It Is Done



The greatest of all secrets of spiritual harmony — the secret of the inner invisible One allness appearing as manifest, tangible harmony to our material experience, here and now — is the realization and resting in “It is done”.

“The kingdom of God is within you” — within your consciousness, forever available to you in its allness of infinity and allness of boundless harmonious form — “All that I (the infinity of Spirit) have is yours” — to the degree of your awareness of Its presence. But do you for one minute think the kingdom of God—Spirit (God is Spirit) — is incomplete or can be made incomplete? Ah, that is where we go wrong. That is where endless delays in demonstration occur, or incomplete demonstrations, or demonstrations that are never seen despite a lifetime of “trying to demonstrate”.


“His kingdom is an eternal kingdom.” Eternality does not change. It already is complete. Spirit is infinite completeness of harmony and love — completeness of harmony and love being all manifested form, omnipresent already, as everything everywhere. The kingdom, the omnipresence of all, here and now, is a finished kingdom. Look around you, that is It!!! — You are it!!! — although not as experienced through the senses of the mind. Or have we thought God is unfinished or has been made incomplete somehow, somewhere, particularly that ‘somewhere’ that is appearing to our mind - senses as a problem — a disease, a malfunction, a lack, a discord, an accident, an unloving relationship? Or maybe we have believed that Spirit can succumb to cancer, or meningitis, or rheumatoid arthritis, or poverty, or loneliness, or relationship antagonism and the misery that goes with it?

Well, it’s time to shake up our awareness. It’s time to shock ourselves, if that’s what it requires, into the realization of what Is — like a shock treatment in the ER to bring life back to our ‘dead’ bodies and minds.


The mistake is made when we look corporeally and try to make sense of Spirit, what we are, and what everything in our world is. When we say “the kingdom is finished” what “kingdom” are we referring to? If we think there are two kingdoms — the invisible spiritual kingdom and the visible material kingdom — we have missed the great secret.

There is just Oneness, one kingdom, and that kingdom is spirit, the incorporeal, invisible, boundless, eternal allness of bliss, love and harmony. But this paradise is experienced by the mind through one or more of its five senses as corporeal person, thing, place, animal, plant, vegetable, mineral, atom and sub atom.

The corporeality of everything you experience as your body, your mind, and every other body, mind, thing and circumstance is simply the mind’s interpretation of what actually is the only thing present: Spirit. It’s just the way the mind sees, hears, tastes, touches, smells and thinks but it is not the real, the actual presence of the thing or condition you are looking at. The only person, thing or condition you are seeing is incorporeal Spirit expressing Itself as that person, thing or condition but the mind interprets incorporeal Spirit as corporeal finite form in the shape of person, thing or condition. That’s the entire problem we are dealing with, nothing else.

That is why all work to try to correct or improve a condition seen in the corporeal realm of awareness is fraught with impossibility. We are attempting to correct or improve — ”heal” — the mind’s interpretation of what really is present: Spirit. The true ability to heal lies not in trying to improve the way a person, thing, or condition appears to the corporeal sense, but to ignore the image sense — the problem — in the realization that, actually, right here where the appearance of the problem is, is the finished kingdom of wholeness and perfection.

When we realize the presence of Spirit deeply enough the problem disappears or ‘heals’ because the ‘problem’ was only ever a problem of the mind’s belief in corporeality and the frailty that goes with all corporeal form. Everything corporeal is subject to injury or disease or corruption or decay or lack and limitation and eventual death. Of course, because the mind is seeing finiteness in the forms of both good and bad, positive and negative, life and death, love and hate, construction and destruction, and it firmly believes in the reality of its creation. It really believes that the body has life and that life depends on the health of the organs and functions of the body, the meat. Yet over and over we are told — by every great spiritual master who walked this earth — that life is not in the body; the body is in Life — formed of and animated by Life Itself. The body is Spirit being experienced by the three dimensional, five-sense mind as corporeal. But in truth it is incorporeal, invisible Oneness expressing through the corporeality of mind which believes what it sees and experiences rather than in the Life Force that it truly is.


Life is the incorporeal Spirit pushing out into mind-awareness as the corporeal experience — the body. But never let us be confused with the belief that life is in the body, the meat. If you believe life is in the meat, visit the butcher shop. Discover if you can bring its products to life. If you can manage it you’ll have a good career on television!

Yet, isn’t this exactly what we do when we attempt to “heal” a problem in the body? There is never anything wrong with the body because the real body is Spirit, eternal, harmonious life. The problem is in the appearance of a corporeal body and the multitude of discords that can appear in the corporeal sense of body.

The real body is Spirit, and That is untouchable, perfect, sublime and blissful. When the spiritual body is recognized by you and me — when we develop the deep awareness of Spirit being the body — and when we can therefore agree, “It is done, there is nothing for me to do other than bring into deep awareness the presence of spirit being the body that is appearing corporeally to me as having a disease or injury, but I know the appearance is nothingness, just an appearance because of the mind-sense,” then we see healing. We see prosperity and happiness become tangible everywhere our awareness shines. We have not done a thing other than remove our corporeal sense of awareness from the scene and replace it with the “the kingdom is finished and infinitely perfect” awareness, followed by silence in which the perfection already omnipresent can reveal Itself.


The entire key is to diminish corporeal sense and magnify incorporeal sense. The great spiritual masters have been instructing us in this way for five thousand years, and interestingly, all gave similar instructions in their own words: take no thought for the problem or the needed things of the material sense of life. Instead, become aware of the spiritual kingdom—the incorporeal kingdom of the infinite invisible.

“We do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”

Where the corporeal mind believes a tumor can grow and possibly destroy the body, and where the physical eye sees the tumor — “the things that are seen” — the inner kingdom of perfect being exists — “the things which are not seen”. Spirit is not visible to the human eye and so what is the visible tumor? Spirit never can develop a tumor; Spirit is tumor-less. The ‘idea’ of a tumor has no existence in Spirit which is pure love, pure bliss, pure life Itself. It is simply an idea in mind, a belief of the corporeal thinking mind, the mind that believes in two powers, good and bad, life and something other than life which has a power to restrict or destroy life. Certainly to that mind, two powers, and their consequences, are very real.

But there is no such reality. Spirit is infinite; Spirit fills all space; Spirit is everything everywhere. Where then, is there room for Spirit and your body? Have you thought your body is material and not spirit? There is no space for ‘your body’ because all space is filled with the infinity of Spirit being everything everywhere. Your body is nothing less than Spirit Itself appearing to your mind and the collective mind as the corporeal body you’ve believed is your real body. Where is there room for a tumor or meningitis or arthritis or even a corn? Spirit fills all space, therefore what appears as an ailment can be only spirit, yet spirit experienced by the two-powers mind as ailing, diseased, or disharmonious appearance.

The kingdom of spirit is finished, eternal bliss of life and perfection, here and now, as you and as everything you see, hear, taste, touch, smell plus everything you do and have. It is done. The great secret is to forget what the mind sees — drop it completely—and permeate your awareness with spiritual presence — “the things which are not seen”. Then you quickly experience harmonious people, things and conditions you can see. Spiritual awareness shines through the mind as harmony, love and abundance, and because the mind is now in a degree of silence — non-judgment about what it sees corporeally — the deep harmonies of Spirit become visible as corporeal life, harmony, love and abundance.

I hold you who are reading this in awareness of your true spiritual identity, and therefore your true and full manifest identity.

From Chapter 20, The Miracle Self
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