Secret of Secrets

Your consciousness is the very “cause” and “effect” of every form of your experience. Experience is not happening outside of, or separate and apart from you. You are your experience. You are forever observing yourself, your consciousness, as experience appearing as and through mind as form. Our objective sense of consciousness is what has been described as “physical” or “material” experience.

An object or body or activity you observe is spirit appearing objectively as and through mind as "corporeal." Form constitutes the character and nature of the individual consciousness being it. But objective experience in and of its own self, including the ingredients of individual consciousness, is illusory. Five sense, three dimensional experience is not what it seems to be. It is the presence of the only presence there is – God, omnipresence, the incorporeal – appearing as five-sense, three-dimensional form because mind, which forms, is of five senses and three dimensions.

But the five senses and three dimensions of mind do not change God nor ever can. God is God is God, the Only. Therefore, all form is just as much God as “no form”. Indeed, all form has the exact quality, nature and characteristics that God has and is because only God Is. Only God Is, do you hear that? Only God is presence and power. Only God. Therefore mind and its formation is not a presence nor a power separate from or different from God. There is nothing nor can there ever be something – even one grain or whisper in eternity – separate from or different from the Only, the One, the Omnipresence, the Eternal, the Infinitude. Therefore all form is actually and literally, despite appearance and despite the way in which is appears to act when believed to be something of its own self, nothing other than God: incorporeal, infinite, omnipresent and eternal. “The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.”

The one substance, the one presence, is Substance and Presence Itself: God, Spirit, Truth. There is “none else”. Obtain the awareness of incorporeality, infinity and omnipresence being the you you are and the all all is, and you experience and “have” as much good form as you ever have need of or desire.     That’s the secret of demonstrating supply. Never attempt to demonstrate form or power in and of its own self – any form or power – health form, love form, financial form, home form, safety and security form, peace form.

The temptation to believe you need more or improved form, or that more or improved activity is the solution to any problem, is the seducer! “Give me neither riches nor poverty.” Leave “this world” and its apparent pairs of opposites entirely alone. You’ll find yourself in possession of all the good form you ever want or need, in every category and in plentiful supply that never runs dry nor ever can, when you lift awareness up and away from the physical appearing experience and all of its detail (both sides of the pairs of opposites) into pure spirit where form – the image mind fashions of God, spirit, omnipresence – is unnecessary to fulfillment. Fulfillment already and forever exists – not “spiritual” fulfillment separate and apart from “material” fulfillment.

No! God is, period, and because God is all, fulfillment is, period. Spirit is not different from matter. Matter is simply a sense we are having of spirit. We are having a material sense of that which is one hundred percent spirit and spiritual. When we lift our sense from material to spiritual we see the fulfillment that is. That fulfillment has nothing to do with its images. The images, the forms of mind, are nothing of their own selves. The one and only fulfillment is spirit Itself and spirit is already and forever whole and omnipresent. You cannot escape it. You cannot go anywhere in the entire infinitude and find a lack of spirit, a shortage of omnipresence. Spirit is all and fills all space, therefore fulfillment is all and fills all space.

Forget images, forms. You don't need them. Seek the one true and already fully present fulfillment: spirit alone, omnipresent, this second right where you are, boundless and unconditional. “Seek not the things (of experience), neither be ye of doubtful mind. But rather seek ye the kingdom of God (Spirit, the incorporeal, omnipresence) and all these things (the entire kingdom of truth) shall be added unto you (become visible, tangible and actual to your experience).”

As you seek nothing but spirit and the spiritual fulfillment that already and forever is, yes, you discover the forms of mind presenting themselves in accordance with your spiritual fulfillment: whole, unconditionally good, peaceful, harmonious, joyous and free. But these harmonious and healthy images are almost like a sideshow to you. They are of no consequence to you in and of their own selves because you have already experienced fulfillment.

You are the living presence of fulfillment Itself as you seek nothing but spirit and live wholly in spiritual consciousness, leaving the forms of objective experience completely alone. Yet the harmonious forms that gather everywhere you are are a release and healing for those conditions and people around you who are not yet aware of the miracle of God as all. “Where the presence of the Lord is, there is liberty.” These people call you a miracle worker, a healer, a prophet, a teacher. But you know you are none of these in and of your own self. “I of my own self am nothing. It is the Father within me (the spirit I truly am; God that is the one and only true being and experience) that does these works.”

This is the secret of secrets. Read and reread it a hundred or a thousand times if necessary, until your consciousness breaks free of material belief into spiritual awareness – spiritual actuality and reality. “Know the truth, and that very truth will set you free.”

Meditate for many hours pondering the truth you have heard and interweave your meditations with periods of silence without thought, without effort letting spirit Itself blossom and permeate your being.

Then behold. Like ten thousand springtime buds breaking through the earth filling every inch of the land with new life, new beauty, new color and new substance, in and through your silence, your emptiness, your stillness and your receptivity let spirit burst forth throughout the land of your being – your consciousness.

Be still, and let.

“Be still, and know that I – your consciousness – am God.”