As the glow of truth begins to permeate individual consciousness, the impulse to live by the out-pouring of love and gratitude wells up within and flows out as giving, serving and sharing. As soon as this transformation from "human" to spiritual impulse takes place the experience of true prosperity has begun in the individual's life.

The flow of gratitude is perhaps the greatest of all spiritual principles and practices, that which evidences the richest fruits and splendors of truth throughout our lives.

We are not separate, finite, limited "human" beings, but the infinity of spiritual being. The whole of God (good) -- the whole of infinity -- is embodied within us. No form or amount of good is absent. But only spiritual consciousness sees spiritual form, and only the outflow of being reveals the outer good and boundlessness of truthful form.

We must know this truth, we must then sit silently and spiritually receptively feeling the presence of God happening within, and then we must allow infinity to flow forth by giving and sharing with our world.
This is the way of releasing the infinity of good within us and enabling it to become visible, tangible, real and practical in our daily experience.

Just as the sun only has light filling its universe as it expresses light, so we only have the infinite forms of good and of healing in our experience as we express the infinity of our beings.

In the recognition that all is God, spirit, truth; that the infinity of good is fully embodied in and as your consciousness -- fully manifested, demonstrated, visible and tangible -- we find ways to give, to express, to pour out each day, thereby "releasing the imprisoned splendor."

"Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over shall men [the world] give into your bosom."

"Bring all the tithes in my storehouse, that there may be food in my house, and prove me now in this, and I will open the windows of heaven for you, and pour out blessings for you until you shall say, It is enough. And I will rebuke the devourer, so that it shall not destroy the fruits of the land ... And all nations shall praise you, when you shall be a land [consciousness] of my delight." (Malachi 3:10-12) 

There are many ways in which to express gratitude.

The greatest realization of truth, the highest prayer, is:

Thank you Father-Mother God, the spirit and truth of all. "I and the Father are one . . . Son, you are ever with me, and all that I have is yours." All that God is and has is mine to give and to thereby see in the so-called outer experience of life.

All truth, all good already is. I am and I have the whole of manifested truth within my being, inclusive of its every form, therefore the only thing left to do is to give, express, pour out.

In giving I am fulfilled, and I witness that fulfillment as the forms of my experience.

Give spiritual awareness, the awareness that all person, animal, plant, vegetable, mineral, cell, atom; all thing, place and condition is, despite appearance, God. "Judge not by the appearance, but judge right judgment." Being consciously aware of God as all is a form of giving.
Dissolve (forgive) all or any dissatisfaction or old wounds or prejudice or criticism of others, or situations, past and present. This is a form of giving.

Pray for others including your enemies, your competitors, those who despise you, criticize you, hold a grudge against you. "They know not what they do," therefore, "Neither do I condemn thee." Praying for others is a form of giving.

Give kindness, understanding, compassion, a loving and listening ear.  Give attention to another, or to what you are doing at this moment -- true attention, in which you are doing nothing else -- realizing that as you do you are giving attention to God (which is all). This is a form of giving.  Give gifts of gratitude everywhere you go, every day -- a simple greeting card or letter of love, of gratitude, of appreciation; a flower or bouquet of flowers; a book, a CD, a DVD, a gift token.

Give food and clothing to individuals and families who need them.  Give to your spiritual practitioner, to the work of your favorite spiritual teaching. Give to charitable organizations -- those doing wonderful local, national or international work such as The Red Cross, Care, Whole Planet Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Pencils of Promise, Operation Warm and Coats for Kids, WaterAid, Doctors without Borders and many others that provide food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, clothing for the naked, shelter for the homeless, medical aid for the injured or diseased, and all kinds of other wonderful organizations that help those who, in one way or another, need aid, rescue or support.

Give to any organization or individual you feel most drawn to, in the consciousness of spirit and truth, and you will find that your giving, your expressing, your pouring out evidences the most marvelous and even miraculous forms of good throughout your life.

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