As I was reading today's Daily Snippet this thought came to me: You can only rid yourself of 'this world' and all it's limitations when you can say to yourself, and mean it, "OK!, that's enough now, so go away! (to whatever the condition you are experiencing that is not harmonious).

This thought came to me during a thunder storm this morning, that started at 5:30 am, and I thought to myself, "OK now, that's ENOUGH (it's now 7:15 am) and presently the storm CEASED...just like that!!!!

I wonder: was that what Jesus meant when he said to the storm from the boat, "PEACE BE STILL"!!! Wow! What an eye-opener.


Yes, when we can really know that all appearance simply is NOT TRUTH... that it has NO POWER whatsoever... and that God Itself - Love, Life, Harmony - is the only Presence and Power, then all negative or disruptive appearance cannot survive in our consciousness. So the storm quells, yes! "Peace be still," yes.

The "Peace be still" is of course an instruction to CONSCIOUSNESS not to an "outer" storm because any and all storms are the storms of consciousness. Consciousness is all there is, therefore consciousness is all tangible experience. When consciousness becomes peaceful and still in the face of appearing discord, knowing the untruth and non-power of the appearance, then harmony is witnessed.

The 'outer' experience (appearance) of a storm - whether a storm of weather or illness or injury or poverty or injustice or hate - is witnessed as 'healed' which really means that the omnipresent TRUTH has been REVEALED through the peace, stillness and receptivity of individual consciousness.