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I do not feel peace when I sit and meditate.


Keep resting and relaxing, and ignore whether your sense of "you" feels any peace or does not. The fact that you are sitting to meditate, relaxing and releasing the grip on your personal sense of self is enough.

Whether "we" feel peace or do not does not matter. The "we" we believe we are is a false sense of self. It is not our true identity.

To want to feel peace or any other feeling of God is a personal self desire. It causes a sense of separation. It says, "I, separate me, must feel God's peace before I know I am one with God." No, you are already one with God. God's presence is what you are. Without God you would not be alive. God's life is your life and your life is God's -- just as the life of the sunbeam is the life of the sun. Without the sun there would be no sunbeam. God is the only presence, the only life, the only mind, the only body, the only world.

I'll tell you of a time when I was struggling terribly with this. I was wracked with cancer, and trying my very best, following all the instruction to sit in meditation, expecting to reach a point where peace welled up within and I could know that God was present in me. Nothing. Then, like a rush, it suddenly dawned on me. If God is omnipresent, then all that God is, I am, and all that I am, God is. It is not "me" sitting here, it is the whole of the creation. And God is surely being the fullness of itself as its creation. Whether "I" feel anything or do not, is nothing more than selfishness. Yes, I was being selfish to want to feel something. The word "selfish" came up strongly. I was being selfish; I wanted to satisfy the selfish-self, as the Master termed it. And in so doing, I was causing a sense of separation from the infinity of oneness that I inherently am.

From that moment on, I was able to "live and move and have my being in God" whether sitting formerly in meditation or just getting on with my day, whatever it consisted of. Today I live a constant meditation. I am always in "meditation" because God is always being the fullness of itself.

The whole of the creation is what I am. I and the creationthe infinite — are one. "I and the Father are one," and that truth cannot change, cannot be separated, cannot become two, or different, or other than itself because no matter what "I" believe I am doing, or being, the very life of me is the very life of God — one, inseparable, indivisible, self-complete.

All that God is constitutes all that I am. And because God is omnipotence — the one power forever maintaining and sustaining the infinitude of itself — "I" do not have to "do" anything to assist.

And because God is omniscience I can be assured that every point of the infinitude is maintained with supreme and almighty intelligence. I am certainly "a point" in the infinitude and so everything I am is maintained and sustained as the government of God.

Again, the life of me is the omnipotent life that God is. Therefore, every second of my life is the life of omnipotence and omniscience in full, divine expression. 

Do you see? You are doing the right thing by just resting and letting God get on with being God as you. Just sit there, still and empty, listening, receptive, for 5-30 minutes or so, or for as long as you would like to.

This is enough to let all the good that God is pour through you and become visible to sense. It will. It is infallible. But most important of all, let God be God as you as it will, not as you want it to, and you will soon see the miracle of true identity become more and more visible and rela throughout your life.

I Am always with you.

With my blessings,