12 Week Spiritual Intensive


The Miracle Of Illumined Consciousness

It is a mystery to human awareness that right where you, I and all persons are, right on the very ground each of us stand, this very minute, is the WHOLE of God, Infinity, Perfection BEING what 'we' are, with the Whole of Itself - Infinity of All - omnipresent, complete, and happening AS you, I and all.

It is beyond human perception to realize that All of Life, All Being, All Place, All Wisdom, All Thing, All Expression, All Purpose IS what You are, IS what everything everywhere IS - whether we name it person, place or thing. It takes a measure of spiritual perception to begin to realize this profound truth of being.

Omnipresence is omnipresence, period; there are no exceptions. If there could be even one exception in the infinitude of infinity God couldn’t be God; omnipresence couldn't be omnipresence. It would have a 'fault' in It, a moment or circumstance in which omnipresence was NOT all-and-omni-present. Of course, that is as impossible, as impossible as there being an exception to the principle of mathematics, or gravity, or flight.

The Whole of Infinite-All is not only Present at your feet this minute, It is seeking you - "It is rolling in ecstasy at your feet" (Kafka) - you need never seek It. It is eternally 'seeking you' because It IS You!

Realize that in TRUTH nothing is seeking anything. There is no lack, no separation, no apart-ness, therefore NOTHING TO SEEK; NO SEEKING.

It is only from the dimness of human awareness that we say "It is seeking you; It is rolling in ecstasy at your feet". In TRUTH, of course, Oneness - Omnipresence Itself - has no part of Itself - no part of You; no part of your entire Experience - that needs to seek something it 'doesn’t have'. No part of Itself is, or has, anything but the Whole.

IS already IS the Allness of Itself. IS is Omnipresence and Omnipresent, therefore the entire concept of need, of 'seeking anything AT ALL is invalid. How can INFINITE ALL, Omnipresence, 'seek' anything! Only a confused or foggy or dim state of awareness thinks it is missing something and therefore needs it, and begins to search for a way to 'get' it.

Awareness Is The Entire Key

Let us understand that AWARENESS is the secret of existence. Existence is Awareness, Consciousness. The ENTIRE 'mind, body, world' experience of you and me, and all persons, is 100 percent CONSCIOUSNESS HAPPENING AS YOU AND AS ME, AS EVERY INDIVIDUAL; AS MIND, BODY and WORLD.

Individual experience is ENTIRELY a state of individual consciousness, awareness, happening. As revealed over and over: Consciousness IS EXPERIENCE; Awareness IS EXPERIENCE. If we wish to improve our experience we have to improve our SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, our SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS. We have to rise out of material sense to spiritual sense, corporeal sense to incorporeal sense. We have to be able to perceive the infinite in the seeming finite, the perfect in the seeming imperfect, the One in the seeming part. We have to know that everything in and of this world is a dim, fragmented IMAGE of the ONE REAL WHOLE AND PERFECT.

Then we begin to witness the miracle of illumined consciousness, illumined awareness: as the dim fragmented imagery that appears as everything everywhere of 'this world' is IGNORED and not REACTED TO because the ONE REAL WHOLE AND PERFECT PRESENCE OF ALL is now alive as your consciousness - happening as your minute by minute awareness - THE IMPERFECT, LACKING AND LIMITED IMAGERY OF MIND, BODY AND WORLD HARMONIZE.

Ill-health emerges as health, poverty emerges as wealth, barrenness emerges as abundance, unhappiness emerges as happiness, imperfect activity emerges as fulfilling activity, finite sense emerges as infinite sense, personal sense and purpose emerges as God sense and purpose, all is recognized as All.

4 States of Consciousness

To understand our sense of self versus our True Self we need to glimpse the basic three states of consciousness.

NOTE: let us NOT make too much of a 'study' of this, it is unnecessary. Once we have glimpsed the 'whys' and 'wherefores' of the 'human' personal sense of self, we can drop it and go STRAIGHT TO OUR SPIRITUAL TRUTH. The longer we linger in the human state, trying to understand and lift above it, the longer we fail to witness truth!

The ONLY WAY to experience spiritual awareness, and all that spirit IS and HAS as tangible fulfillment of mind, body and world, is to make of 'ourselves' a RECEPTIVE NOTHINGNESS, a TRANSPARENT, RECEPTIVE WINDOW ‘through which’ TRUTH becomes visible and tangible AS everything everywhere of our world, our experience.

So - quickly:

One: the lowest state of awareness we term 'collective consciousness' (Jung's 'collective unconscious'; 'tamas' in the Bhagavad Gita's gunas - the fabric of existence) - is a chaotic mass of personal, material sense; egocentric thought, desire, effort and karmic struggle. Collective consciousness IS the human experience, not CONSCIOUSLY known - just 'happening'.

In this dim, lowest state of consciousness - awareness - life is partly controlled by human might, intelligence and skill, and partly, often largely, controlled by 'outside' circumstances.

Life is happening 'to' me rather than AS me. 'Outer' conditions and circumstances govern the degree of fulfillment of being. There is little or nothing I can do about it: illness or disease happen to me - a greater power, it, is happening to a lesser power, me, and because it is greater than me, I can't do much, or anything, about it and its effects on my body or mind.

Barrenness or poverty happens to me - a greater power, it, acting upon a lesser power, me, or my whole family, community or country.

Injustice, cruelty, aggression happens to me, my family, community or country. A greater 'outer' power is acting upon, or overwhelming, a lesser power, me, my family, community or country.

Depression, unhappiness, loneliness, hate happens to me - a power over which I have little or no control. It is greater than I am, therefore I find myself subject to any which way it decides to visit me.

Collective consciousness is a vast depository of past and up-to-the-moment experience, a karmic chaos, and effort to survive. A famous 63 year old musician was asked on New Year's eve, "What is your wish for this New Year?" "To survive, that’s all I can ask for." That is the human state - a state of personal self, separate and apart from the Whole; egocentric survival, gain and happiness all based on OUTER conditions of desired and struggled-for health, wealth, and happiness.

Realize that ALL negative experience 'happening to' you is just the 'result' of remaining collective consciousness subconsciously happening as 'your' consciousness.

Unwittingly, your 'human' (unaware) state of consciousness is being a window for the chaos of collective consciousness. This is critical to realize. Nothing negative in your experience is due to 'you'; nothing AT ALL negative in your experience is caused by you or something you have done or failed to do. And the reason for that? The you that is sensed as 'human' is a NON-POWER, therefore a NON-CAUSE. Disease, lack, or limitation experienced individually is ONLY an element of collective consciousness chaos being 'picked up' by 'your' consciousness - like a TV studio signal picked up by your TV or a wireless internet signal picked up by your computer.

Whatever sound or picture your TV or computer picks up (experiences) is not caused by your TV or computer but by the broadcasting signal. Collective consciousness is eternally broadcasting the chaos of itself, the lowest state of awareness - the self-defeating mix of good and bad always happening at the same moment, as the same one being, the same condition.

There is no choice in collective consciousness because there is no awareness of it. Collective consciousness is a complete ignorance of the Oneness and Unity of Life, ignorance of anything but one’s own, egocentric needs and desires.

Two: the awakening state of consciousness. Individual awareness, frustrated by an incessant problem of illness, poverty, injustice, hate or depression, senses and seeks something greater in itself. It begins to sense and awaken to its truth. The search for truth begins. In the mass of collective consciousness experience - most often the chaos of apparent illness, disease, lack or limitation of one sort or another happening 'to' you - there are glimpses of light, truth, harmony available. The journey of self discovery - the road to paradise; the discovery of the infinity of Self - has begun and will never stop. You begin to experience a measure of material harmony

Three: the 'middle stage' is reached. THIS IS THE STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS MOST OF US ON THIS 12 WEEK INTENSIVE HAVE REACHED. 'Half' of experience is now spiritual, 'half' is still collective, material. Joel Goldsmith described it as 'living between two worlds'. It is the hardest, seemingly cruelest of the various states of consciousness. Why? By now we know the truth: we are spiritual beings and this world, and everything everywhere in it and as it, is spiritual, therefore perfect, complete and harmonious. We know that now. Yet we are still struggling with apparent discord, lack or limitation WHEN WE KNOW THERE ISN'T ANY IN TRUTH. We are trying to apply spiritual awareness to harmonize material conditions. The more we try the worse the negative conditions get. We have one foot in spirit, the other foot in 'this world' and we’re discovering IT DOES NOT WORK.

Spirit cannot be applied to a material condition because the material is nothing but an ILLUSION OF THE SENSES. You cannot apply TRUTH to SENSE. Only TRUTH KNOWS TRUTH; only in TRUTH can Truth be witnessed.

A material condition - which is nothing but a material SENSE - can NEVER witness Truth. Yet we haven’t risen completely INTO TRUTH AWARENESS where all we desire to witness, to experience - literally - is TRUTH ITSELF, whilst aware of the miracle of oneness: AS TRUTH IS SOUGHT FOR THE SAKE OF TRUTH ALONE, the sense - and therefore the tangible experience - of material conditions are illumined and witnessed as harmonious, complete and perfect.

Four: the illumined state of consciousness - the 'fourth dimension'. We are still aware of 'this world', we still live and operate in it but WE KNOW IT FOR THE ILLUSION OF THE SENSES IT IS. We are in our same bodies, we have our same families, home and world but we are not OF these - "I am in the world but not of it" ... "I have overcome the world" (Jesus).

We have overcome the belief and reaction to this world and everything negative AND positive it presents to us because we now know the Truth, and have sufficiently risen INTO TRUTH - the incorporeal, formless, oneness of omnipresent All-Harmony, All-Perfection, All-Life, All-Love BEING THE ONLY TANGIBLE REALITY, therefore the only 'thing' we desire to experience - that no material need, desire or effort is left.

The mind is quieted from material sense. No longer does it 'contain' materiality; no longer does it operate in time and space. It still WITNESSES time and space and the material everything everywhere of 'this world' but now the witnessing is similar to that which takes place in a movie theater - it is an experience observed but known to be imagery not reality.

The physical, corporeal body, physical love, material money, home, community, country, mental and physical activity… all is witnessed as IMAGERY HAPPENING as an aspect of individual experience ALL EMERGING AS AND 'FROM' SPIRITUAL BEING.

It is 3D imagery (formed by the mind) OF spirit BEING individual you and me.

This is our goal during the following 12 weeks

Let's be very clear on what these 12 weeks are about. They are a removing, or withdrawing, of material consciousness which obscures What IS, just as drawn curtains obscure sunlight.

We cannot 'force' the spiritual experience anymore than we can force the sunlight experience. The gates of heaven cannot be stormed. We cannot force spirit to harmonize our material world anymore than we can force the sun to illumine and heat our room. We can only - just like opening the curtains - remove or dissolve or withdraw (any word that works best for you) that which obscures What IS, resulting in a SENSE, therefore a tangible experience, of a lack of What IS - a lack, limitation or discord of mind, body or anything anywhere of 'this world'; a material, physical, corporeal sense, and therefore tangible experience (consciousness IS tangible experience) of separateness, loneliness, unhappiness, discord, incompleteness.

And yet the miracle of illumined consciousness is that 'this world' witnessed through It is all-harmony, all-life, all-love, all-abundance and all-fulfillment. The IMAGES conform to the their Truth. Every image is witnessed as being the vehicle of Spirit in action, God IS in appearance. And because the Whole of God is fulfilling Itself AS the imagery of You, all imagery becomes the vehicle of fulfillment for you.

Everything everywhere - every person, thing, place and condition - literally EVERYTHING everywhere - is witnessed as fulfilling your ‘human’ experience - without limit, overflowing, never ceasing.

The sacred experience of effortless spiritual fulfillment is observed while we exist as a state of divine consciousness in but not of 'this world' as all material imagery being our objectified heaven, serving us, offering Itself as our continual opportunity to give, serve and share of Its, Our, abundance of All.

Everything from the simplest form of life to the human, the granule to the mountain, the desert to the vineyard evidences itself as That. Everything is individually and uniquely experienced SO THAT we each can be the point of evidenced truth to and for 'this world' ... to lift collective consciousness out of its chaos, into truth… to lift world consciousness out of its terrible state of discord, suffering, uncertainty and unhappiness into the sublime truth of infinite being BEING purposeful, divine activity.

Awareness for Week 1:

Gently take into consciousness what has been said here. Mull it over. Keep pondering it throughout your day and night. Chew on it, work it out in your own mind until you come to the point of agreement with it, until you truly KNOW it - intellectually - as truth.

Then, each day, REST with it FOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS... just 16 percent - a 6.25th - of your 24 hours!

Break your 4+ hours into a few sessions per 24 hours - not less than 30 minutes at a time (8 periods of 30 minutes). The reason for this minimum time is because we are now going to become a NOTHINGNESS to allow Spirit to inhabit us, and BE What We Are. It usually takes 'human time' for the mind to become sufficiently still and peaceful and receptive to actually EXPERIENCE SPIRIT HAPPENING WITHIN, or AS OUR SELF.

Most students miss this greatest of all miracles of experience. Most either 'rush' their silence and so never rise above the activity of the mind, or stay for long periods in a sort of 'unconsciousness' which they mistakenly assume as being silence. It isn’t spiritual silence, it is human deadness, unconsciousness, oblivion.

True silence is a state of utter SPIRITUAL ALLNESS AND ALIVENESS CONSCIOUSLY EXPERIENCED AS HAPPENING AS YOU achieved by the complete stillness and peacefulness of the human mind, but with a gentle yet 'sharp' attentiveness and receptivity, awaiting and then experiencing the conscious evidence of Spirit happening within.

Each period of your silence therefore starts with A FEW MINUTES ONLY of bringing back to mind what has been said here, making it fresh again in mind (but because you have been pondering it every hour as you go through your normal day’s activity it is quick to refresh in mind), THEN A SITTING IN COMPLETE, RECEPTIVE SILENCE, LETTING What Is BE Itself AS You without an ounce of 'help' or 'interference'.

There is nothing complicated about this; no 'mastery' is needed. In fact a complete beginner can do it IF he or she were able to sufficiently know that God IS, and God SEEKS ITSELF AS YOU - God SEEKS YOU - and that STILLNESS AND RECEPTIVITY OF MIND witnesses God, Spirit, happening within AS you.

Do you see that YOU ALREADY ARE ALL THAT GOD, SPIRIT, IS, which means that YOU ALREADY ARE ALL LIFE, ABUNDANCE, HARMONY AND FULFILLMENT, and nothing you do or fail to do can change or block of even obscure THAT, WHICH IS - even though you experience a SENSE of a lack of God IS.

It only, and simply, takes a STILLING AND RECEPTIVITY of the human mind to experience THAT WHICH IS because it is only the ACTIVITY of the human mind that is the SENSE of lack of THAT WHICH IS.

Do you see that? If only you can see and trust the simplicity of EXPERIENCED TRUTH you WILL have the experience - boundlessly, 'on tap', at any and every moment you turn to it.

If only you can now - finally and truly - realize that YOU ALREADY ARE, AND HAVE ALL THAT GOD, SPIRIT, IS then you will relax and trust sufficiently to drop into the EXPERIENCE NOW, and at EVERY MOMENT.

You will live with it, live AS it, HAPPENING AS YOU, and never again will you be subject to a world that acts upon you; the world becomes yours, you govern your world - not 'humanly' or egocentrically but from and as your spiritual, divine truth witnessed happening AS the boundless 3D imagery OF 'this world' - heaven witnessed as infinite harmonious objectified form we call earth.

About our telephone calls

Realize that, although helpful for many if not most at the moment, the phone calls are the LEAST of these 12 weeks together. If, or as soon as, we can do without them, let us.


The ONE GREATEST thing I can do for you is to keep you in My consciousness of True Silence, Peace, Life, Harmony and Infinity of All.

For the next 12 weeks that is what I am doing. You specifically - and each of our beautiful group specifically (we have a very beautiful and receptive consciousness as this group - thank you, thank you to all!) - are now held here in and as Pure Consciousness.

My consciousness surrounds you, permeates you, bathes you AS YOUR TRUTH, here, now. I do not know you as your 'human' self (I am not spiritually interested in that of you), I know you, and hold you in consciousness, as only your Pure Harmony and Infinity of True Being.

This consciousness is all around you now. It is within you, permeating every cell and atom of you; it is every breath you breathe, every step you take, every thought you think; it is every activity and every amount you experience.

In other words, awareness of Truth IS BEING ACHIEVED FOR YOU. The more you can stop thinking and talking about 'your self' - inaudibly and audibly - the more you can stop entertaining ANYTHING of the personal sense of self you call 'you' and 'your' experience of mind, body, business, finances, family, neighborhood, community, country and world, and instead, the more you can BATHE IN THE CONSCIOUS AWARENESS HAPPENING FOR YOU, ALL AROUND YOU, AS YOUR TRUE SELF the more, the quicker, and the more permanently you will evidence it visibly and tangibly AS the whole 3D imagery of 'you'.

Certainly, continue to use the phone calls while you find solace in them, or while you find clarity and peace by 'talking your problem through' with me. At the same time, realize that as soon as you can drop them, or drop SOME of them, and instead use the time to ADD to your 4+ hours of silence, to 'soak in' more of the Truth which is happening for you, the better off you will experience yourself as being.

This is how 'healing' works. If a person, after calling or emailing for help, can just sufficiently still their mind, their so-called 'healing' (revealing of their omnipresent Truth and Harmony) is witnessed. Some can and some can't. Those who can usually witness quick and beautiful harmony; those who can't take longer, sometimes much longer, to evidence their harmony.

Be one of those who CAN, or who learns to, devote their time to NOT TALKING but ACCEPTING and BATHING IN the truth that is being achieved FOR THEM.

One final nudge of consciousness reminds me to tell you to NEVER FORGET that there is NO human skill or ability in what is being evidenced here. Anyone who claims to be a spiritual healer is either in utter confusion, or is a liar.

Only TRUTH ITSELF reveals the Harmony that IS ITSELF, ALREADY BEING THE FULLNESS OF ALL. Any evidence of spiritual harmony being revealed (spiritual 'healing') is a COMPLETE NOTHINGIZING of the 'human' self, to become a transparency, a window, a receptacle 'through which' THAT WHICH IS is witnessed.

"I of my own self can do nothing; it is the Father within me that does the works." The only 'ability' a person who evidences healing has is the ability to become a nothingness, a still and peaceful and receptive VACUUM - a conceptless, thoughtless, emptiness yet receptivity of self into which, as which, and through which rushes THE HARMONY THAT IS, the tangible evidence of the True Self the human activity of mind has obscured from experience (but not from Actuality or Reality).

Still the foggy mind like the stilling of a muddy pool, the stilling and peace of which reveals, with all clarity, THAT WHICH IS.

Apart from our phone calls - and until you may decide to drop them or some of them - every time you are tempted to think about or talk about or email something about 'your problem or need' REST INSTEAD IN THE CONSCIOUSNESS HAPPENING FOR YOU.

Bring to mind again that right where you are, YOUR WHOLE TRUTH IS HAPPENING FOR YOU. IT is SEEKING YOU, seeking visibility and tangibility as your whole experience. REST in It; BATHE in It, TRUST It, leave It to 'do the work', give It maximum time each hour and day TO BE EVIDENCED AS YOU AND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU.

I can tell you that your TRUTH is glorious, effortless, sublime here and now. The tangible EXPERIENCE OF IT is here and now. I give you that Experience now - "My Peace I give to you" not as the world gives, but My Peace, The One Peace that IS YOU, IS Your entire Truth. I give THAT to you here, now.

Until we speak later this week, and/or until next week's message,

With Love,