The difficulty I'm having is not harmonizing. Nothing is changing; nothing is happening. I don't understand why.


Stay rested and peaceful.

Remember that God is God as ITSELF ONLY. There is nothing actually that has to change OTHER THAN AWARENESS THAT GOD IS ALL and that God - Good - is ALREADY in perfect Manifestation, Tangibility and Visibility of ALL EXPERIENCE here and now.

When we still, in awareness, have something that needs changing (improving; healing; prospering; pacifying) we are not in God awareness, but still in material awareness. That is why "nothing is changing".

The paradox of Truth is that WHEN WE NO LONGER LOOK FOR MATERIAL BETTERMENT BUT SEEK ONLY GOD AWARENESS then it is that all "material good" becomes fruitful, abundant, peaceful, loving, and effortless.

You are at the wonderful (but not easy) place of awakening where you are trying harder than ever to know Truth yet "nothing seems to change". Yet THIS VERY DAY you can experience GOD AWARENESS INCREASING which you suddenly understand as being the ONE GOAL OF AWAKENING. With THAT awakening comes the fruits.

Again paradoxically, the moment we stop seeking material betterment and seek only INCREASING GOD AWARENESS is the moment we experience the infinite treasures and love and life and harmony and peace and happiness of GOD BEING ITSELF AS US; AS INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCE.

Do you catch the meaning of that statement? "GOD BEING ITSELF AS US." Because ALL IS CONSCIOUSNESS the moment we use our consciousness to SEEK ONLY INCREASING GOD AWARENESS - more thinking, pondering and then more actual God experience "happening" within, in the silence - then it is that MORE OF GOD BEING ITSELF is happening as our being (our consciousness; our conscious awareness), therefore the more fruits are tangible as our experience.

Indeed always remember that GOD AWARENESS and the "fruits" of good are one and the same. It is utterly impossible to seek and have GOD AWARENESS for the sake of GOD AWARENESS ALONE without the "fruits" abundantly evident in and as our life experience ("material" experience).

All is one Self-Inclusive and All-Inclusive consciousness. All is Omnipresence being Omnipresent. Never forget that. There is not an "inner" versus an "outer" ("make the inner the outer, and make the outer the inner" says the Master). So if our consciousness is still at the place where we say "nothing is changing" then of course nothing can. But the moment we use our consciousness for more and more GOD AWARENESS and actual GOD EXPERIENCE as we remain still and peaceful and receptive to the "happening" of God felt within, then quickly and effortlessly our so-called "material" experience becomes "healed" - healthy, abundant, loving, happy and harmonious in all ways.

If you can catch this you have the greatest secret in all the universe, and it will quickly reveal your life as full to overflowing with good which not only reveals individual harmony where there was the experience of disharmony, but, more than this, you can then share the good in your experience with all, in abundance.

This is the REAL purpose and reason for all awakening: to realize and experience the infinity of Being you truly are so that Its abundance of All Good be shared with all who enter your consciousness.

This is the highest purpose and reason for being, and the purest expression.