Here is the answer - the clearest, simplest yet most powerful and immediate way or "method" to overcome any problem that confronts you.

It could be a problem of ill-health or accident; it could be a problem of disease; it could be a problem of financial lack; it could be a problem of injustice, government demand, personal or work relations, companionship, home, environment, transport, depression, sense of worth or purpose... anything at all, that is, at this very moment, troubling you or yours, even a deep or very urgent or long-standing trouble.

This is the most practical, tangible and immediate answer. It is your tangible solution in all its fullness, here, now, today. This is the whole of The Miracle Self teaching and method in a nutshell. This, my good friend, is all you ever need and all you ever have to do.

Sit down, or lie down, whatever you prefer. Close your eyes. Gently realize that this problem is only appearing as it is THROUGH the five senses of the mind. It is "made" by the five senses of the collective mind belief. It is not "real" even though it appears and acts VERY real to your material, physical experience. However, it only can appear, and act, as a real situation or condition when you identify WITH the material, corporeal sense of life.

The very moment you un-identify with the material, corporeal sense, to identify with WHAT YOU TRULY ARE - PURE, UNCONTAMINATED SPIRIT - every last discordant, limiting or lacking appearance melts away to reveal harmony, health, abundance, joy and success in every department of your experience, with no delay, here and now, by a means you know not of.

Remember what The Miracle Self says: your world beams OUT of the five senses and appears tangible, physical, material to you, just as the movie beams OUT of the projector and appears on the screen. If we identify with the images on the screen, and believe them to be real, we suffer them. We can’t seem to disentangle ourselves from the trouble, or troubles, we are experiencing in the material sense of life.

This is the ONLY actual problem - the identification with the material scene, the material image world that LOOKS LIKE tangible, real people, things, situations, conditions and places. None of "this world" is tangible or real anymore than the images on the movie screen are tangible or real. They APPEAR to be real if we are drawn in by them, but there is, in Truth, no reality to them in the slightest. Not one single frame or pixel of those images are tangible or real.

You can prove it very quickly: the MOMENT you pull your attention away from the material scene, and, instead, place your attention on your SPIRITUAL actual Self and actual World, then every appearing problem, no matter how deep or urgent it appears to the material scene, evaporates.

Why does it simply evaporate? Because it never was real. It never had an ounce of real substance or life or presence to it - never - just as the characters, situations and places on the movie screen have no real substance, life or presence. They are nothingness.

A problem - any problem, of any and every nature at all - is simply a "darkness" of awareness. That "darkness" is just a "strong" identity with the material sense, rather than the "lightness" of Spirit which has no material sense, or identity, whatsoever.


The less you identify with materiality and the more you identify with Spirit - Silence - which means the Silence of the mind (silence of the five senses), that Silence BEING the very "substance" of the Awareness you are aware WITH (not the "things" your awareness latches onto, but the substance that is the awareness Itself) ... the Infinite Allness BEING infinitely You, right here, right now, As your very awareness ... the more life, love, harmony, abundance, success, happiness, and fulfillment you witness appearing in your midst, here and now.


It’s as if you are watching a beautiful, exciting, loving, utterly fulfilling movie that is your life, and suddenly the light in the projector seems to dim to almost nothing. The movie now appears dark and dingy - full of "trouble", lack, limitation and ill health.

Is the problem what it appears to be to the senses? Are the characters and situations in the movie truly troubled with lack, limitation and illness? Or is the real problem simply a lack of light pouring forth from the projector, through the film, out onto the screen?

In Truth, there is, of course, never a lack of Light, Spirit. On the contrary, there is only the full infinity of Infinite Light, Spirit, omnipresent "at every point in the universe at the same time". Every speck of space is bursting with the fullness of Light, Spirit. You are the center of that Fullness, unable to withhold Its Perfection, Joy and Abundance!

You are the Whole of the Infinite Life, Love, Abundance, Joy and Fulfillment appearing here AS you… ALL of It, here, now... fully manifested and ever available for you in every way... but how much are you using your mind versus simply, effortlessly, BEING that Silence of Infinity? How much are you identifying with "things", "people", "conditions", and "places" through the five senses rather than ignoring the five senses, and just BEING THE ABSOLUTE STILLNESS OF SILENCE?

Your Silence is your Real Self in all Its Completeness. Even simpler: Silence IS your Completeness.

In complete Silence there is no trouble, no problem, no illness, no disease, no lack, no limitation, no injustice, no failure, no antagonism, no hate, no war, no unhappiness, no depression, no hopelessness. There is just, and only, love, life, vitality, joy, happiness, success, creativity, fulfilling purpose, meaningful activity, friendliness, abundance, safety, protection, and complete and utter fulfillment of being in every last detail and fragment of life... "good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over".

There is nothing the mind knows as "good versus bad". There is only good, unblemished, untouchable, pure. But the moment you identify again with the five-senses mind, and what it projects, you again become entangled in the experience of "good" and "bad". The pairs of opposites exist ONLY in the mind and its image creations.

It is ONLY the mind that obscures the infinitude of good and perfection that is your finished kingdom of body and affairs, right here where you are, now and always. Stop identifying with the mind-world, and instead, BE the Silence, and watch the miracle of the finished, glorious, infinite kingdom of You appear before your very eyes just like the ocean appears before your eyes as the early morning fog lifts.

To BE, therefore TANGIBLY EXPERIENCE, the Silence that is the finished kingdom of you - as every good and perfect form, here and now - your complete and utter fulfillment of being in every tangible way, without limit, process, amount or time, NOW - simply BE STILL and LET Spirit know Itself as Itself, You.

Do not "think" anything. Do not "know" anything. In fact, make sure you do not even WANT to think or know anything. The secret of Being the Silent Allness is to NOT think, to NOT know. Thinking and knowing can only be done within the confines of one or more of the five senses, so that will not work. Remember Lao Tzu: "If you can name it, it isn’t it." "Naming" it means "sensing" it. So we might paraphrase Lao Tzu by saying, "If you can see, hear, taste, touch, smell or think it, it isn’t it." That removes each of the five senses, and all thinking, which can only take place within the confines of the five senses.

What’s left?


Blissful Stillness.

No thinking, no knowing, no doing, no five-sense identity... not one, tiny murmur of anything at all that the mind could know or do.

Now... in the Stillness and complete Silence of Being... Spirit knows Itself as your Wholeness revealed. Sit and wait, and wait, and wait with the Silence, until you FEEL a "happening" of some kind or another within... a "happening" that happens "to" you within... without an ounce of effort by you... a peace, a warmth, a glow, a sense of release or relief, a deep breath, a bliss. That "happening within" is your fullness revealed, your need fulfilled, your "healing".

Trust It, my good friend. Whatever it is that troubled you is no longer present. Every good - infinitely so - is now at hand, "rolling in ecstasy at your feet", tangibly present as your fulfillment.

In the Stillness of doing absolutely nothing about the problem in the "outer" scene - by some attempted knowing or activity through the mind - all Good and Perfection is revealed to be right here where you are, AS You, for you. It always has been right here, but your mind activity obscured it from tangible view.

Then, within a few minutes, hours or days - in "mind" time frame - you will witness that Good and Perfection in the "outer" scene. The need fulfilled as the inner experience - the inner "happening" - now "shines through the mind" to appear in the "outer" experience. There are not "two" experiences because there is only Oneness - the inner and "outer" are one and the same just like the image on the film is one and the same as the image appearing on the screen. The only difference is that the movie image takes the speed of light to reach the screen, the worldly image takes the "speed of mind" to reach tangible visibility.

The "speed of mind" is determined by its degree of CONTINUED silence. The more SILENT you keep the mind throughout each hour, the quicker you’ll witness your good tangibly appearing.

Keep mind very silent - for hours each day if necessary - and your good will be witnessed very quickly. Allow mind to identify with "this world" - meaning it is very busy and noisy - and you will slow down the tangible appearance of your good for a long time.

The Silent, Still mind - doing absolutely nothing about the problem in the "outer" - is the miracle answer to any and every appearing discord, lack, limitation or unhappiness.

I hope the Answer has been made crystal clear for you here. Follow this simple yet greatest ever revealed "method" and you will witness miracle after miracle wherever you are, and with whatever you touch.

From The Giving Self
Chapter 8

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