The problems of humankind are experienced because of mistaken identity — an identity which assumes itself as being limited mind and finite form, rather than limitless mind and spiritual form.

This is a spiritual universe; a spiritual world. You, I, and all beings, and all things and situations, are Spirit. All being is Spirit, yet experienced through the mind as material form — people, animals, insects, plants, vegetables, things, places and conditions.

The mind experiences pairs of opposites — good and bad. In Spirit there is no opposite. There is no good versus bad, there is just Oneness, life Itself, abundance Itself, love Itself — the all-pervading fulfillment of being, without opposition.

While we are ignorant of our true identity, and the true identity of all in this world, while we trust and rely on the material formations of life only, we are bound by degrees of limitation, lack, ill health and frustration inwardly and outwardly.

When we awaken to our true identity and the true identity of all people, things, places and conditions — which is Spirit — miracles of love, reformation, life, success, happiness and abundance quickly become our individual experience.


Spirit is incorporeal — invisible, infinite, omnipresent. Even though the mind sees and operates with what we call materiality or corporeality — corporeal people, functions, substances, materials, objects, conditions and places — all that we see, hear, taste, touch, smell and think, and all of the ways in which we use every “thing” and interact with every “person” and “situation” — despite how “real” the physical nature of it appears to be — is incorporeal.

This is the secret of secrets. It is the ultimate truth.

We do not need further understanding when we’ve grasped this mind-shattering awareness — not just intellectually, but deep within ourselves, as a deep knowingness that we enable to escape through us, out into and as the outer appearing world of people, places, things, and activities.

When we finally possess this knowingness all day and night — when it’s permeated and saturated our entire inner senses — we find ourselves in a paradise of inner and outer joy, life, success and happiness.

Nothing can enter our life that is anything less than fulfillment: nothing to do with body, business, employment, home, friend, lover, travel, employee, customer, student or patient.

Even the forms we experience day by day no longer register as just corporeal; we see — perceive — through the appearance to the invisible nature of him, her or it. We have an inner awareness. We know that every person and thing is Spirit appearing materially to our minds.

So we dismiss the way the mind registers our world, and we rest in the glorious awareness that all is Spirit and therefore all is bliss and perfection, without limit, here and now, despite appearances.

That inner knowingness has immediate harmonizing and healing power. When you can truly look at anything, or any situation or condition at all, and not be fooled, but deeply know that it is spirit and therefore perfect life, abundant supply, complete harmony, health, happiness and fulfillment you’ll witness ‘healings’ and improvements everywhere you go. Wherever you are the harmony of being becomes evident.

You’ll see miracle regeneration, turnarounds, opportunities.

You’ll see love present everywhere — bursting forth from within every person, thing and situation. You’ll see the effects of this extraordinary universe of love pour out into visibility as tangible material people, things, events and places.

But you must never be fooled. Even as the universe pours out into visibility its lavish life, abundance and harmony in every direction you must continually know what is really happening: the ever-present incorporeal spirit is appearing as incorporeal people, things and places in a form that the mind is convinced is, and experiences as, corporeal — visible form.

You must forever dismiss the material images and concepts of which the mind is convinced. You must see “through” everything and realize (have the perception of) the incorporeality of absolutely everything that presents itself to you.

When we achieve this, eighty or ninety percent of our individual world is found to be paradise prepared, ready and waiting for us to walk into and enjoy without limit. “Before they call I have answered”—the limitless joys and fruits of which we can indiscriminately give, serve, and share with others.

On the few occasions when collective mind belief finds its way into our consciousness we quickly recognize it for what it is and know how to deal with it: by lifting awareness up and out of the material scene; by realizing the incorporeality of spiritual harmony right where, and as, the very people, things and conditions the mind sees as corporeal and problematic.


Two of the major challenges faced by millions throughout the world — ill health and lack — are found to have their cause in the mind’s insistence in seeing and believing this universe to be material not spiritual.

The awareness of spirit being the only presence dissolves these material problems, to reveal life, abundance and fulfillment or purpose.

Let’s assume that we, at this moment, face a problem we are unable to solve mentally or physically, or even by traditional metaphysical means. The problem could be one of health, supply, relationship, home, employment, business, morals or sense of worth and purpose.

From the perspective of the mind the need is the material solution to the problem. Our thoughts and actions are obsessed with the need for healing, money, opportunity, love, relationship or companionship, more customers, a nicer home, a happier family, better morals, greater safety — whatever we see as being the outer need and solution to the problem. This is logical and real to the mind. It is common sense. It is reality. The mind is incapable of knowing more than the material — corporeal — forms of life, therefore it accepts only a material, physical solution. The outer physical or material forms of life and fulfillment are the mind’s only yard stick. It has no other.

There is nothing wrong with that as far as it goes. In fact, there is everything right with it as far as it goes. But “as far as it goes” is the mental and material realm of awareness only — the very cause of all problems among the human race.


We must raise awareness — each one, individually — above the level of mind-only awareness. If we do not, we will continue to experience the great limits of the mind, and suffer them. There is no magic cure despite the promises made in many of the world’s metaphysical teachings. While the mind remains dominant spiritual harmony cannot appear.

We must realize: Spirit is infinite; Spirit fills all space. Spirit is everything, everywhere. Spirit is incorporeal — invisible to the mind — and yet, because Spirit is infinite, filling all space, being everything everywhere, what the mind sees, hears, tastes, touches, smells, and thinks is actually Spirit appearing as all these forms of sense and activity, but misinterpreted by the mind.


The mind interprets Spirit conceptually. Everything we see, hear, taste, touch, smell or think is a concept of spirit but not Spirit Itself. Spirit is infinite, eternal, untouchable, immovable, unchanging. Spirit does not change its nature, character, substance, or infinity. It cannot. It is eternal allness, self-completeness, indestructible fulfillment of being. No one, nor any thing, can change the fullness, bliss and omnipresence of Spirit one iota. Neither can Spirit be contained in or by the mind. Think about that: Spirit cannot be contained in or by the mind and yet we have thought we can bring spiritual fulfillment to our lives by the use of the intellect, and by affirmation, visualization, positive thinking, right doing, correct giving and the like. Is not all of this using the mind and physicality?

What you and I see as a person or “thing” is actually Spirit Itself, existing as that person or thing — Spirit unchanged in nature, character, substance and infinity. The person or “thing” does not actually exist as your mind or mine experiences it. The mind experiences a person or “thing” but it is actually Spirit, the whole of Spirit, infinity Itself, abundance Itself!, bliss Itself!, life Itself!

The “form” you see is an illusion — a very convincing illusion no one can argue, but an illusion nevertheless. Therefore, if you are trying to bring “more” or “improved” illusion into the illusion, you fail. It cannot be done because the illusion doesn’t exist in the pureness of reality. It seems to exist; the mind is convinced it does. But it does not. What the mind experiences the person or thing to be is actually nothingness compared with what she, he, or it truly is.

How can you improve a person or object that does not, in reality, exist as you see it? It is impossible.


If you are watching a sunset and believe the sun is turning itself off — because it is now a gentle orange glow rather than the blazing white intensity it was an hour ago — you are believing a trick of the mind.

The sun is, of course, just as intensely bright as it is twenty-four hours a day, yet the mind is watching it become a dim glow. The dimness appears real enough, and to a child who has never seen a sunset it may be unquestionable: the sun is turning itself off. To the mind that knows — the mind that has risen above the belief in a sun that turns itself off at night — the puzzle is easy: what is being witnessing is simply an illusion of the senses.

The adult mind is not fooled by it.

Likewise, if you have raced on a go-kart track, you will have discovered that what seems like one hundred miles per hour is actually only fifteen or twenty miles per hour. The same fifteen or twenty miles per hour experienced in a car or truck seems like a snail’s pace because you’re sitting two or three feet above the ground. But in a go-kart you are inches off the ground. Your proximity to the ground makes just fifteen or twenty miles per hour seem like one hundred.

The feeling of high speed is an illusion of the senses. When you are familiar with it you are no longer fooled.

In the same way, we must now rise above the “infant” belief that the material, physicality of life is “real”. Matter is not “real” because the only thing present where the mind experiences matter — whether it be body, person, building, money, relationship, city, beach, ocean, office or factory — is Spirit.


Spirit is the only presence, the only thing, the only person, the only place, the only condition because Spirit is infinite and therefore fills all space. There is no space left for “you” or “me” or “body” or “money” or “city” or “dog” — or whatever material thing or being we are thinking of. Spirit does not change Its nature, character, substance or infinity. There is only Spirit, therefore no matter what you need or desire, as known by the mind, no matter what it is or how large or critical it is, the real and only need is Spirit. When you know Spirit, Spirit appears as the need or desire fulfilled in the material, physical senses of the mind — i.e. Spirit appears as the tangible need fulfilled whether that be health or healing of the body, prosperity of the finances or of employment or business, opportunity, fulfillment of purpose, loving relationships, happy family, safety, security, beautiful new home, and so on, without limit.

The moment you grasp this and start desiring Spirit instead of the forms Spirit assumes you’ve cracked the greatest secret in the universe.

You have found your direct access to infinity and you can have as much of it as you wish because there is no limit to infinity. The allness of infinite good exists right now, within you. It is only a matter of how much you dwell in that awareness thereby letting It pour out into and as your tangible harmonious world of self and circumstances.

There is no limit, no amount, no time frame, no season, no lack, no process when you walk through your day realizing the incorporeality and therefore infinity and omnipresence of all.

Please understand this!

When you understand this secret there is no more you need from me or any other spiritual teacher or teaching that has ever existed. You’re free! You have become the very infinity of abundance and bliss you’ve been searching for for years. You have discovered that you are it.

I am THAT I AM. I am what I have been searching for.

That which I have been seeking, I AM.

I AM the entire incorporeal universe existing as me, right here, and as everything I experience and involve myself with. The entire universe supports me, shines here AS me, maintains me, protects me, supplies me but I must have an awareness of the incorporeality of all before I am able to witness the infinity of all as an actual tangible experience.

You are one with the infinity of all because both Spirit and “you” are the one incorporeal existence, the one existence that fills all space aware of Itself at that point called “you”.

You are not what the mind has assumed you are, a corporeal form with a corporeal mind that needs corporeal people, things and situations to survive or thrive. Form is never again seen or desired the way the mind sees and desires it.

You have risen above the mind in awareness into spiritual discernment. You know that everything is incorporeal and you have discovered that the knowing of this great secret, and the resting in it with a peaceful, transparent consciousness, is enough to open wide the floodgates of heaven and witness the great and boundless treasures of the infinite right here where you are, every day and night.

But you have to start from where you are. What do you do? How do you make this practical so that the riches of the infinite life, success and supply become your reality here and now, and forevermore?

Let’s make this very practical and quick. Many people ask me, "How long will it take for my needed harmony to become tangible?" How long will it take you to realize that the setting sun is not turning itself off? It’s up to you. If — every time you witness the setting sun you have the discipline to remember it is not turning itself off, it is just an optical illusion — then very quickly you will not have to "work" at it. You’ll simply know it.

By the way, your knowing it doesn’t stop you enjoying the illusion of the setting sun, or a thousand, or ten thousand of them.

Your knowing the illusion of money, clothes, car, home, good food, good travel, good movies, good theatre and concerts doesn’t stop you enjoying these “things” of life, and an abundance of them. It is just that you are never again fooled by the appearance anymore than you are fooled by the appearance of the sunset.


Whenever your mind begins to think of what the material need is — health, love, money, home, happiness, safety, security — quickly catch it and lift your thinking to incorporeal Spirit as everything, everywhere.

Realize that Spirit is the limitless and perfect supply at every point in space, for every situation, for every need and for every true desire and it is already fully manifest right where you are.

There is no unmanifested spirit. Spirit already exists in Its manifested infinity right there where your mind latches onto a corporeal appearance of a “need”. Lift your awareness away from the appearance of a need into the atmosphere of the omnipresence — the absolute overflowing allness — of Spirit filling the very space the mind is looking at and sees as a lack, limitation or discord.

Then rest the mind. Stop the thoughts and words the mind occupies itself with. Stop thinking even about the infinite incorporeal omnipresence that is Spirit everywhere, filling all space. Stop thinking about Spirit. Get still, peaceful, and silent and let Spirit Itself flood into your awareness like an ocean floods a cavern.

In your silence let Spirit do the work. Let Spirit rush in. Let Spirit be your awareness. It is right there waiting for your stillness and silence twenty-four hours a day, ready to rush in and flood every nook and cranny of your being and experience. Do not try to bring the complete awareness to yourself because that will be “trying amiss.” Spirit is everything, everywhere and Spirit is aware of Itself right where you are, as you, and as everything about you, every finite detail, need and desire — spiritually, incorporeally — because Spirit is you and everything about you. Mind is incapable of knowing or experiencing Spirit so let Spirit do it. Spirit to spirit… Spirit to spirit… Spirit to spirit... not Spirit to corporeal "person," "thing" or "condition" but Spirit to spirit… Incorporeal Infinite All to incorporeal infinite all even though the mind sees it as a finite "thing" or "person" or "amount" or "condition" appearing tangibly.


The Self-awareness of Spirit — meaning Spirit being aware of Itself, now tuned into by you, in and as you, as an actual awareness you receive or feel within — is the fulfillment of the need.

Spirit is the self-completeness of every point in space, the very space or situation the mind is seeing as “needing” improvement, life or prosperity. Do you see that? There never was a need but mind saw what it thought of as a need, because it sees only corporeally.

The incorporeal wholeness is already existing where the mind is seeing a corporeal need. There is no corporeal need anymore than there is corporeal anything; there is only incorporeal everything so, again, the mind is falling for an illusion of its own making.

Think, think! Spirit being aware of Itself right at the place where the mind is seeing a need is the fulfillment itself. It is one and the same. Spirit is the blissful fulfillment of all, and it already exists.

The Self-awareness of Spirit is also the fulfilling form the mind thinks it needs. Except now you know that Spirit is incorporeal and Spirit is everything, everywhere. The fulfilling form already exists right here and right there. It always has existed right where you need or want it but because the mind senses only corporeally it is incapable of seeing the incorporeal Spirit already existing, eternally existing, as the “need” fulfilled, right there, right in that very spot where you sense the need.


Spirit does not change Its form from invisible to visible. All is one—

I and the Father are one. - Jesus

The nameless is the origin of heaven and earth; the named is the mother of all things. These two are the same: they are only different names when they become manifest. They both may be called the cosmic mystery. - Lao Tzu

The One is in eternal manifested existence wherever you are and in whatever form you need or desire it, without limit, without question, without effort.

All already exists. Except — remember — all form is incorporeal not corporeal. All of everything everywhere is incorporeal which the mind is incapable of experiencing. On knowing this our job is to let the incorporeal allness reveal Itself to our awareness. Let Spirit rush into the “empty cavern” of our consciousness, no longer cluttered with thoughts, words, ideas, schemes, fears all based on a corporeal, finite sense of existence.

Into the stillness, peace and silence of consciousness rushes the entire universe of Spirit, and all is well. All harmony, health, abundance and joy is revealed. It is felt within as a welling-up of peace, or joy, or a sense of “release” from the problem the mind beholds, or as euphoria, or light, or heat, or sometimes as a clarity of meaning, a statement you have known for months or years but suddenly now “get” — a great clarity or depth of meaning suddenly bursting into your awareness.

This is how we know and experience Spirit. This is how we realize the incorporeal Presence that is the fulfillment already existing but now tuned into by us in the complete silence, stillness and peace of mind.

Then, the “infant” mind which experiences only corporeally, still witnesses an illusion in the “outer” world except now it witnesses a healthy, harmonious and prosperous illusion. It sees the need fulfilled as health, healing, love, money, home, travel, opportunity. Whatever the need or desire has been, as deemed by the mind, is fulfilled in the outer realm — the realm of the mind and its material formations. But, you are not now fooled by even the good illusions. As you watch the wonders, life, and riches of incorporeal Spirit appearing to the mind corporeally, you walk around with a gentle smile on your face in the knowing that all of this life, abundance and joy now appearing in your life is not what it seems; it is actually incorporeal Spirit appearing as incorporeal form, experienced corporeally, tangibly.

You have discovered the greatest secret.


What about health? Volumes have been written about how to use metaphysical treatment to change sickness or disease into health and life. Yet, sadly, there are very few healings. What is the reason? What is the answer?

The first requirement is to view sickness and disease as a product of the mind and its corporeal formations. Do not be fooled by the physical appearance — to the mind — of accident, illness or disease. Go through the exact same process of knowing and then letting explained above.

This accident, illness or disease is the mind seeing corporeally what is actually incorporeal wholeness, beauty, bliss, health, life, perfection. While my mind, and certainly the minds of everyone around me, sees this injury or illness or disease, my inner activity is to lift awareness above the finite sense of corporeality into the freedom and perfection of incorporeal allness.

I must close my eyes, either figuratively or literally, to the scene as it appears in the physical, corporeal world. I must stop focusing attention on the injury, illness or disease. I must bring my thinking to Spirit. I must remind myself that all is Spirit, all is incorporeal. Spirit fills all space including the very space that looks to the mind as if it is injured or ill or diseased.

Spirit cannot have an injury, illness or disease! It is impossible! If you try to give incorporeal gravity a disease or try to injure it, of course you will fail. In the same way then, you can understand how impossible it is to injure or disease incorporeal Spirit.

This is the awareness you have to gain in the face of the appearing physical sickness or injury.

When the mind has reached a state of peace by knowing the truth of the appearing problem, stop all thoughts and words. Simply be still, and silent.

In the silence all harmony is revealed; Truth reveals Itself. It is felt as peace, a sense of release, a warmth or heat, a light, a clarity of understanding, euphoria welling up within. That’s it, a welling-up feeling within that lets you know you had nothing to do with it. It is a “happening” within you without any effort by you, as you simply sit in complete silence, expectantly, letting the infinity of Spirit be felt or experienced within your being.

When you feel It, you can know all is well. You can be certain that the incorporeal bliss — Truth — you have felt within is also the incorporeal form that is perfect body or perfect organ or tissue, that will subsequently be experienced by the mind as a physical “healing” or “regeneration” or “correction”.

But you are no longer fooled by the corporeal appearance as the ‘healing’ appears visibly. You know that as soon as you feel the incorporeal Spirit “happening” within you you are already experiencing the incorporeal form of fulfillment. The mind normally takes some minutes or hours or days to “catch up” and see or experience it corporeally but you no longer fasten your reliance on the feedback the mind sees, or how it experiences life.

All reliance is now grounded in the incorporeal omnipresence of wholeness, everywhere present, as everything. The minute you feel It within you the job is done. You can relax knowing all is well, all is fulfilled, all is safe.

In the early days of realization, because the mind is steeped in the belief of corporeality and the limitations, lacks, illnesses, diseases, accidents and disharmonies experienced where only the corporeal sense of awareness exists, we may have to repeat our awareness and silence a number of times — or many, many times — before the mind suddenly witnesses the tangible fulfillment.

Do not let that dismay you or make you feel as if nothing is happening despite your knowing and silent meditations. You are opening up to a great power and presence, the greatest power and presence in the universe — the One power, substance and presence. If you do not manage to ‘get’ it completely the first or tenth or twentieth time — or sometimes the hundredth time — do not worry or give up. You will never be too late as long as you continue catching your mind thinking in terms of the lack or disease or disharmony and switching thoughts to Spirit, all-present, all-knowing, all-power, then becoming peaceful and silent, letting Spirit flood your consciousness in stillness and silence.

Most of all, one must, at all times—every minute of the day and night — make sure thinking is on and in the incorporeality of all, and not plunged back into corporeality.

Nothing is “solid” or “finite” or “limited”. Nothing. Nothing is “missing”. Nothing as seen by the mind and its five senses is what it seems to be. “Do not judge by appearances.” All is incorporeal Spirit, omnipresent, blissful, beautiful, abundant, overflowing with life, fullness and joy at every point.

We must know this truth to a degree we’ve never known anything before. And we must let it reveal Itself within our own consciousness, all the time being still, peaceful, silent and receptive — open and expectant — to the flow of spirit that is always bursting to flood our very being in, as, and out into the external scene.

From The Miracle Self (first edition)
Chapter 1

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