Infallible God,
Infallible Good

OCTOBER 14, 2017

Good morning!

This truly is what we can call an "advanced" message. Maybe everything else we have done these ten years has led to this. Maybe this is the most important message of truth, because until we get to the stage of being able to completely let go of every belief about who we are, what we need, what life is, what existence is, what wealth is; what friend, love, peace is and let that which is present itself to us — not only its formation but its purpose; until there is zero personal sense of self remaining in us and as our universal sense, we cannot freely or fully evidence that which is, that which we have called God or truth.

So, this class is very different from any other we have been given. This is why I described it as being only for the so-called advanced student; and so I very much appreciate us being together. Thank you.

Let us prepare. Let us have a couple of minutes of silence, and in that silence begin to truly let go of everything of you, everything — everything of your entire being, your entire universe; every ounce of knowledge you have gained since inception and birth. Let it go, or begin at least to let it go, to make room for the message which, of course, is also the form of itself.

The message (the Voice) "and" the form (manifestation) are one.

A few minutes silence. . . . 

Is truth infallible? Can we legitimately use that word and promise the infallibility of truth or of healing? Is God or reality actual? Is it something which can be brought into real, practical experience?

Absolutely yes; but we have to understand why that is true, and then with that understanding, attune ourselves to that which is in order that it be the one reality, the one practicality of our experience. And when ours, then also everyone else’s who enters our consciousness, who are even slightly open enough.

In other words, when we have the reality of being, when we are being that one reality we are the truthful influence, the one power that reveals itself as all in individual consciousness. Only those who are very closed up in their being cannot receive that light. We will always have those, unfortunately. We’ll always see them just as the Master did; but on the whole, the majority of all in our individual consciousness are revealed as truthful, healthy, loving, abundant, harmonious, peaceful; the union of true oneness — as we are being that one reality.

Let’s understand this first, and in that we will be able to release ourselves from that which isn’t true, to experience that which is.

I don’t think any of us would disagree that if we were the sun, not a sunbeam but the sun itself, we could describe our being light and heat as infallible.

If we were math itself, not a human being trying to master math, then we can all agree that every one of the infinite variety of equations that can ever exist are infallibly what we are. Never could there be, if we were math itself, a fault, a discord, a disharmony, a lack or limitation, an illness of any kind of numbers, any combination, any equation. Our fruitful math, unto eternity and infinity, is infallible — because there is no other involved. We are math itself.

In the same way, if we were aerodynamics itself, none of us would disagree that the results, the fruits of flight, are infallible. As aerodynamics itself there is nothing throughout the entire universe but the fruit, the fully evident fruit of aerodynamics. There is no non-flight. There is no mistake. There is no crash. There is just the fullness of flight. 

None of us would disagree that if we were (please bear with this for a moment) God Itself, the fruits of God, of good, the evidence, the visibility, the tangibility, the form, every infinite eternal form of God Itself are infallible.

Again, they are infallible because there is nothing but God in God.

If we were to bring "another" or "otherness" to any of these principles, there is an immediate possibility of fault, of discord, of lack. But in the purity, in the infinity of every principle, and of course most importantly, most greatly, in the infinity of God, the fruits are infallible. The visibility is everywhere present, infallibly. The form of that oneness, of that good, of God itself, is everywhere present and infallibly so. 

It is only when belief brings "another" into the equation that there is the immediacy of fault, discord, lack, limitation, illness, accident.

This — belief — is the sole reason that the so-called human experience has lacked God. It is the sole reason for . . . and then we can fill in the blank — every kind of pain, suffering, lack, limitation, hardship.

It is the sole reason for disease. It is the sole reason for the sense of personal self. It is the sole reason for temporary life, temporary conscious life, i.e. a so-called human lifespan. It is the sole reason for change, for deterioration. It is the sole reason for hunger, starvation, poverty, homelessness, disagreement, hate, war, depression, anxiety, fear, stress. We can list — we haven’t enough time;  we haven’t enough centuries to list every problem the human being experiences or can; every problem the entire race has ever experienced or ever can.

It is only the sense of separation from God that causes, in experience alone — never in reality — our suffering, no matter how we define that suffering, in what category of our lives we experience that suffering, even the suffering and pain of birth, life and then death. Even birth and eventual death are only experienced because of our sense of separation and difference from God.

But let us get up into God again right now, and realize that if we were (and, of course, we are going to discover this weekend and next, and have the experience of, the fact that we are all the one existence which is God); but let us for the moment term it like this:

If we were God Itself then life, perfect life, is infallible. None of us would disagree with this.

In and as God Itself perfect mind, God mind, that is and sees and has only God form in it, is infallible.

God body, that only has eternal, perfect, vibrant, fulfilled, purposeful life in it, and as it, is infallible.

Abundance, infinite abundance, omnipresent abundance of every form, including that which we call money and opportunity and success, as God Itself is infallible; and not only infallible but instantaneous — quicker than instantaneous.

All that God is and has is the infallible experience of every second of life. You are and you have, as everything — your all-of-all, including your mind and every thought and moment of awareness; you have as every cell of your body, every organ, every function of your body; you have as your entire world and universe and everything these constitute only God, only the finished kingdom of perfect you, perfect experience.

Every grain of your experience, every single moment of your experience in every infinite category of your life is, this instant and  forever, only that of God or perfect good. It does not consist of anything other, anything different — this instant. It doesn’t matter what you may be or I may be experiencing. The truth is, the reality is that this instant and eternally you are and you have only and everything that God is and has.

This is true because God — or whatever we may describe reality or existence (as we have heard many times, it would be best if we could lose the word God; we probably can’t, but we do have to understand what it means which is the reality of existence, the truth, the essence of existence which is the all-of-all, the only) — is the only; and because God is the only, is the infinitude, is the omnipresence of itself there is none else.

Again, for the moment, ignore experience. Ignore what you may believe is or is not. Ignore who you believe you are and the state of your existence, the state of your mind, the state of our body, the state of your world, your business, your family and so on. Ignore these things. They’re not real (in themselves). They are simply false sense or perception. They are beliefs about the God that is actually the totality of your existence and your experience.

Right now you are and you have — as every grain and every moment of your universal experience — only that which God is, which perfect good is; the finished kingdom of the heaven and the earth and all the host of them; every detail of them, and none other than these.

Just as we can say, to use metaphors (they are inadequate but they help) that aerodynamics has and is fully aware of only itself universally. It has nothing else but itself and the fullness of itself universally, or in its universe, filling its universe. Math has nothing but itself filling its universe, and the omnipresence of itself. The whole of math— think about that—the whole of the infinity of math is fully present, fully manifested, visible, tangible at and as every point of itself, meaning every point of the infinite, at the same time.  Isn’t that wonderful? It’s miraculous! The sun has only itself and the fullness of itself as its entire universe. It is not aware of anything "else." It has nothing else in it whatsoever. So, any point of the universe that we may go to, there the fullness of light and heat is. 

Now, all of those are of course inadequate, but let's lift up into God and realize that God Itself has nothing but Itself. This is the absolute truth. This is not an inadequate metaphor.  It is an inadequate way of describing it and experiencing it, of course, but it enables us to understand truth.

God has nothing but Itself — the purity, the fullness, the visibility, the tangibility, the instantaneity, the infinity, the omnipresence, the eternity that is Itself — throughout  Itself.

There is nothing but God in God. If we were to bring into God even one simple "other" thought — even something as simple as the idea grass, or sky, or ocean, or cloud, sun, moon.

Any word, any "otherness" brought to God is unknown to God because there is only oneness in God, and that is God Itself.

So, everything that we may describe as being, or filling, or constituting our experience, that which we have given endless names, definitions and understandings to, God knows nothing about. To God all is God despite how we, in experience, may define it. This is very important to realize and understand. To God, none of this exists.  We are simply putting words to, definitions to, understandings to our experience of God; and if we live like this, if we live with the full awareness of all being God despite innocent names and definitions we may give to anything of experience, we have the secret. We will be opening out this secret, this truth, as we continue.

Realize now, to God only God is; and because God is the infinitude and the omnipresence there is nothing but God as all of all; and so God is infallible God.

God is infallibly present. The whole of God, the infinity of God is infallibly present, already, at and as every point of Itself at the same time. You can be at one end of God (let's put it like this to make this point clear), and I can be at the other end of God, yet both of us have all that God is and has; and more than that, that allness is, this instant and eternally, fully visible, real, tangible, palpable, practical as you and as every form of your awareness, every moment of your awareness.

In other words, you are and have eternal life. You are and have eternal body. You are and have eternal, fully aware God mind. You are and have the whole of infinity right here at your feet, in the palms of your hands. This is what omnipresence is, and this is the reality of God, of truth.

Right now you may or I may sense a lack of some form of good or condition or place, or person, of good. It isn’t true. That form, that condition, that place, that person of our utter good, our utter fulfillment; our purpose, our divine purpose fulfilled this instant are at your feet this instant, are in the palms of your hands this instant.

All that God is and has is at your feet, in the palms of your hands this instant. You are fully aware of all that God is and has this instant, in actual practical form; because God, which is the fullness of Itself at every point of Itself at the same time, is the only reality of existence; meaning the only reality of you, the only reality of me, the only reality of every being.

We cannot earn it, we never have to struggle for it, we cannot lose it.  We can never be even one millimeter away from it. We have never committed a sin, a fault; we have never made a mistake. We don’t owe somebody anything, and nobody owes us anything.

The whole universe of these beliefs, even convictions, are false. Not one is true. Only God is true. Only God is happening. Nothing other than God has ever happened.

And so, your whole past, your whole present and your whole future, in sense, no matter what you may believe it has consisted of, what you may believe you are struggling with this moment, what you may believe you have to deal with today, tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year are all false. None of them have any legs whatsoever,  any actual formation. They are not entities; they are not realities. They don’t have any power. They actually never happened because only God is; therefore only God is happening.  All the "rest," all the "otherness," is simply no more than dream stuff and is never real.

Do we have to deal with our current or our past or our future dream stuff? Do we have to repair it? Do we have to make good? Do we have to atone for our sins? Do we have to repair our karmic debt? 

Well, if we remain in the dream, yes, of course we do. We can’t escape that of the dream if we remain in it.

Do we have to remain in it? Can we, this hour, lift ourselves out of it to experience the immediacy and the fullness of God as this very being we are, this very mind and body we have and this very world we experience?  Yes, yes, yes.

There is a beautiful scripture that tells us "the only thing you owe man is love." And of course, the only thing we owe ourselves is love. Not human love. That isn’t anything but the dream type of love, a belief about love.

What we owe man and what we owe ourselves is the love that is the life of truth, is the love that is the very truth of existence, is God.  That’s what we owe man. That’s what we owe ourselves and, if we like to put it like this, that’s the only thing we owe God. Hence, the great two commandments from the master: Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, all your strength; and the second is like unto it: Love your neighbor as yourself, meaning recognize and live all that you are and have, all that is in your universe as being God and nothing other, nothing else, nothing different. This is what love is.

Until we  recognize,  until  we  live  in  conscious  realization,  not intellectual; that is in no way sufficient. We all intellectually, for decades, we’ve all intellectually known that God is all, but we have to live as a god state of being. This is the only state of being in which God becomes our actual reality, not only for us, but for all in our consciousness — when we’re actually living oneness, living God and none other.

The love of God is the living of God, realizing that we are that one presence because we cannot be anything else. There is nothing else.  There is only God. We are, therefore, all that God is and has because God is the infinitude and the omnipresence of Itself alone, therefore you are That. I am That. All is That.

When we are living that state of actualized God being, we can say we love God. That is when we can say we love man, woman, thing, condition, place, amount, activity. That is when we have just one purpose — the master called it "my Father’s business." It is our constant conscious realization of all that we are and have being God Itself; and then our being animated as a god-being to and for all in our consciousness.

Let us realize, let us make sure we understand that, indeed, healing which really means the revelation of God, the revealing of God where there appeared to be something other than, different from God — is infallible. Healing is never a maybe. We never have to stop at hoping for our healing, or hoping for the healing of another.

God is infallible as and to Itself, because there is nothing but God as the whole of the infinite and the omnipresence thereof. This is why we hear in scripture, “The earth is the Lord’s” — in other words, the earth is God witnessed as form through mind, which is itself form; “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,” the omnipresence thereof.

There is nothing but God even though to belief there is a whole infinity other than God or different from God. That belief isn’t true.  That which we sense, when we take belief out of sense, is, here and now and eternally, God and that of God — the experience of God, which is perfect good, unconditionally yours as the fullness of your being and experience. “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” Indeed God is infallible.

Let us, right now, root out any doubt that God is infallible, therefore that the experience of God is infallible as long as we are in and being God Itself. In other words, as long as the personal sense of self, meaning belief about self, dissolves. And it can, actually very easily, as we leave it alone. Let it go.

We do not have to work on this personal sense of self, because it of its own self is nothing, We don’t have to battle it. It cannot hold onto us as we turn from it and leave it behind. It is literally nothing. It is belief alone.

Root out any doubt, any belief about God, about truth, being anything but infallible, and infallibly experienced. Lift up into God Itself. Forget about "yourself" for the moment. Forget about anything you may be struggling with at this moment. Forget about every teaching you have had until this minute, certainly; and lift up into God without "yourself." Lift up into God and realize that God, of course, is infallible as and to Itself.

Each time your belief, which is different from your mind. . . Your mind is God, or let's say, the mind that you experience is God. So every time a belief in "otherness" wants to enter you, it is not your mind doing this.  It is collective belief.  That’s all. It isn’t even your belief. Make sure you hear it. It’s a collective belief unwittingly being. or trying to get into you, and all you have to do is reject it.  Just say no to it. "Get out of here. I’m not entertaining you. I am not your home. You won’t find a dwelling place here, so you may as well not even try." And then lift back up into God Itself. Not as you; forget about you. You don’t need you.  Lift up into realizing that God Itself is of course infallible as and to Itself.

There is no otherness in God Itself. There is not even one other word or name or definition. God is the fullness of Itself alone. God doesn’t even have the word ‘God’ in it. God, the actuality of existence, is way beyond anything that we can define. Anything that we can name or define is, by definition, finite; but God is the infinity or the infinitude Itself. And of course, even that word is completely insufficient. Infinity is way beyond any understanding we can have.

Empty yourself of all words, all names, all definitions and rest in pure existence, pure consciousness. Just rest. Gently keep your house clean of any word that wants to come in. Don’t battle it; there’s no need to. They are all just belief words or definitions. Clean yourself of any definition that wants to come in, any sense of self that wants to come in.

Only God is; and God is, of course, infallible as and to Itself.

Three of you have already experienced your healing. . . . Is it four?  Another of you is just about to, and all of you will as we simply stay in God awareness.

This is sufficient. You know it. You have heard it. You already feel it this hour, I know.

As we stay in God awareness, realizing, feeling, experiencing the fact that only God is, therefore that all that God is and has is, by definition, infallible, that is it. This is the evident wholeness, health, abundance, love, peace, home. . . . (one of you has to do with home. . . .)

I know that we have already felt the presence of the infallible fruits of God consciousness this hour, the realization of the infallibility of God being, God consciousness in which there is none else. 

And yet, as you all know, as that pure God consciousness is witnessed through mind as the form of mind — which means the formation of this entire universe, every grain of it — it reveals Itself as infallible God (good) because nothing changes God.

So by staying in God consciousness, not attaching ourselves to anything else — any person, thing, condition of sense; but realizing that all sense is of course nothing but God because God is the infinitude, the omnipresence, therefore sense cannot contain anything else (there isn’t anything else), then we remain released from sense itself, in God consciousness, and that is when God appears as God form.

God is the image and likeness of Itself as . . . and then fill in the blank — any of the infinite forms or activities or amounts or places or beings of our experience. In other words, in God consciousness, all that presents itself to us is the image and likeness of God because there is nothing but God as our whole infinitude and every presence, every experience of it.

Well, let us stop there for our first hour, and let us spend this hour’s break in the conscious realization of God being all there is and the omnipresence of all there is; therefore being infallibly Itself fully visible, tangible, real, present, formed — because there is nothing else.

Indeed healing — the revelation of God, the visibility, the reality, the practicality of God, of good is infallible.

Thank you.

Copyright © 2017 Paul F. Gorman