The miracle of life is not found in, or by seeking, the "outer" appearing forms of health, success, money, relationships, home, love, companionship, peace and harmony in the world in and of their own selves.

The miracle is found as one awakens to Truth, Spirit, Consciousness, "I", God as being the One reality, the One substance and form, the One infinity of being, the One truth of you and all.

The "things" and "conditions" of truthful life are good and desirable -- freely available to each and every person without limit, effort or process, and without delay -- but we have not understood WHAT they are nor how they are tangibly experienced.

The good you have searched for -- the substance of healthy mind and body, harmonious family, neighborhood and world, loving relationship, prosperous and fulfilling form, activity and purpose -- is Spirit, Consciousness, "I," God, the Truth and Infinity of all Being.

And because there is no "unmanifested" God, the wholeness and harmony of all is already fully manifest and demonstrated, awaiting only your silence and spiritual receptivity to That which is forever your Truth of being and world.

In stillness and openness spiritual harmony appears visible and tangible to human sense as good, complete and peaceful form. No time, process or condition is required because Truth already Is.

In the stillness and silence of being fulfillment of mind, body and experience becomes evident. The peace felt happening within is witnessed tangibly in and as the so-called "outer" as the need fulfilled.

If you have read books, attended classes, and practiced techniques such as visualization, meditation, affirmation, tithing or prayer and have still to witness the fulfillment you want and need in life, this is the reason why.

This teaching enables you to enjoy the rich truths and fruits of spiritual reality here and now, in every department of life, visibly and tangibly, for the "inner" and "outer" are one, not two.

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