12 Week Spiritual Intensive

Week 3 Message

"Experiencing The Infinity of Self"

Let us this week go to a 'deeper' and more 'pure' into the truth of self than perhaps ever before, in actual experience.

Most of the group - not all, certainly, but most - even after one or more decades of awakening to Self, still think of Truth IN TERMS of something of the mirage world of 'human' mind, body or condition.

Our telephone conversations, and emails, USUALLY are still to do with the MIRAGE of discordant health, or wealth, or relationship, or justice, or happiness, or world or local peace, or fulfilling, purposeful activity, or even of awakening.

It is rare indeed to find individual consciousness INTERESTED IN, AND TALKING ABOUT, ONLY TRUTH FOR THE SAKE OF TRUTH ALONE.

This is fine and understandable as we are still rising 'out of' the mirage of 'this world', still finding ourselves doing battle with it, reacting to it, defending ourselves from its ravages and its temptations. More than half of self is in this world; less than half is in spirit; just a fraction is BEING Spirit.

As Joel commented: we are 'living between two worlds'.

BUT... unless and until we pull our attention sufficiently away from 'this world' to God IS, therefore I Am, and All Is ALREADY (because Spirit, God, is Infinite One, Infinite All, Omnipresent, therefore You Are That, I Am that, absolutely Everything Everywhere Is That)...

...Unless and until we stop trying to 'apply' spiritual harmony and completeness 'to' the conditions of 'this world'...

...Unless and until we arrive at the consciousness that realizes SPIRIT IS THE ONLY REALITY (only, only, ONLY!!!) and is 100% Finished, Utterly Complete and divinely Perfect in every detail...

...Unless and until we arrive at the "Ah Hah" that 'this world' is NOTHING but IMAGES OF SPIRIT - imaginary, conceptual, substance-less 3D FORMS of the conditioned (foggy ‘human’ sense) mind - similar to the array of colored lights FORMED through the stained glass window OF the ONE TRUE SUNLIGHT…

...And unless and until we therefore STOP ALL EFFORT to make Spirit, God, 'come here to fix our problem, or the world's problem' in the realization that BECAUSE GOD IS, AND GOD IS UTTER WHOLENESS AND PERFECTION, COMPLETELY, INFINITELY AND ETERNALLY FINISHED, BEING YOU, ME, ALL - therefore God is not withholding any of Its infinite Good, therefore has nothing to give - rather, the WHOLE OF GOD, GOOD and PERFECTION, IS What You Are, IS What All Is, ALREADY, here, now, omnipresent AS YOU, eternally, therefore we must seek THAT ONLY for the sake of THAT ONLY, be interested in THAT ONLY for the sake of THAT ONLY, and realize that THAT ONLY is the ONLY EVIDENCE we ever want, need or will eternally have (because there is nothing else!!!)...

...Until this awareness, and this BEING-ness IS REALIZED HERE, AS YOU, AS ME, AS ALL we cannot evidence the harmonies we've searched and begged for all our lives, and are eternally heirs to as ONE 'with', AS, the Heavenly Allness, the glorious Infinity of Omnipresent Self in EVERY way, infinitely, unconditionally, NOW, always.

Peering Into Infinity HERE, NOW:

The deeper practice of BEING ONENESS... 'seeking the Kingdom of God'... 'loving - keeping your mind on - God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength'... and then BEING the SILENCE OF THE FINISHED INFINITE that WITNESSES Its Own boundless glories - absolute limitlessness, All omnipresent, ALLNESS OF LIFE and UNBOUNDED FULFILLMENT OF EXPRESSION AND EXPERIENCE ITSELF - unhindered, unrestrained, nothing mental or material, no time or space, able to delay or obstruct Its fulfillment of Being - is to BRING and MAINTAIN ATTENTION 'HERE' to PURE CONSCIOUSNESS… the Infinite Invisible, Universal, Formless, Nameless, PURE SPIRIT THAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS, that is RIGHT HERE, not 'out there' far off, not separate from you.

The awareness of, and resting in, the Absolute Allness of the Infinite Invisible being RIGHT 'HERE' - your very own consciousness, never straying 'further away' in awareness than RIGHT HERE - is the secret.

You are, and have, all the Good in and of the Infinite RIGHT HERE - "Son, you are ever with Me, and all that I have is Yours." Your very own consciousness is WHERE the Infinite Good is, and WHAT It is. "You are ever with Me..." BECAUSE 'you' are your consciousness and Me is the Consciousness your consciousness IS. Therefore "all that I (Consciousness) have is yours (your individual consciousness)". One and the 'other' are the same HAPPENING, the same PLACE, the same NOWNESS.

Let's repeat that because THIS IS THE ENTIRE SECRET:

Your consciousness, your "I", your stuff, or substance, of Awareness, that which you are aware, conscious, WITH, your consciousness RIGHT HERE where your mind is felt working, where your senses of vision, taste, and smell seem to be 'happening' (your head area), is WHERE God, Spirit is, and WHAT It is.

The moment we allow the mind to think 'out there' we are NOT IN SPIRIT, therefore cannot experience the spiritual harmony and wholeness we actually are and have - actually POSSESS here, now, Tangibly, Physically.

As long as our mind is thinking 'out there' - away from the consciousness WE ARE, RIGHT HERE - we ourselves are forcing upon our individual experience the separateness and therefore hardship of being a prodigal, separate (in experience only, not in Actuality) from ITS LIMITLESS, INFINITY OF GOOD.

For instance, the mind thinks that a part of the body is ill or diseased or injured. That is thinking 'out there'. Attention is not focused RIGHT HERE, on PURE CONSCIOUSNESS that has no form, no body, no object... just Perfect Body experience. Therefore we are not in SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS, therefore cannot experience our TRUTHFUL (SPIRITUAL) BODY - we cannot experience spiritual wholeness (no illness, no disease, no injury; or the 'healing' of such).

We will continue to struggle with the form of illness, disease or injury UNTIL the moment we pull away from the material sense, to the TRUE, SPIRITUAL, the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS RIGHT HERE that is the ONLY true body, not the FORM of body experienced 'out there'.

The same goes for someone who asks for spiritual help. If my thought (attention and interest) wanders 'out there' to the seeming 'person with a problem' no spiritual healing will be evident.

But as attention STAYS RIGHT HERE, IN AND AS PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, knowing that THIS, HERE... THIS CONSCIOUSNESS THAT I AM... IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD, SPIRIT, and that therefore ALL LIFE IS IN COMPLETE PERFECTION ALREADY, FLAWLESS, UNTOUCHABLE, INFINITELY, AS EVERY BEING WHO EVER EXISTED AND EVER 'WILL', right HERE, in and as THIS CONSCIOUSNESS I CALL MY CONSCIOUSNESS... then the FORMS of Life experienced as what the 'human' mind calls the physical body are witnessed as 'healed' - they conform to their TRUTH; a greater degree of their truth emerges through the foggy state of 'ill' or 'diseased' or 'injured' awareness; a greater INNER LIGHT - RIGHT 'HERE', not projected 'out there' in or as the individual's body, but kept RIGHT 'HERE' - illumines the foggy consciousness of the 'sick' body to reveal Itself AS the illumined image, the form, of the physical.

The revealing of truth (the healing) has been witnessed BECAUSE NEVER WAS A 'PHYSICAL' BODY, NOR AN 'OUT THERE' THOUGHT OF, OR DEALT WITH. The whole thing happened IN ‘HERE’ - the One, Pure Consciousness that is MY and YOUR infinity of individual consciousness, without a 'physical' or 'material' form ever considered.

The moment we think of a physical or material form, and are trying to get spirit to heal it, fix it, prosper it, bring peace to it, no healing will be witnessed.

No matter what the appearance, or lack of appearance, the SAME APPLIES. Let's take the form called money. Money is really no different than a body or a tree or a field of grass - all are IMAGES OF the One Infinite Substance, Spirit, God, formed by, through, the conditioned mind sense, the mind sense that is full of CONCEPTS - again just like the stained glass window projects RAINBOW COLORS yet not one of those colors have substance, life, or power of their own. The SUN is their ONLY TRUTH, ONLY LIFE, ONLY SUBSTANCE.

Spirit is the ONLY TRUTH, ONLY LIFE, ONLY SUBSTANCE of ALL images, therefore all images are INFINITE in quantity, PERFECT in character, LOVING in nature, and OMNIPRESENT in availability.

Just as in the case of the appearance of an ill or diseased or injured body, we must IGNORE, TOTALLY, the APPEARANCE of money or the lack of it. BOTH are illusion, the mirage of error.

Realize this profound truth: ALL WEALTH IS RIGHT HERE, the very substance and infinity of YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS. The moment we think of money needed 'out there', the moment we think money comes from a channel or avenue of activity 'out there' WE WILL NEVER EVIDENCE SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE.

But equally, the moment we realize that ALL IS RIGHT HERE, MY VERY OWN CONSCIOUSNESS BEING THE ONLY AND THE ALL, and then KEEP ATTENTION RIGHT HERE, not allowing it to wander off as the prodigal 'out there' somewhere or everywhere, and the moment we REST IN THE RIGHT HERE-NESS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, letting IT do all the 'work' of evidencing the HARMONY AND ABUNDANCE OF ALL, ALWAYS OMNIPRESENT RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, then we will watch as an abundance of the form we call money emerges all over our experience just as easily and naturally as the lush abundance of spring flowers emerge all over our gardens and countryside.

Let's now stop the flow of so many words and get to the tangible experience:

The Message this week is this: The RIGHT HERE-NESS of YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS is the Kingdom of God. Not a 'part' of It, the Whole, for God, Spirit, the Kingdom of Infinite Good is INDIVISIBLE.

RIGHT HERE is Where, and What, you have been searching for - "Take no thought for your life, but seek the kingdom of God instead, and all these THINGS (good and harmonious forms; images we call 'physical, material good') will be 'added' unto you" - added unto your EXPERIENCE.

The entire kingdom is right here, finished, whole and complete, perfect and eternal, but our SENSE of being EXPERIENCES the infinity of self moment by moment, flowering by flowering, tangibility by tangibility, awareness by awareness. What was not visible to my senses a moment ago is suddenly visible this moment, just as the unopened flower is not yet visible to human sense, and then visible as it opens.

As we bring AND MAINTAIN attention RIGHT HERE, into CONSCIOUSNESS (the head area, if you will) realizing that ALL is THIS, CONSCIOUSNESS… that the whole of the Universe and absolutely EVERY being, thing, place and condition, is embodied, and fully FINISHED, WHOLE AND PERFECT, RIGHT HERE, as MY VERY CONSCIOUSNESS, then we have found the kingdom, and have opened the way for the kingdom to freely 'flow' through and into and as the multitudinous FORMS we call 'this world' and everything everywhere of it, yet now MORE TRUTHFUL… more harmonious, healthy, wealthy, peaceful, loving, happy, fulfilled, 'healed'.

Do it now: bring your attention to RIGHT HERE... (stay there for a few minutes).

Realize that there is NOTHING 'OUT THERE'... 'out there' is nothing but an illusion of the senses...

All mirage of error takes place IN HERE, in and as the misconception (foggy state) of 'human' sense, mind.

THEREFORE, all WITNESSING OF TRUTH takes place IN HERE, never 'out there'.

All 'healing' takes place IN HERE, IN CONSCIOUSNESS, never 'out there' and never of the material, physical appearance (mirage).

Why? All material, physical appearance (mirage) is nothing but FORMS caused by the misconceptions of our sense of mind, just as the colored light of the stained glass window are nothing but FORMS of light and color caused by the colored glass. We can say that the colored light are FALSE IMAGES of the ONE TRUE SUNLIGHT which is pure, uncolored. All material, physical form is FALSE IMAGERY of the ONE TRUE LIGHT AND SUBSTANCE: SPIRIT.

Now the miracle: Consciousness knows Itself. Your very consciousness knows Itself as Pure Consciousness, Pure You, Pure World, and Pure Everything Everywhere in and as World, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW,

All 'you' and 'I' have to do, now that we’ve brought attention to RIGHT HERE, is REST IN IT, and LET, for It Knows.

It already and eternally IS BEING the fullness of You - the fullness of Health, Wealth, Loving Relationship, satisfying Activity, boundless Joy, and deep Peace AS ABSOLUTELY EVERY element of your experience, without one single exception anywhere in the infinity of your Self.

Simply REST and RELAX and LET consciousness - which NOW has free 'access' to 'your world; this world' through your bringing attention to IT, RIGHT HERE, AS CONSCIOUSNESS, and the stopping of your attention from 'out there' and its seeming needs of a material of physical nature - rush in, flood and permeate, and illumine your Being.


The TRUE LIFE AND SUBSTANCE that is SPIRIT, CONSCIOUSNESS, has rushed into and flooded every tiny element of 'your world', and will infallibly be WITNESSED as good FORMS and ACTIVITIES happening without outer effort on your part.

CONSCIOUSNESS is ALL, therefore as consciousness is now our ONLY INTEREST, our ALL-in-ALL, our ONLY-ONLY, the place we bring our ATTENTION TO, and KEEP IT THERE… the place we come to and REST and RELAX and LET - "Come to Me (Consciousness BEING your very consciousness) and be saved" - we find all IMAGES, FORMS OF consciousness (the entire mirage, 3D world of matter) becomes harmonious, happy, wealthy and healthy… for THERE IS NO OTHER TYPE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Spend this week with your attention RIGHT HERE. Keep bringing it back to RIGHT HERE over and over and over.

Find your rest THERE, find your peace THERE, find your love THERE, find your abundance of ALL good, including money, THERE, find your true opportunity and purpose THERE, find your TRUTH THERE, for there is no other place, no other body, no other relationship, no other money, no other work, no other world, and no other reason.

I Am THERE with you.

With Love,