible automatically by the STILLNESS and SILENCE OF MIND - just like the words, audios and videos I email you are the INVISIBLE made visible automatically by the PC equipment that is "still and silent" towards the process.

THIS IS THE GREAT SECRET OF HEALING of any and every nature. BE the Stillness Itself... BE the Silent Self... knowing that All is present right here... the WHOLE Infinitude of Good!!!... and that IN YOUR STILLNESS, SILENCE and RECEPTIVITY that One Wholeness "pours through" the mind and AUTOMATICALLY appears as all VISIBLE, TANGIBLE good and perfection.

Do not concern yourself with the "how" of it, anymore than the PC or the reel of film concerns itself with the "how" of it. Just relax and trust it. Be still, and know, and LET. Let ALL happen as, and within, your complete silence. That - the Silence - is where, and when, the miracles of life happen, and FROM where they appear visibly in the "outer" scene.

Your concern… your "secret"... is Oneness to Oneness, Spirit to Spirit, Invisible to Invisible... NOT Oneness to twoness... Spirit to materiality… Invisible to visible.

Do you see?

The Oneness is ALL you ARE, and ALL everything everywhere in the world IS, so to deal with the mind-imagined "twoness" of "materiality" or "things" or "conditions" is the ONLY REASON this whole spiritual journey seems to bear such little fruit for you, or to be so difficult, or to be so long in showing forth tangibly.

If you are still attempting to "demonstrate" the spiritual health and riches VISIBLY then you are dealing with an imagined "twoness", and that is why it seems to fail. You and your entire world are NOTHING BUT SPIRIT, therefore you cannot "demonstrate" - which really means BE - anything DIFFERENT than Spirit.

You must do all your drawing forth AS SPIRIT, to SPIRIT, rather than attempting to "go to" Spirit, and have It somehow fulfill your SENSE of a "second" world of objectified needs called material, physical and tangible (earth).

The ONLY material, physical and tangible is SPIRIT because Spirit is the ONLY, and that is invisible to the mind-sense.

The very moment you wake up, and realize your Oneness of All, Spirit to Spirit, you will not care what kind or nature of "outer" images present themselves to you, whether those images are of bodily illness or disease, or lack of money or success, or a limitation or discord in your relationships or business or career or home, you will care ONLY for Spirit to Spirit, Invisible to Invisible, Light to Light, Silence to Silence.

Then, in your stillness and silence, you will witness all good life and abundance appear automatically in the "outer" imagery of "this world" just as the film witnesses all its images on the "outer" imagery of the theater screen.

The method of it is this:

Learn to do absolutely nothing about the "outer" world of you, from your inner most body to your farthest-reaching thought and estate. Ignore the physical and material as it appears, altogether. Do not "think" thoughts. Do not try to "know" any Truth at all. Do not keep any thing of the "outer" in your mind. All mind activity obscures the One Infinite Presence rather than allows It to be revealed.

Be still and open yourself, by being silent, to the all-presence of the Infinite Good You are, and that your whole body and world Is. Be Silent and receptive to your silent withinness. That silent withinness IS the Infinity of Good Itself, forever BEING the fullness of You that It Is.

Simply be still and BATHE in Its glory. Feel the Peace of It HAPPENING within you. That Peace IS your demonstration… Invisible to Invisible, Spirit to Spirit. That is the Invisible You living - tangibly experiencing - the Invisible Health, Love and Riches You are, and that You always fully HAVE here and now.

Be concerned ONLY with that Invisible to Invisible HAPPENING. Be satisfied - in fact ecstatically joyed - ONLY by THAT Invisible to Invisible HAPPENING within... the sitting in the Invisible Silence, BEING the Invisible Silence, the Invisible Peace, the Invisible Joy, the Invisible Bliss, the Invisible Warmth, the Invisible Glowing within, the flooding of the Blissful Spirit that is your overflowing Goodness here and now, forever present, forever bursting into tangible expression within, the moment "you" - your mind - is still, silent and receptive to the indescribable "invisible" Allness of Love and utter Wholeness of Perfection and Abundance that You are.

Then, you witness - automatically - the CONVERSION of the Invisible Good and Perfection to that which the MIND calls VISIBLE good and perfection.

But do NOT get up from your Invisible Silent Self and immediately go looking for It to appear in your mind-world of visibility! That is the surest way ever devised to obscure the appearance of the All-Good you’ve just witnessed within.

It seems an irony to the mind because the mind is desperate to "see" everything it thinks it needs or desires. That’s like you being desperate to "see" the photographs, audios and videos "in the air" before they appear automatically in your computer. LET it all "happen" WITHOUT the mind interfering.

Stay, in awareness, in the Invisible - that which You truly Are.

Start in the Invisible, be silent in the Invisible, and let ALL your satisfaction of "demonstration" occur in the Invisible. Most importantly, as you go about your physical, material day, KEEP your ATTENTION on and in the Invisible by realizing that all of "this world" appearing IS ACTUALLY NOTHING BUT the Invisible appearing "automatically" through the mind AS material, physical 3D imagery.

Now just let "more" of the Invisible "through" your still and silent mind. Let the Infinitude of Life and Abundance be "exalted" in the “earth” that is the material, physical sense.

How? By keeping your awareness NOT focused, or "attached", to the apparent physical world of body, things, activities, conditions and places, but to the Invisible Real Form everywhere present, AND by devoting at least two, three or four hours in every twenty-four to BEING the Silence Itself.

That’s the secret.

That is where the Oneness Is. That is what and where your all Good and Perfect Wholeness is. That is what and where your Real Self and Real World Is. And that is where and how it is witnessed tangibly for, and as, YOU and your limitless Completeness, here, now, and forever.

From The Giving Self
Chapter 7

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