Can you give me help regarding an amount of money I need to keep my business afloat? The business is a good, worthy cause that will help thousands. I am sure it is God's Work. Please help.


Remember that there is NOWHERE or ANY SITUATION that does not contain the ALLNESS OF ALL.

Therefore all the abundance any situation needs, without exception, is RIGHT THERE WHERE YOU ARE and WHERE THE BUSINESS IS.

BUT... abundance is God. Therefore you must want GOD UNCONDITIONALLY (not 'for' something). It is this very place where most get stuck. If we have in mind that we want God FOR, or AS, investment or capital (for any purpose) then we are not wanting GOD UNCONDITIONALLY.

It is no use spelling our desires with capital first letters! There is no presence, form, amount or activity OTHER THAN PURE GOD ITSELF.

Unless and until we truly want GOD FOR GOD ITSELF, UNCONDITIONALLY, then we'll continue to struggle to witness the appearance of plentiful, good form.

But when we truly know that GOD IS OMNIPRESENT AND UNCONDITIONAL (nothing else in infinity is omnipresent and unconditional; only Gos Is) then we rest in GOD ITSELF, UNCONDITIONALLY 'WANTING' GOD ITSELF.

Then we witness everything of our fulfillment of experience at every step, unconditionally and without delay.