Dear and wonderful Friends,

A number of you have asked if the Miracle Self teaching is "dual" or "non dual". The question really is, is the Miracle Self an Absolute teaching... Absolute Pure Oneness and nothing else, or does it accept the traditional metaphysical "twoness" - Spirit and Its manifestation "man" and "material world"?

This is not only an interesting question but a critically important one. Why? The answer, in my experience, holds the key to the witnessing of True Harmony, Life, Love, Abundance, Success, Happiness, Home, Family and World in individual experience… namely, heavenly existence revealed here and now.

Let us first take as a "measure" of truth realized in any individual the inescapable reality as given us by the greatest spiritual presence on earth, the Master Jesus the Christ: "By their fruits you shall know them." I think we can all agree that talking about what we may individually or collectively as a student body believe truth is, or what we may wish truth to be, or what we are comfortable truth or God is, while we, our brothers and sisters and world continue to suffer un-God-like experiences -- unhealthy, unloving, unjust, immoral, cruel and painful -- is undeniably not the truth of truth.

How is this statement justified? God, truth, heaven, spirit, the finished kingdom, reality is infinite, one and omnipresent. There cannot be infinity "and" something else (anything else); there cannot be oneness "and otherness"; there cannot be omnipresence "and also" a different, lesser or separate presence.

There is NO SPACE anywhere, at any time, for any reason, that is NOT the FULLNESS of the Perfect, Complete Being, Form and Activity we call God or Spirit or Consciousness or "I" or Chi or Tao or Self (or any other synonym meaning The Pure One, the All of All.

If, therefore, you or I witness even the tiniest of spaces, forms or activities that seem devoid of ABSOLUTE PERFECT GOOD IN EVERY WAY, NOW then we are witnessing a LACK of PURE FRUITAGE.

Perhaps we can state it even clearer: "God IS Fruitage and nothing, ever, less". And... "Fruitage IS God and nothing, ever, less". To have God "without fruitage" is like having sun without light. Sun IS light; light IS sun. True God, Pure Consciousness, with little or no “outer” fruitage is an utter impossibility. Having True Fruitage is ALWAYS having True God. One and the "other" are the Same One - the Pure, Omnipresent, One, indivisible Presence.

To THINK we have True God Awareness yet to witness any degree of lack, limitation, discord or disease is simply NOT HAVING TRUE GOD AWARENESS. It is as plain and simple as that. We cannot escape the tangibility that is individual consciousness witnessed. "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows [realizes], that he will also reap."

Therefore, if what one has been taught, believes and practices BEARS RICH FRUITAGE in and as individual experience, it is certainly True Truth, for ONLY the One True Truth reveals Itself as rich fruitage in all areas of life.

If one’s experience is NOT rich in fruitage in "both" the so-called "inner" and "outer" (for one and the other are the exact SAME ONE PLACE), or is rich in certain areas of life but lacking in others, then we cannot escape the fact that we are NOT in True Awareness; we do not have a consciousness of the Whole Truth; we are unwittingly entertaining a degree of "twoness", duality.

In other words, if we have anything anywhere in individual consciousness that is NOT rich fruitage we may LIKE "non dual" teachings, or WANT with all our hearts to BE "non dual", or think we ARE being, but by definition - by stark tangible evidence - we have, by degree, a "dual" awareness.

In the "purest" of Absolute teachings the "human" sense of experience is ignored - not recognized in the slightest. If God, Spirit is All, which It is, then where does a "human" body, being and experience fit in? It doesn’t. Where does materiality fit in? It doesn’t. Where does physical form and motion fit in? Where does time, season and process fit in? It all doesn’t.

There is not Spirit AND. There is ONLY Spirit. You are Spirit, nothing less, nothing more, AND NOTHING DIFFERENT. Everything everywhere is Spirit, nothing less, nothing more, AND NOTHING DIFFERENT.


You are the Whole of Infinity, and everything of It, existing fully right here where you are. In fact, "right here where you are" is nothing less than you experiencing yourself AS everything everywhere. You are omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience Itself existing right here AS YOU, aware of Itself in and as the perfect Life, Love and Harmony. You are the One Life, Love, Light, Abundance, Home, Family, Success, Happiness and Fulfillment Itself - "I Am the Light of the world" ... "I am the First and I am the Last; Besides Me there is no God (no existence)" ... "I am it, and there is none besides me" ... "I Am the bread, the meat, the wine of the world."

You are not a limited, body-confined being with an outer world of people, things, places and circumstances to contend with, manage and survive. You are the infinite All, Itself; You are the "He", "She", "It" and "Circumstance" of the world. You are "I". You are Heaven Itself radiating Its Wondrous Love and Form AS all Consciousness Itself.

AND YET... we all have a conceptual SENSE of physical body, material and objectified world, tangible activity, possession, purpose and relationship. And so did, and does, every spiritual master who ever walked this earth, by definition.

We have preference, like and dislike. We experience both good and bad. We have a body which was born and which also will die. We witness season, process, activity, change, evolution.

WE CANNOT ESCAPE THE FACT THAT WE ALL HAVE DEGREES OF MATERIAL SENSE. Why we do is not known. Why the Infinite One Presence with nothing to oppose It should, or even could, experience Itself materially, physically and objectively as a "human" presence has never satisfactorily been explained in any of the great spiritual writings.

There are attempts but none are intelligent or satisfying. The blunt fact is that if there is but One Pure Presence -- the Formless Infinity of Intelligence, Life, Love and Utter Fulfillment of Being Itself, the One Pure Essence omnipresent -- there can be none else, for where would there be room for, or awareness of, that "something else"?

Nevertheless, the one writing this, and every individual reading it, without exception, is experiencing a degree of material sense which, in my experience, cannot be ignored if True Harmony is to be witnessed in "both" the so-called "inner" and "outer" -- True Omnipresent Oneness evidenced.

This "body" and "earth" and "everything everywhere" in it and of it, is Heaven Itself, yet witnessed extremely "foggily" in and as the "human" sense. "Heaven is spread all over this earth but men (the human sense) do not see it" - Jesus.

Here’s the thing: if one holds a purely Absolute, Non Dual sense -- an absolute sense of Pure "inner" Consciousness ONLY, denying all "outer" appearance as simply not existing -- it is possible to witness blissful "inner" experiences, even miracles of revelation and utter joy of being, but "outer" experience can be left disastrously disharmonious BECAUSE THE "OUTER" IS BELIEVED TO NOT EXIST, OR IS UNWITTINGLY MISUNDERSTOOD.

Indeed, this has been the experience of many "non dual" spiritual teachers. They largely ignore their body and world to dwell purely in the "Inner Truth" and often suffer horrible lack, limitation or disease as a result. For instance, the wonderful teachers Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj both suffered cancer, Maharaj eventually "dying" of it. Pure "non dualists" say that the physical body and material world do not exist at all, and so ignore it - even when it appears in great lack, limitation, discord or disease. After all, what is the point of recognizing the "outer", or doing anything about it, if it does not, in Truth, exist?

I even read in a recently published book by a highly intelligent and articulate "non dual" spiritual teacher that disease is a natural occurrence of the dualistic body/mind organism, is a perfectly expected part of awakening, and should, if experienced, be accepted without complaint! He states that awakening is seeing what IS, and accepting it - both the good and the bad. In his words, "Accept the whole - the whole messy lot. You don’t necessarily have to like it, but it is What Is".

No, no, no! The ONLY "What Is" is Heaven omnipresent, the Finished Kingdom Itself BEING WHAT YOU ARE, AND ALL IS -- utter Perfect, Complete, Blissful Being... BEING everything everywhere as individual consciousness, without exception. Think! What "else" can possible exist in the OMNIPRESENCE that is God, Spirit, Good, Itself, infinitely?

Unfortunately, this and other well intentioned "non dual" teachers and devotees have missed the LITERAL Truth of OMNIPRESENCE, realized by the true Masters. The consciousness of these teachers and their students are unwittingly dual.

By the way, it is interesting to note, many such teachers find healing from the one who understands WHAT the "outer" disharmonious or diseased appearance -- in fact ALL "outer" appearance -- IS, and is able, by knowing the Truth of Omnipresence and then BEING the Silence of Truth Itself, to "see through" it to the One True Form in eternal Perfect Existence, blissfully undisturbed by all the foggy "human" conceptual imagery. The "healing" -- the REVEALING of the True Presence -- is then quick and natural.

It is because of this at-the-moment undeniable "bodily, physical, material" SENSE that I say we cannot help, apparently, recognizing what some may call a "duality" ALTHOUGH let us make no mistake: there is JUST THE ONE, and we are the Allness that is the Whole of That One... the very Oneness of All Good and Perfection Itself. That, and That alone, is what You Are, what I Am, and what everyone and everything everywhere Is... even though SENSED very foggily.

A conundrum maybe, but a current, undeniable state of the "human" sense of awareness.

Not one individual visible on earth can deny their so-called "dualistic" sense - even though, as I will reveal, when the "dualistic" appearance world is properly understood, it is most certainly NOT dual. But you see, the very moment you open your eyes in the morning YOU START EXPERIENCING A "HUMAN" SENSE OF SELF AND WORLD. You and your world are VISIBLE, MATERIAL and FINITE to your awareness -- by definition. You sense your body which seems finite to you, not infinite. You bathe, wash your hair, brush your teeth. You eat material food; your body ingests, digests, and assimilates that food, then eliminates waste. THIS IS ALL THE MATERIAL, FINITE SENSE OF SELF and is undeniable if you are experiencing it -- which I assume you are.

If you travel from A to B by walking, running, bicycling, driving a car, riding a train or boat, or flying an airplane YOU ARE UNDENIABLY EXPERIENCING A MATERIAL, FINITE SENSE OF SELF.

If you are involved in any kind of work, career, business, investment or fund and if that activity or ownership provides you with money, which you then use to supply your experience with objectified needs and fulfillments of everyday living in "this world" YOU ARE UNDENIABLY EXPERIENCING A MATERIAL, FINITE SENSE OF SELF.

If you read books, listen to music, watch television, go to a movie, enjoy cooking, take a walk in the woods, swim in the ocean, attend a spiritual retreat or sit in your favorite chair to meditate YOU ARE UNDENIABLY EXPERIENCING A MATERIAL, FINITE SENSE OF SELF, for "who" or "what" is experiencing all these persons, things, places, activities and circumstances? And what is the experienced? Spirit is certainly not conscious of ANY of this "human" experience nor that which is experienced.

But does this make you DUAL versus NON DUAL? Not necessarily.

Does it shock you to realize that every teacher and author of the Non Dual or Absolute by definition unwittingly DENIES non-duality in the very act of being a teacher writing a book? There is certainly no "book" in the Absolute, no "author" to write it, and no "student" to read it. Immediately the "Absolute" is not quite as Absolute as the teaching suggests.

There is only ONE PURE ABSOLUTE, NON DUAL TEACHING and that is PURE SILENCE. No person, no activity, no writing, no book, no words, no thoughts - just 100% Pure Silence. That is Absolute -- indeed THE Absolute Itself.

Yet it is interesting to note that EVERY True Spiritual Master - and by "True Master" I mean those who through their High Consciousness are the evidence of "healings" -- the "rich fruitage" -- recognized and understood the appearing "this world" of so-called materiality and physicality to be nothing less than Heaven Itself.


In my experience, and as far as I can tell the experience of all the True Great Spiritual Masters, this "knowing the truth" of the appearing material world is as ESSENTIAL to the evidencing of rich fruitage as is knowing the Absolute Truth of Spirit, the One Pure, FORMLESS, All of All.

That may sound "dual" but it is not. Remember ALL IS ONE. There can be nothing "dual" in Oneness, not one grain, not one breath, not one cell, molecule, atom or sub-atomic particle, not one thought. So how do we explain the SEEMING duality of "this world" versus Pure Spirit, the Pure Non-Dual? How do we explain the SENSE of "human" existence, mind, physicality, materiality, time, season, process, and evolution "versus" the Pure Truth that is Spirit Only, Omniscient Mind, Omnipresent?

Throughout the Miracle Self teaching it is explained like this: Imagine you are a light. You are the light that is your being, world and everything about it. Pure, Boundless, Unobstructed, Joyous, Free Light is your self and form; it is what you ARE, and what the allness of your world IS.

But for some reason, as you peer "out" at your self and world through the sense of "human" mind - which acts as a rheostat (dimmer switch) - your light appears "dim". Your rheostat appears to be turned down. Instead of the brilliant, pure Light you ACTUALLY AND ETERNALLY ARE, and HAVE, you experience a DIMNESS of light, therefore a dimness of form and overall experience -- for one and the other are the same One Light.

"We see through a glass, darkly." Your sense of body, being, world and everything in it, and of it, is extremely "faint" or "foggy" or "dark". The WHOLENESS of Brilliant Light that You Truly ARE is "turned down to just a glimmer" as the hazy sense that is "human" awareness.

Suddenly everything appears "material, physical, objectified". Although much experience "through the dimmed rheostat; the foggy human sense of mind" appears as "good", there also is much that appears limited, lacking, negative, unfriendly, unloving, difficult, selfish, stressful, unhealthy, dangerous, discordant and diseased.

No such limited or discordant or negative condition actually exists. None is REAL. None is Truth -- for ACTUALLY the One and Only Presence that You are, and All IS, is the 100% Pure, Brilliant, Unobstructed, Blissfully Self-Complete Love and Light that is the infinite and eternal World, Heaven, Being, Existence we call God or Spirit with no "other" presence or activity to join it, or oppose It.

Right where your "human" foggy sense of awareness sees lack, limitation, discord or disease IS THE FULLNESS OF LIGHT FORM THAT YOU ARE... being infinitely Omnipresent. It is utterly impossible for there to be even a tiny spot of "darkness" within the Omnipresent Light that You, Spirit, IS.

As our intellect has been told a thousand times: DARKNESS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A LACK OF LIGHT. Darkness is not a real presence or real substance. It is APPEARANCE OR "ILLUSION" ONLY. Light does not have to "fight" or "overcome" darkness, and win. The very nanosecond light is present DARKNESS IS NO LONGER. Therefore where there is OMNIPRESENT LIGHT there never, ever, for any reason in eternity, can be darkness. There simply is NO SPACE IN THE ENTIRETY OF INFINITY FOR EVEN A GRAIN OF DARKNESS TO EXIST because ALL IS LIGHT, OMNIPRESENT. There is NO LACK OF LIGHT BECAUSE ALL IS LIGHT. Light is the ONLY substance, the ONLY presence, the ONLY being, the ONLY form, the ONLY activity, the ONLY place and the ONLY circumstance.

BUT... you can readily see that if this OMNIPRESENT LIGHT that You ARE appears, through the "human" sense of awareness, to be dim or foggy, your experience will seem to be highly limited and frustrating -- even lacking or ill or diseased. Try walking in your house or town in the pitch black of a cloudy night, no electricity, no torch, no light from moon or stars, with just a dim, tiny candle. It will not be more than a few seconds before you start bumping into people and objects. Your entire experience would be limited, lacking and frustrating. Try operating freely and fully in the darkness. Try being creative, having fun, communicating, working. Try giving, serving, sharing. Really think about it. You’d quickly become depressed because it would be virtually impossible to act freely to fulfill your sense of being and purpose.

THIS IS WHAT THE "HUMAN" EXPERIENCE IS!!! It believes the "darkness" of limitation that seems to be its world, yet RIGHT AT ITS FEET IS THE GLORIOUS FULLNESS OF UTTER FREEDOM OF BEING AND FORM! "Do you not know that the ground you stand on is Holy Ground?" And again, "The kingdom of Heaven is spread all over this world (IS this world) but men (the foggy human sense) cannot see it."

Right here is where we witness the word "duality" fading into nothingness. You or I may experience a seeming "material, physical, objectified, finite" world BUT WE MAINTAIN THE REALIZATION THAT, ACTUALLY, THIS WHOLE APPEARANCE IS AN ILLUSION OF THE SENSES, AND THAT, IN TRUTH, ALL BEING, ALL FORM, ALL ACTIVITY, ALL PLACE AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCE IS NOTHING LESS THAN THE GLORIOUS WHOLE ITSELF.

Put more simply: All is One no matter that the "human" awareness SENSES that One "foggily". The Inner is the Outer; the Outer is the Inner because in Truth, in Actuality, literally here and now this minute, there is no "inner" versus "outer". All is The One and nothing, ever "else" because there is not even the tiniest fraction of a particle of space that is not 100% FULL OF, AND AS, THE ONE, the UNCONTAMINATED, INFINITE, ETERNAL, OMNIPRESENT, PURE EXISTENCE ITSELF, PERPETUALLY FULLY MANIFEST, the FINISHED KINGDOM IN GLORIOUS SELF-COMPLETENESS IN EVERY WAY... the One Allness that You Are, All Are, and that Everything Everywhere IS.

Now let’s look again at what appears as your body, your health, your wealth, your job or career or business, your home, your relationship, your family, your companionship, your neighbor, your transport, your town, your favorite restaurant, your local supermarket, your number one movie, play or opera, your pet, your much-loved spot at the beach, your favorite picnic site… every space, grain and wisp of "your" consciousness, your world.


This is the truth of the appearing body, being and world you and I must know. "Know the truth and the Truth will set you free." The moment we know the truth about the illusory appearing sense of body and world - of materiality, physicality and objectivity; of time, season, process and evolution - we are "set free" of being bound by the belief in the illusion; we find ourselves free IN Spirit.

We have discovered that right here, all of this "I" that I experience "humanly" IS ACTUALLY THE ONE PERFECTION OF GOOD ITSELF, IN GLORIOUS FULLNESS AND JOY, LIFE AND LOVE, SUCCESS AND ABUNDANCE, COMPANIONSHIP AND RELATIONSHIP, UTTER FULFILLMENT OF BEING BEYOND MEASURE OR DESCRIPTION... just experienced "foggily", that’s all. The moment we know this Truth the foggy sense is no longer a big deal, and certainly never assumed as "dual". "Judge not according to appearances" admonishes Jesus.

Now you understand when I tell you that you are actually, literally the INVISIBLE man or woman, the INVISIBLE form, object, condition, place and activity, and It, You, is ALL GOOD AND PERFECT, THIS VERY MINUTE AND ALWAYS.

You are the Infinite Perfection of All Itself, BEING YOU, HERE AND NOW.

At this stage of awareness you are very close to witnessing so-called "miracles" of body, mind, life, form and world each and every day.

So first, keep in mind every minute of every 24 hours: There is not an ounce of "duality" anywhere; All is The One, Pure Perfection Itself yet momentarily seen and experienced as the "human" sense, very, very foggily. But ALWAYS, ONLY the One.

Secondly, we must know the One True Truth that is God, Spirit, Pure Consciousness, "I" - the Only ACTUAL Existence, here, now, eternally. We must first know, the best we can, INTELLECTUALLY that Spirit is Omnipresent, Uncontaminated, Eternal Good, Life, Love, Abundance, Joy and utter, indescribably blissful Fulfillment of every nook and cranny of Being and experience.

Spirit is All of All. Spirit is BOUNDLESS, FORMLESS, AMOUNT-LESS, INFINITE and INVISIBLE to the "human" sense. It is the illimitable ACTUALITY of All Being, Form, Place, Condition and Activity. There is NONE but 100% Spirit, God, Good. "I Am the Lord and beside Me there is none else."

Then "finally" we must every hour "RECEIVE" THE KNOWING... CONSCIOUSLY "RECEIVE" THE ONE TRUE BEING... EXPERIENCE AND WITNESS THE TRUE ONE, FORMLESS PERFECTION as the Silence of Being, in and as the depths of withinness, the bliss of Stillness and Silence BEING ALL as individual you and me.

Of course, we do not truly "receive" the Allness of Being, rather we BE It, the One and Only "I", BEING Itself as You, as Me. But again, from the "human" sense it is a "receiving within"... a welling up from within of Peace, Calm, Bliss, a sense of Release, a sense that all is well, sometimes an experience of pure Ecstasy or Euphoria.

In and AS that depth of stillness and silence, we experience the True Self World in perfect, eternal Existence, in perfect fully manifest Formless Form and Activity... the Finished Kingdom BEING YOU, ME, AND ALL. That is why the "human" sense experiences Peace or Joy or Bliss or Ecstasy or any other good or beautiful experience. It is the Blissful Self being consciously experienced... THE ONE BLISS OF UTTERLY PERFECT BEING, BEING CONSCIOUSLY LIVED AND EXPERIENCED AS YOUR ENTIRE REALITY OF YOU AND WORLD!

Here’s the miracle: As you immerse yourself in and AS the True Silence that is All, both "inner" and "outer" - the One True and Total Perfect Existence, now unconfused by the appearance of the material, physical, objectified illusion - miracles of harmony, health, wealth, success, love, relationship and fulfillment are witnessed individually "shining through".

The "method" of it is this: Totally ignore the illusion of the senses, the appearance of ALL 3D IMAGES OF FORM, MATERIALITY, PHYSICALITY, TANGIBILITY, TIME, SEASON AND PROCESS. Drop it from mind altogether in the same way as you would drop all concern about a cloud obscuring the sun. Most of all, never, ever be trapped into desiring or thinking you need ANYTHING or ANYONE of the "outer" appearing world.

You do NOT need or desire "human" life or healing, love, relationship, home, money, opportunity, success, safety, security or happiness. ALL of these "things" and "conditions" are 100% illusory nothingness, as you now understand. Yet the True Fulfillment is right there in the midst of the illusion, BEING the fully manifest actual, only Form, Presence and Activity.

The ONE and ONLY thing the "human" sense of "you" truly and literally needs or desires is SPIRIT EXPERIENCED WITHIN... the "within" now being known as both "inner" and "outer", the One True Being and Form everywhere present, the ONLY substance, ONLY life, ONLY love, ONLY relationship, ONLY activity and ONLY condition.

Now listen to this very carefully: The INNER "HAPPENING" OF SPIRIT... the actual FEELING of a sense of Peace or Calm or Bliss or Joy or Warmth or Light or Euphoria or just stillness or niceness as one sits in utter silence and receptivity, without a word, without a thought, without even any effort being made to "know a truth" IS THE TRUE HARMONY OF ALL, the TRUE AND PERFECT PRESENCE or so-called "HEALING" shining through the foggy human sense to reveal THE TANGIBLE GOOD that is the Finished Kingdom of Perfection, Heaven, in every sense, in and as every nook and cranny, in and as every experience, in and as every form, in and as every activity... in and as each minute of individual existence.

There is no duality in sight, just the One True, Finished Kingdom of Perfection revealed as the ALL, ONLY AND ETERNAL YOU AND WORLD.

So we arrive back at the original question: Is the Miracle Self teaching dualistic? I would say not. Others may say yes. I don’t know what to "name" it other than "a light shining forth; a small but miraculous degree of witnessed Truth". The important thing is not to get tangled in words. Who ultimately cares whether this teaching, or any other, is deemed "dual" versus "non dual". The one and only important point, and goal, surely is to witness the True One Heavenly Fruitage, the One Perfect Finished Presence all about, "in" and "out", as the very presence of You, of Me, and of All.

In that way we can each step aside from the "normal man" and actually witness "the kingdom of heaven spread all over this earth".

Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Shankara, Moses, Isaiah, Elijah, Daniel, John, Paul, Peter, Nanak, Meister Eckhart, Joel Goldsmith, Robert Adams and certainly others knew and witnessed the True Truth BEING THEM "both in and out", and so must each of us before we can begin to rest at least a little happy that we are awakening AS the One Perfect Self that IS ALL with no questions or doubts left. Just I, IS, AS, ALL.

Simply: "By their fruits you shall know them." Yes, by your fruits you shall know You and your World; by my fruits I shall know Me and my World, and by you and I witnessing rich fruits we shall be able to give to and help all others who enter our consciousness begin to know their own Fruits of Self. That is the greatest and perhaps ONLY true purpose of each of us existing as this "worldly" presence.

As we each, individually, do evidence rich fruitage of health, wealth, abundance, relationship and happiness appearing "through the fog" as the one True World of Heaven everywhere about, here and now, we can be certain we are BEING a degree of the One, Impersonal True Truth, for there is absolutely ONLY ONE BEING, LIFE, FORM AND WORLD existing and fully aware of Itself Infinitely, Perfectly and Completely as the Finished Kingdom omnipresent right here, yet individually AS each "point" in the universe at the same time, with none else, and none lacking.

I hope this brings some clarity to the question. Also please realize that this explanation is simply my interpretation of what Truth is. Only your TRUE SELF can tell you whether it is True or False. So I say to you, do not take my word for it, or the word of anything else you discover in the Miracle Self teachings (or any teaching ever taught). Listen gently to Self within - all Truth will become known to you, and tangibly evidenced (for Realization and tangible Evidence is synonymous)

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