~ What Supply Is ~

~ How Supply Is Experienced ~

~ How Supply Appears Tangibly In The Outer World of Form ~


Supply is invisible. It is the infinite invisible substance, essence intelligence and form of Spirit. It is not body, health, home, money, property, investments, employment, business, or ideas. It is not trees, leaves, flowers or fruit. It is not produce, products or services. It is the invisible, supreme infinitude of Substance, Essence — the One Life Force — within you, me and every person. It forms itself through the mind as the things, amounts, property, investments, business, ideas, money, life, body, relationships, joy, opportunity, success and attainment experienced in the external.

It is infinite and omnipresent. It expresses through the mind in ‘overabundance’. Look at nature, how it is laden so heavily and generously with leaves, flowers, fruits, grasses, animals, insects, birds, fish — always multiplying, always growing, always pushing forth with an inner satisfaction and, I am sure, a smile of content knowingness of its unstoppable and embedded infinity of being, always omniactive, always fulfilling itself in ever greater bounty and beauty.

Supply is the invisible formula and formulation of all visible form. The formula and substance is seen by the mind as the formed. The invisible formulation — Spirit — is experienced by the human mind as the visible form.


Supply is the invisible Life Force and Substance which is witnessed by the mind as all the harmonious, natural, healthy, wealthy, successful and joyous things and conditions of this five-sense realm of existence.


It is omniactive. It is not affected by your action or mine, or your inaction or mine, for the external is never able to influence, or block, the Internal.


Spirit is the perfect wholeness of your entire life now, this minute. It requires no channel, vehicle or body. It takes no account of what is, or what is not, in the physical, material realm. It Is.


It is omnipresent Self-Fulfillment already. Right where you are is the infinity of already fully manifested supply, mountains of it if you like to think in physical terms. Limitless, infinite supply exists on the very spot you exist this moment. You, actually, are nothing less than the fullness of Supply expressing as you, being you.

You are the infinite, blissful wholeness of supply being present in form as you and as everything, everywhere, that you need, desire, do and experience.

There is no unformed Supply, Spirit. Spirit is eternal Oneness, therefore Supply is forever and eternally formed.

Supply is Spirit. Therefore, although it is fully and eternally formed as you and as everything you see, hear, taste, touch, smell, think and do, your human five senses cannot see It, touch It, or employ It.

Only as Supply flows through the mind and becomes tangible to the five senses can it be seen, heard, tasted, touched, smelled, thought of, and employed by the physicality of you and of me.

Supply is the invisible, infinite substance of all good, abundant and fulfilling form, ever-present and ever-available to every individual, without exception or circumstance, worldwide, universe-wide.


There is just One substance — Spirit, or Peace. The One substance is objectified by the senses of the mind, experienced in the external world as the people, animals, insects, things, places, activities, conditions, and circumstances we call physical, material or tangible.

But all is the One substance being all — that One substance being Spirit, Peace.

Therefore, the one thing we need is the experience of Spirit happening within — the sense of the invisible Something being present within us, the awareness of something happening within us — the sense of the Peace Itself.

That’s all we want and all we ever need. Why? Because the Peace appears in our external, objectified world as every good person, animal, thing, place, condition and circumstance.

We do not make or create the objectification of the external world; the Peace is witnessed by us as the objectification of all in the external world. It is the mind that has the impression of objects, persons, and conditions where, in reality, there is but the One Spirit, the One substance that is Peace being All.

The objectification is automatic through the filters or faculties of the collective mind. We are not involved, and so we don’t attempt or make an effort to be involved. We leave that part of this whole external experience to the automated faculties of the mind. Just forget it; leave it alone. You’ll save yourself many years and many hardships, believe me!

The less sense of Peace we have happening within us each hour of each day the less harmonious, healthy, wealthy and fulfilling is our experience of the external objectified world.

The greater sense of Peace we have happening within us each hour of each day the greater harmonious, healthy, wealthy and fulfilling is our experience of the external objectified world—here and now, without limit.


The only limit is your or my unwillingness to sit in the silence and serenity of our withinness, and to wait a little patiently until we actually experience the happening of Peace within. There is not one other limit in the entire world that has any power at all, or can impose itself upon you or your situation at all, to limit you, or to leave you in lack, or with sickness or disease, or disharmony or unhappiness or loneliness. Any limitation or discord or ill health you are experiencing — any at all, no matter how severe or urgent it seems, or how impossible it seems to solve, or how overwhelming it seems, or how long it has been bothering you — is a self-imposed limit. The nature of that self-imposition? The limit we ourselves place on our experience by not devoting enough time to being in the Silence actually experiencing the happening of Spirit—the happening of Peace in our withinness.

It makes little difference whether it is your problem or a problem of a member of your family or circle of friends or acquaintances. If he, she or it has entered your consciousness — your awareness — then he, she or it is instantaneously imbued with the substance of your consciousness. And what does that constitute today? Is it filled with the Peace? Or is it filled with thoughts of the terrible condition or situation that overwhelms you or yours? Ah, there you have the reason for every discord, every lack, every limitation, every sickness and every frustration or unfulfilled desire that can ever enter your external world.


Enter your deep withinness, and there, be still, wait, be a little patient, and soon — usually within a few seconds or minutes, but sometimes longer — you’ll feel the welling up of some kind of happening in the silence and depth of your being. It is the Peace. That Peace is the harmony, health, success and abundance of all that will then appear objectified and tangible in your external world.

Do not expect the whole harmony or the whole healing or the whole amount to necessarily become evident all at once. It can do, and as you become more familiar and consistently imbued with the Peace within, the whole often does become apparent at once. But whether it does or does not doesn’t matter! As long as you know that if and whenever you need more good in your external world the answer is to go within to experience more of the happening of Peace within, and that It will infallibly then appear to your outer senses and circumstances as the needed harmony, health, success or abundance, you simply keep up your inner life experience each hour, each day. Do whatever you have to do in the outer but the one and only thing that will change the outer from disharmony to harmony, limit to limitlessness, sickness to health, lack to abundance is the Peace experienced within which then becomes evident as the peace experienced in the outer.

When I had what seemed to be insurmountable lacks, limitations and demands to do with money, or health, or family, I learned the greatest secret in the universe: go within, stop using the mind, wait patiently until I am experiencing the actual happening of Peace deep down within, and then stay within that blissful sanctuary, basking in It for as long as I want to, or can. Often that is hours at a time — two, four, six hours at a time, just coming out very briefly for a drink of water, or a snack, then sinking right back into the bliss of Peace in my withinness for another hour or two or three or four.

That basking in the Peace is real power. It is the single most practical thing any of us can do when faced with any sort of trouble or lack or limitation, whether of our own or someone else’s. The Peace is the all-permeating solution, so spend as much time experiencing It as you possibly can.


To give you the greatest clarity on this matter of supply: It is as simple as I have described. It may not, at the moment, be easy for you to be still and quiet enough to get the sense of Peace happening within you. But never for a moment believe it is more complicated than I have described here. It is not. The only need is for you to get the mind still and quiet enough so that you can relax into your withinness, and there, feel the blissful infinitude of Love, Peace and Wholeness that is the You of you happening twenty-four hours a day.

The Peace you feel happening within as you sit in the Silence and stillness is the substance which then appears as objectified health, money, investments, new home, new car, new or better opportunity, new or better employment, new or better business, new or more loving relationship, new or more fulfilling purpose, new clothes, new furniture, art, literature, music, pleasure, travel. All the glorious things of tangible living are but the Peace objectified as those things and conditions.

The Peace is the one experience we want and need, nothing else, because all else — the whole of the harmonious, glorious objectified world of people, things, successes and events — happens automatically without our knowledge as to how. Who cares how? It happens, so let’s lap it up, be productive, giving and sharing with the bounty of opportunity and things we find pouring into our life from all directions, and let’s have overflowing gratitude for the miracle and magnitude of it all, but let’s never try to be involved in creating the objectified world, or in trying to ‘get’ things and conditions in or from the objectified world! That will only, and can only, lead to frustration, limitation and hardship. We all know that by now!


Get the actual experience — the actual feeling of the happening of Peace within, a number of times each day, and you’ll automatically ‘get’ every good person, thing, condition and circumstance in overflowing measure, without limit or boundary, in the external world.


The inner infinitude is the outer form you and I witness as the external world and everything in it. All is the infinitude of Spirit — Peace — but the human senses experience it as a multitude of finite people, animals, insects, things, conditions and places.

For instance, when you hold a coin or note in your hand you’re holding what the mind experiences as a piece of finiteness. But what you are really ‘holding’ is Peace being experienced as an object — in this case, a coin or note. You are holding a piece of Peace. Let this seed itself in your consciousness and it will quickly change your entire world: you are never holding or experiencing anything external — you are holding a piece of Peace; you are experiencing a piece of Peace.

Then you don’t care what, at this moment, the piece of Peace looks like to the mind. It may at this moment be appearing to you as the most terrible disease or limitation or lack or discord. It doesn’t matter. It is alright. It has no power over you or yours the very moment you know the great Truth: no matter what it looks like in the external world it actually is a piece of Peace. It is the Peace Itself. It is nothing to be frightened of, or threatened by, or to feel overwhelmed by. On the contrary, it is the very Love, Infinity and One Substance of Spirit — Peace — Itself, so relax, be at ease, and simply let the happening of Peace be felt within as you rest in the Silence and stillness of your being. Then quickly you will see the objectified scene change to one of harmony, health, abundance, love, opportunity and fulfillment.


All is the Peace that is Spirit yet being experienced by the mind as an object or condition. The mind objectifies Spirit, but only in sense, not reality. Spirit cannot be objectified; Spirit eternally remains Spirit — unchanging in incorporeality, infinity, substance, form (spiritual), and nature.

Think about what you’ve just been told! Money is Spirit — the inner Peace — objectified by the senses of the mind. The ‘object’ is being encountered only because your mind — which is imbued with the collective conditioned mind — is capable only of experiencing finite concepts. It’s a bit like me placing a cup upside down on the ground and saying that I now have just this cup-full of gravity, which I can use, but that if I want more I have to get another cup-full from somewhere else.

The coin or note you’re holding is that ‘cup’ of Peace objectified by the mind. But it is not an object, not a ‘piece’ of anything; it is the Peace — it is Spirit. Now tell me, how much Peace do you have? How much Peace is available to you? You don’t have Peace in a bank with access only to the ‘amount’ you see, with the mind, as being tangibly available. You don’t have to earn it, work for it, ‘make’ it, labor or sweat for it. There is no limit! Peace is infinite and ever available in as much ‘quantity’ as you wish to experience! You may not be feeling or experiencing much Peace at this moment but that’s not because it’s absent or unavailable, it is because you are not taking the time or opening the way to the experience of It, or the experience of ‘enough’ of It.

If you’re not devoting sufficient time to feeling the Peace within, you will also not have a sufficiency of objectified things and conditions in the external world, because the Peace is the things and conditions.

If you want or need more good things and conditions, experience more of the Peace happening within you, and then let the rest take care of itself. It’s as simple as that. There is no time or process involved before you’ll witness the good things and conditions appearing in the outer externalized world because the Peace and the things of Peace are identical substance and identical presence. The only time or process involved is your sitting in the silence and stillness of your withinness actually experiencing the happening of Peace ever and fully glowing — Being — the fullness of you and yours.


Take a coin or note in your hand. Look at it. Get the sense that what you’re holding is not actually the object it appears to the mind to be, but Peace being sensed by the mind as that coin or note. Money is Peace — the One infinite substance — objectified, but not as an actual object because no such thing exists; it exists simply as the impression of an object. The mind believes the impression and therefore says it is very real but we have to rise above the level of mind, into spiritual discernment.

The infinitude of Peace forms Itself through the faculties of the mind as an infinitude of so-experienced (by the mind only) finite objects and conditions. But no such finiteness exists. The only existence, the only presence, is the infinity of Spirit, Peace, Bliss, Serenity, Light, Grace — call It what you will, it’s all the same One substance and presence.

Every object is not the object it seems to be, but the infinity of Peace sensed by the mind as the object. Therefore, never make an opinion about how much you have or haven’t got at this moment, or at any moment, because you’ll be making a mistake that binds you to limitation, hardship and discord.

The only ‘thing’ you have, the only ‘condition’ you have, is the Peace. Never make an opinion based on the external appearance of thing or condition. Always — and instantly — realize that every thing and every condition — whether the collective mind has decided it is good or bad, healthy or sick, friendly or unfriendly, rich or poor, productive or barren, beautiful or ugly, safe or unsafe, secure or insecure, limitless or limited, abundant or lacking, loving or unloving — is actually, literally, the infinitude of Peace that is the One substance of all glory, all bounty, all beauty, all good, yet being witnessed through the faculties of the mind as that sense of objectified thing or condition, in a degree proportional to the amount of Peace being experienced and maintained in the individual consciousness each hour.

If you want ice cubes you need the substance of which ice cubes are formed. When you have access to the substance you can have as many ice cubes as you wish to have. If you have party guests arriving tomorrow and you look in the freezer and discover you have just one ice cube, you don’t worry or start a frenzied effort to ‘get’ ice cubes from thin air, or to start ‘treating’ for ice cubes in the hope that, somehow, by some hocus-pocus, you’ll ‘manifest’ ice cubes from the external world somewhere.

No, you simply take the substance from which all ice cubes are formed — water — and then instead of one ice cube you ‘have’ a thousand, or as many as are needed to satisfy your guests. There is no limit to the number you can have as long as you have the substance, water.

Again, this is a material example and therefore limited, but you get the idea. The substance of all body, family, money, investments, dividends, home, car, art, music, furniture, tree, bush, flower, leaf, fruit, earth, bricks, mortar, wood, metal, plastic, electricity, computers, telephones, iPods, digital files, images and sounds — the all of all we experience and use in the external world — is Peace.


The Peace felt within as an actual happening automatically becomes the unlimited, boundless experience and provision of good people, conditions, things and situations in our externalized world, appearing automatically — without even one thought or effort made by us — just as the trees, leaves, flowers and fruits appear automatically in the external world without thought or effort made by us.

Leave the external scene alone as far as attempting to create or get or achieve. Use the boundless streams of opportunity, things and conditions which arrive on the scene all around you — as they always will, in unlimited, glorious and effortless streams when you live in and out from the inner life — but never interfere with the external, material, physical process.

Devote all the time you can to the inner life, actually experiencing the happening of Peace within. Always remember: everything ‘out here’ is a piece of the Peace, therefore rest back into that Peace within, knowing that It is limitless, infinite and ever available in Its fullness here and now. Then all your external world and events will be glorious, life-filled, health-filled, success-filled, rich and satisfying beyond measure and without limit, time or process, with a divine immunity to sickness, discord, accident or failure.


Finally, understand that everything I have said here applies in exactly the same way to the health of your body, the joy of your relationships, the love and happiness of your family and circle of friends, the success of your employment or business, the prosperity of your investments and enterprises, the safety and security of your environment, the attainment of a beautiful new family home, or holiday home — endless good and enriching things and circumstances. There is no limit to the number and measure of good people, things and circumstances you can ‘have’ because there is no limit to the amount of Peace you can experience in your withinness. The One and the other are identical.

The only limit is the limit you place on yourself by failing to devote sufficient time to experiencing the limitless Peace within!

Realize that this applies in exactly the same way to every person, every animal, every thing, every place, and every condition and circumstance that enters your consciousness.

All ‘beings’ and ‘objects’ you experience are the Peace objectified by the mind. When you look at your family knowing they are the Peace objectified, you imbue them with the miracle of Spirit. When you look at your home, your money, your pets, your friends, knowing they are the Peace objectified, you imbue each and every one with the miracle of Spirit.

But always remember: It is one thing to know that all beings and things in your world are the Peace objectified by the mind, but this knowledge alone is of little or no visible value to anyone or anything, including you.


The only tangible value is in having the actual experience or feeling of the Peace glowing within you — happening within you — as an actual experience taking place during the silence of your mind, in the depth and stillness of your withinness. Your silence and stillness — no words, no thoughts; just an inner receptivity and expectation of the feeling of the Peace — is the only condition in which the happening of the Peace can actually be experienced. Therefore, it is the only condition in which your external world can blossom without limit — can overflow with abundance, life, glory, beauty, success, attainment and happiness in every department and activity.

The peace you feel happening as you sit in the blissful silence and serenity of your own private withinness — all alone, just you and the infinitude of Spirit being You — is what then appears to your mind senses as more and more money, a new home, a healthy or healed body, happiness in the family, attainment in business, glorious items and activities for home, leisure, pleasure, travel — a bounty of beautiful furniture, music, paintings, instruments, concerts, theater, cars, skills, opportunities, successes, achievements — whatever is your fulfillment — beyond limit and beyond anything the mind can believe is possible, even if you think your mind believes much is possible!

Believe me, it knows nothing compared with the infinity of spiritual bounty ever present and ever available to each one of us who knows the great secret of spiritual living: feel the inner Peace happening and then be witness to Its limitless bounty, beauty, pleasure and joy in what is seen by the five-sense mind as extraordinary external achievement, unbounded health, limitless wealth, glorious happiness, and true and joyous fulfillment of purpose.

Whatever difficulty, trouble, unhappiness, sickness, lack or limitation you may be experiencing at this moment, of your own or someone else’s, the quick and infallible answer is to allow more peace to happen within your silence and stillness.

The Peace you open up to—that you allow to happen within you as you simply turn within knowing that It is there, fully present and fully being within you, and that you simply wait a little patiently for so that you can become still and peaceful enough inside to feel Its presence and glowingness within as a sense of deep peace or stillness or relaxedness or bliss or warmth or heat or a glowing or euphoria or release — even if you do not feel anything great except a sense of loving stillness or relaxation or release — a deeper stillness or relaxedness than you’d normally feel — an inner stillness or relaxedness rather than a ‘bodily’ relaxation — is the achievement of the inner happening I am describing.

When you’ve achieved a good sense of it with each session of silence — meditation — you can be certain that It will soon appear through the mind, in the outer world, as some kind of harmonious, enriched, healthy, joyous, loving form — especially the form most needed or desired at this moment to bring fulfillment to the particular lacking or limiting condition or circumstance you’re troubled by.

When you have — by actual experience — the happening of the infinitude of Peace within each day then you also have the infinitude of good things, circumstances and conditions happening to you and for you in the external world.


One and the other are identical. The inner Peace and the outer form are identical. Peace does not produce anything or draw good things and conditions to you; It is the things and conditions themselves, objectified by the mind senses in the external world.

Live in and out from the Peace each hour of the day and then you’ll quickly discover you have all good things and conditions, eternally blossoming into conscious awareness and into objectified form in your external world. You then possess — “I have” — the greatest miracles of health, wealth, harmony, success and happiness, knowing no limit, no boundary, no process, no season, no time restraint.

The infinitude of All is here now, and eternally. It is the Peace. It is the infinite within and the limitless without of you. It is yours to bask in, be fulfilled by, and to share with the world without prejudice or reason; just because.

From The Miracle Self
Chapter 15

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