Spirit - light - being aware of Itself right at the place where the mind is seeing a need IS the fulfillment itself. It is one and the same. Spirit is the blissful fulfillment of all, and it already exists. The Self-awareness of Spirit IS ALSO the fulfilling form the mind thinks it needs. Except now you know that Spirit is incorporeal and Spirit is everything, everywhere. The fulfilling form already exists right here, and right over there. It always has existed right where you need or want it but because the mind senses only corporeally it is incapable of seeing the incorporeal Spirit that is already existing, and always has done, as the ‘need’ fulfilled, right there, right in that very spot where the mind sees the need.

Spirit - Light - and the forms of Spirit - light - are one. Spirit does not change Its form from invisible to visible. All is one. And that one is in eternal existence wherever you are and in whatever form you need or desire it, without limit, without question, without effort. It already exists.

This is the great secret of omnipresence.

And the realization or awareness of omnipresence is the great secret of demonstration.

Once you are truly aware — just as consciously aware as you are aware of the scene in front of and beside you as you walk along the street, and therefore avoid bumping into people and things — once you have that degree of conscious awareness of Spirit being everything everywhere you will witness miracles of health, abundance and happiness wherever you are.

When you know that right where you are, right on the very spot, wherever that happens to be, or as whatever situation your mind happens to believe is a lack, limitation, disharmony or even emergency — actually is the presence of the entire universe of spirit — incorporeal allness and bliss—and you then simply rest in the allness of incorporeality, nothing in the universe can block sublime harmony from your being experience.

When you know that the infinity of Spirit the mind cannot see, plus the finite corporeal people, places, things, conditions and situations the mind does see is all the One, unchanging Spirit existing fully, infinitely and harmoniously right where you are, and where every ‘situation’ is, you’ll witness miracle after miracle of fulfillment taking place in your midst.

The key is to maintain the awareness that Spirit is incorporeal, infinite, and therefore fills all space and is all forms — all ‘people’, ‘things’, ‘places’ and ‘conditions’.

There is no Spirit “and” any thing, any person, or any situation or condition. There is only Spirit. Spirit is seen by the mind as corporeal person, thing, place, condition and situation but no such corporeality actually — in the deepest sense of reality — exists. Yet the mind is capable of sensing only in what we call a ‘corporeal’ manner. Only incorporeal Spirit exists, and incorporeal Spirit does not change its nature, character, substance, infinity or omnipresence, so the very ‘thing’ or ‘person’ or ‘condition’ or ‘place’ you are looking at or experiencing is nothing other than the One Spirit in its absolute purity, incorporeality, wholeness, infinity and fulfillment.


Look at an empty space in front of you. To the mind a space appears empty. Maybe it’s a space in the room you’re sitting in, maybe it’s the openness of the outdoors, maybe it’s the sky. No matter where it is, the mind tells you it’s empty, it consists of nothingness—no persons or things.

To the mind, the only ‘things’ occupying it are air and gravity. You can move into that space and still breathe, therefore oxygen is certainly present. You can also drop an object and watch it fall to the ground, therefore gravity is also present.

The mind accepts even the invisibility of oxygen and gravity because it experiences them corporeally through the physical activities of breathing and witnessing objects falling to the ground.

But are oxygen and gravity the only ‘things’ occupying that space? In that space abides the entire incorporeal infinity of the universe and every ‘thing’ in the universe. In fact, in that space exists the entire infinity of the universe. “The whole of infinity exists at every point in space at the same time.” (Thomas Troward) Therefore, in the deepest of spiritual realization, that space is you, and me, and every person. It is the entirety of the infinite universe — incorporeal Spirit — being everything, everywhere incorporeally — at every point in space at the same time including the space right in front of you.

Have you been searching for something you thought was missing from your life? Money, health, love, companionship, right employment, fulfilling vocation, prosperous business, beautiful home, automobile, amazing travel or holidays, youthfulness, happiness, purpose? It’s all right in front of you in what looks to the mind as an empty space, or aging body, or lacking bank account, or loneliness, or inappropriate home or automobile.

It’s all in the palm of your hand. It’s all in your lap. It’s all laid out at your feet — “It has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.”

You understand this now: Everything, everywhere is incorporeal spirit, whole, self-complete, infinite, omnipresent. But the mind is capable only of experiencing corporeally—finitely, fractionally, partially.

Who cares what the mind sees or fails to see when we have the knowing that, despite what the mind is experiencing and judging, the whole of fulfillment is present in that very spot?

Who cares if the mind sees a lack of money or a lack of health when we know the truth: that the infinity of Spirit — meaning the infinity of all fulfillment, in this case all the money and all the health that is ever needed right here and now — is already present in the very place the mind sees lack or ill health or disease because, actually, everything, everywhere is incorporeal and whole.

That is why mind sees fractionally or in a distorted, limited way. We have labeled the mind’s inability to see what really is as “a lack of money” or “poverty” or “illness” or “disease” or any other of the multitude of negative experiences and images the mind believes exists through its fractional, corporeal sense.

It’s time to throw out the labels. We have labeled the experience of the sun disappearing from view each evening as “the sunset.” The sun isn’t “setting” at all. It’s doing exactly what it always does, burning intensely twenty-four hours a day. But the mind sees it as “setting” so we’ve labeled it as such.

But does the label have any power, any authority, any dominance over us, any truth? Of course not — unless we allow ourselves to carry on believing it.

Do you still believe there is nothing but oxygen and gravity occupying that “empty” space in front of you? Do not be fooled any longer!

Do you still believe you are missing something or some person or condition from your life? Only if you are still believing the corporeal images mind is presenting to you can you believe you’re missing anything at all. Do not be fooled any longer!

Everything, everywhere is incorporeal Spirit filling-full that space as fulfillment of all. Spirit is indivisible. It’s only existence is wholeness, self-completeness, the whole of infinity existing at each point in space, the whole of love existing, the whole of bliss, the whole of joy, the whole of harmony, the whole of supply.

Close your mind to the corporeal appearance and open your inner eye, your perceiving inner self, your inner sense of the incorporeality of all, the omnipresence of incorporeal all.

There you will find paradise — your paradise. As you rest in it, it will come alive and visible to you.

Complete and instantaneous fulfillment of the scene already exists as incorporeal allness and is suddenly felt by your inner senses: Spirit reveals Itself to spirit, incorporeal All reveals Itself to incorporeal you and incorporeal everything about you, because All is One.

Incorporeal Spirit is appearing visibly to the mind as incorporeal you, but the mind experiences it corporeally.


Let’s take the truth that Spirit is indivisible: the whole of Spirit exists at every point in space at the same time. Being aware of this, a great spiritual breakthrough and lifetime demonstration will occur within you and out into your tangible world as you grasp what is about to be said:

In the past, we have thought of Spirit as being the invisible substance which we will try to ‘make appear’ in a visible, tangible way as ‘form’ in order that we may spend it, manufacture with it, heal our bodies with it, companion with it, pile it up as riches, homes, cars, opportunities. We have entertained the sense of twoness instead of Oneness—the false belief that incorporeal Spirit becomes or improves corporeal form. This is not true.

Now we know that Spirit is everything everywhere. Therefore, there truly is only one substance, one existence, one form, one person, one place, one condition: incorporeal Spirit being everything everywhere, no matter that the mind sees it all corporeally.


Let’s try an interesting demonstration: Take out of your pocket a single coin or note. Hold it in your hand. What does the mind see? It sees an object labeled a ‘coin’ or ‘note’. The mind has — through its corporeal sense (the only sensing function it has) — objectified infinite incorporeal Spirit ‘as’ a coin or note.

That’s okay as far as it goes. But what’s the truth—the reality? What the mind sees as that coin or note — an ‘object’ with form, weight and quantity — is actually the one infinite incorporeal Spirit existing as incorporeal form.

How ‘dumb’ the mind is!

You are holding an infinity of form, in this case, a form labeled ‘money’ — an infinity! Literally an infinity of any form you want or need for complete and perfect fulfillment of this very moment — that is what you’re holding!

Yet the ‘dumb’ mind sees, and worse, believes, that that coin or note is ‘all’ you’re holding! You are holding infinite incorporeal allness — all of incorporeality, all of infinite allness, all of infinite supply because Spirit — incorporeality — is indivisible.

Look again at the coin or note. Smile about the fact that your mind actually does see the infinity of incorporeality as a corporeal ‘object’ — a whole world of corporeal people, objects and conditions. Have the same understanding sympathy for the mind as you would have for a three year old child who, as the evening sets in, is convinced the sun turns itself off.

You do not believe the sun is turning itself off because the child says it is. Therefore do not believe the mind because it believes corporeality. Now figuratively or literally close your eyes to the ‘coin’ or ‘note’. We’re going to dismiss the mind and open the inner sense. Let the sense of incorporeality gently permeate the scene within you — gently infuse every nook and cranny of the mind’s idea of an ‘object’.

How? Simply — gently — switch your thinking to incorporeal everything, especially incorporeal ‘coin’ or ‘note’. Let the awareness rise up within you of the ‘coin’ or ‘note’ actually being incorporeal with no edges, no weight, no amount. It is infinite allness.

This is the literal truth about what the mind is seeing as that coin or note. It is incorporeal. Spirit is eternal, infinite presence. It does not change Its nature, character, substance, infinity, omnipresence, Self-awareness.

Indeed, Spirit is what that coin or note really is because there is no ‘thing’ other than Spirit, no presence other than Spirit. Therefore what appears to the mind as the ‘object’ is no object at all, it is incorporeal form, therefore the very presence of infinity Itself, fully existing, fully available, fully already present at every point in space at the same time as whatever incorporeal form is ‘desired’ or ‘needed’ at this instant for the visibility of your perfect harmony and fulfillment now.


Do you see why the now exists before the now is desired or needed? Only the ‘dumb’ mind incapable of seeing the incorporeal allness of fulfillment in its midst believes it desires or needs something that at this moment is missing. Nothing is missing. How can it be? Everything everywhere is incorporeal infinity, incorporeal Allness-of-all fully existing at every point in space at the same time—that includes right in your midst, in your lap, “rolling in ecstasy at your feet”. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “Nothing is missing yet the mind thinks it so.”

All we ever have to do to bring unbounded harmony into our tangible experience is to dismiss the mind-sense and magnify the inner incorporeal sense — awareness — of the infinity, the all-incorporeal-allness of every pinpoint of existence — no matter what the mind is telling us about it, or how it sees it. When we have trained ourselves to do this we possess the greatest treasure in the universe — the ability to witness heaven here on earth. We experience perfection and sublime harmony right here in our tangible experience.

This greatest treasure is worth more than all the money in the world piled up for our personal use, all the gold and silver in the world formed into ‘priceless’ statues and jewelry, all the diamonds that have ever been mined, the greatest love potions and the greatest elixir of youth ever formulated, put together.

This great pile of so-called treasure is corporeal! It is nothingness! And you’ll appreciate it as nothingness the very minute you grasp the incorporeality and infinity of bliss, life, abundance and joy that you really are, that everything everywhere really is, and that you have open access to twenty-four hours a day, for eternity.

Yes, It appears to the mind-world as corporeal good and perfect ‘life,’ ‘things’ and ‘conditions’ but these are just the effects — the corporeal sense the mind sees; the images the mind sees — of the greater sense of incorporeal presence now permeating your awareness and mine.

The greater our awareness of incorporeal allness the greater ‘amount’ and ‘instantaneity’ of goodness, perfection, health, abundance, joy and fulfillment we experience corporeally.

An individual who allows the mind to dominate might see a lack of money in his life or business. An individual who has an awareness of the incorporeality of all places his attention on the very same scene and quickly experiences the tangibility of prosperity and fulfillment of life and business happening at that very point.

Life, business and relationships suddenly become filled with love, prosperity and satisfying activity. The intellect cannot understand this because it is only able to sense corporeally, so it calls it ‘luck’ or ‘an opportunity’ or ‘meeting the right person at the right time’.

It is none of these. It is the recognition that the very life or business that, to the mind, appeared to be a corporeal ‘body’ or ‘business’ or ‘condition’ lacking or limited in some way is actually the One incorporeal Allness existing in perfect harmony and self-fulfillment—joyous and abundant, creative, satisfying and fully productive Isness right there.

But again, it takes the incorporeal sense to bring the incorporeal visibility to the scene, which then, to the mind, is called corporeal, tangible, ‘real,’ solid, bankable, liveable, shareable, ‘healed’ or ‘prospered’ or ‘made happy’ or ‘harmonized’.


All the ‘things’ and ‘treasures’ and ‘conditions’ in the world are mind-made. They are the mind perceiving in the only way it is capable of perceiving: corporeally.

Every corporeal thing and condition is the mind conceptualizing Spirit. The mind takes spirit, experiences it corporeally, and then places labels on everything it experiences. It calls those labels ‘reality’. Yet everything the mind perceives is fractional imagery. The mind is incapable of experiencing the blissful infinity of love, life, supply, and joy that exists fully, everywhere at the same time, without bounds.

The mind sees ‘objects’ and ‘conditions’ through its fractional corporeal sense and names these images a ‘value’, an ‘amount’, a ‘measure’, a ‘danger’, an ‘illness’, a ‘disease’, a ‘process’ and so on.

It labels some things ‘good’ and other things ‘bad’. But only “thinking makes it so” — only the complexion of thought interprets good versus bad, positive versus negative. All you’ve got to remember is that if the mind is experiencing it, it is corporeal, therefore nothingness.

All of the world and the universe and everything in it as seen and experienced by the mind is of the mind’s making. The mind is its own worst enemy; in fact, its only enemy.

Do you see that? Everything we see, hear, taste, touch, smell and think is corporeal, of the mind’s own making, both the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the youth and the age, the love and the hate, the joy and the fear, the rich and the poor, the health and the sickness.

A ‘lack’ or ‘sickness’ or ‘loneliness’ or ‘disharmony’ — no matter of what — only appears as such, and only has the power to operate as such, while the mind is in charge of awareness — while the mind is allowed to dominate the scene with its sense.

The moment the incorporeal sense dawns in consciousness, and begins to permeate awareness, even by a grain, miracles are witnessed.

So I say to you: If you are still looking at that coin or note with a sense of finiteness stop it right now.

If you are still looking at or experiencing something ‘wrong’ with your body stop it right now.

If you are still unhappy or frustrated or lonely or fearing some thing, person, or situation stop it right now.

All of this is reacting to a state of corporeal sense.

Stop it.

Lift your awareness into the incorporeal sense and you lift yourself into paradise, and more specifically, a paradise right here and right now where just a minute ago it looked like degrees of lack, limitation, sickness or unhappiness because the mind was running rampant.

Paradise right here, right now. This is the actual truth. It is reality, the only reality, and it is not some far-off dream you’ll experience one day if you meditate enough, or in the ‘next life’. You’re sitting in It now, moving in It now, breathing in It now, loving in It now, living in It now.

You’re reading this in It now.

This is It!!!

You have It now… all of it, all of infinity, all of every form, supply, condition, situation and person that is part of your complete, blissful fulfillment now!


Do you see now why I tell you to live with the awareness of “I have” rather than “I have not”? Do you now see clearly why I tell you that if you live each successive day thinking you need things, that certain people, things or situations are missing from your experience, which you’d like, or desperately need, then all you will demonstrate is a whole lot more “have not”?

It is the surest way the mind ever invented of creating ill health, disease, poverty, loneliness and unhappiness — the appearance and belief in these mind-labeled conditions and situations. It’s the surest way ever of dragging yourself through hell, the particular hell of your individual mind’s-eye sense of life.

Stop it.

Do you also see why visualizing, affirming, positive-thinking, and even meditating for things and situations is the exact same mind-sense awareness of “I have not”?

Stop it. All it can ever do is make things worse for you and yours whether you experience the worsening quickly or in a few months or years along the road. It is only a matter of time; you can’t escape it as long as the mind is thinking, “I have a condition or situation I do not want,” or, “I have a lack I need filling or a limitation from which I need freeing.”

Many spiritual seekers think they understand their true spiritual identity, and the true spiritual identity of the world and everything in it, yet they meditate earnestly for months or years with very little or no demonstration. The reason is this: although they intellectually understand that Spirit fills all space, and that Spirit is everything everywhere, they haven’t actually realized it.

Remember this well: The mind is incapable of knowing or experiencing Spirit. Therefore, if we are ‘knowing’ this in the mind fulfillment will not be experienced. It doesn’t ‘work’. It cannot. It has to be an actual awareness — the miracle has to be felt within. That is what happened when I sent out early copies of chapter one of The Miracle Self to students. Many called saying they suddenly, after months or years, ‘got’ it after reading that text. Yes, it clearly explains the truth of Spirit. It is causing wonderful breakthroughs in the consciousness of many.

Now here’s the wonderful thing: You cannot escape the “I have NOT” awareness. But neither can you escape the paradise that opens up visibly all around you, and with everything you touch and involve yourself in, as you live the awareness of incorporeal everything—of “I have everything because I have and I am infinite incorporeal allness existing as me.”

I have the infinity of incorporeality because I am the incorporeality Itself existing here as me and as everything everywhere.

There is just Oneness, one infinite incorporeal presence, existing as everything, the Invisible formless appearing to the senses as visible form, the Isness that is everything, everywhere, including my everything, everywhere — here and now.

You cannot escape the blissful infinity that is the incorporeality of all because you are it — the wholeness of all—inseparably, by inheritance. “I live and move and have my being in and as Spirit, and Spirit lives and moves and has Its Being in and as me” — yes, because Spirit and ‘you’ are the one incorporeal existence, existing as you, and as everything, everywhere, filling all space, being all things, all activities, perfectly, harmoniously, beautifully, bountifully now — eternally now.

Never again do you look out at anything at all without being aware of its true identity: incorporeal infinity objectified as incorporeal person, thing or circumstance, experienced by the mind as corporeal. That is the miracle treasure, and you possess it now. It is yours in its fullness, eternally.


There is now just one thing left to do: be silent. So far we have used the mind — albeit at a higher degree of awareness, a spiritually infused awareness — to grasp the truth of incorporeality. But knowing with the mind is not the miracle, and will not make the miracle tangible in human affairs. The mind can only know ‘about’ the miracle, not experience It.

So now we must turn over to Spirit Itself. We understand that Spirit is the only presence, the only power, the only form — all incorporeal. Spirit is incorporeality — Silence, complete stillness, complete peace. In and into the silence, stillness and peace we make of the mind rushes Spirit Itself, the incorporeal Spirit being fully aware of Itself right at the very point of consciousness called ‘you’. The miracle has always been present in and as you, but now—through your silent, still mind — you enable it to become tangible to the senses. In the silence of mind Spirit rushes in… in the silence Spirit floods the empty, peaceful stillness of you… in the silence… in the silence…

In the silence the miracle becomes evident. In the silence, peace and complete stillness of your mind the omnipresent Bliss becomes tangibly apparent, and all is well. In the silence Incorporeal All makes Itself known as incorporeal all… Spirit aware of Itself as itself, you… Spirit to spirit… Spirit to spirit.

Incorporeal Spirit to incorporeal everything everywhere… all fulfillment everywhere, at every point, as every ‘desire’ or ‘need’ the mind sees… Spirit to spirit… Spirit to spirit... Silence to silence… Silence to silence… Bliss Itself to blissful visible fulfillment of all… omnipresent omnipresence… Is… you.

Rest in this. Trust. Trust the Infinite Incorporeal Allness that is Love, that is existing as you and your entire world and universe. You have nothing at all to be concerned about. The entire universe of incorporeal Allness bears down for and as you, lavishing you and your entire experience with the gifts of Love… the treasures and endowments of the completeness of your fulfillment, from the biggest to the tiniest need and desire — from the snow-capped mountains to the flutter of the butterfly, from the most extraordinary achievements to the tiniest happenings, from the exhilarating surges of life to the tiniest breath, from wealth beyond imagination to the tiniest penny, from selfless giving to the tiniest gesture of consideration, from the most exhilarating pleasures to the tiniest joy, from the beauty and romance of the sunset to the tiniest lap of the warm evening wave, from the deepest love to the gentlest lover’s touch, from the immeasurable experiences of fulfillment to even a minute’s blissful rest from mind — All is for you… all is the incorporeal miracle being your every inner and outer fulfillment, everywhere, at every moment.

Be aware of the incorporeal Bliss and rest in It. That’s all it takes, your deeper awareness, your inner sense of the Invisible present everywhere, and your silent resting in It. You have that awareness now. Do not worry any longer about anything at all, you have the awareness. You have the treasure, the greatest treasure in the universe: incorporeal awareness — the miracle awareness.

Now be gently silent… open... receptive... peaceful... and let.

Then you will understand Franz Kafka as you have never been able to before now:

You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait. Do not even wait, be quite still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, It has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

From The Miracle Self
Chapter 3

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