12 Week Spiritual Intensive

Week 4 Message

"The Invisible Self"

We will not have as many words for the Week 4 Message.


Realize: God, which is spirit and truth, is invisible to human sense. No human has ever seen or experienced anything of God, yet God is All of everything You are, Everything in and of this Universe.

Look at a flower, a tree, a piece of fruit and realize you have never seen the True Flower, Tree, Fruit.

You have never seen or experienced your body. You think you have. You think you know it better than anyone else, but you know NOTHING about your True Body. In fact, others may well know ‘more’ than you about your body because to ‘them’ it is not personal. To you it is, that is, until you rise into enough of the impersonal truth of self. Then ‘you’ do not have a body but ARE the image and likeness of the One Body that is the God Body, appearing to be physical to human sense. But everything you ‘know’ about your body, and everything you therefore ‘do’ to maintain its health and vitality, or ‘heal’ its aches, pains, degeneration and injury, serves only to keep you entangled in the ‘this world’ sense of physical body and its limitations.

You have never seen or experienced your family, home, neighborhood, country, world, universe. You have never experienced your job, business, profession or art.

Yet RIGHT THERE, whomever, whatever or wherever your senses are focused, is the utter Boundlessness and indescribable Beauty, Bounty, Life, Love, Harmony, Peace, Ecstasy and Bliss of Spirit and Truth Itself BEING the totality of Itself as the he, she, it or activity that material sense is judged to be physical, material, finite, local.

Let us truly and consistently, steadfastly, minute by minute raise awareness now INTO and AS the True Formless Infinite of Everything Everywhere.

Let us realize AT EVERY MOMENT that what is being judged as the human sensory experience IS NOT, AT ALL, TRUTH. As each experience is happening, first consciously realize that the 3D IMAGE of person, object, activity, place or condition is nothing but a FALSE IMAGE formed by the conceptual, conditioned ‘human’ sense of mind - just like the ‘false image’ (color) of pure light through the stained glass window.

Then LIFT AWARENESS (thoughts) to the Invisible Infinity of Truth that this he, she, it or activity in your presence IS, IN TRUTH.

Begin to realize that INFINITY OF PERFECT BEING is the Truth of this person, object, activity, place or condition, therefore boundless Good.

Realize that there is ONLY SPIRIT, the infinite ocean of Spirit BEING ALL. Lift awareness to THAT AWARENESS.

Realize that the only visible presence is INFINITY for there is none else - the INFINITY of Being, INFINITY of object, the INFINITY of amount, the INFINITY of place and condition, ALL THE DEEP GOODNESS AND JOY OF GOD BEING FULFILLMENT OF ITSELF AT EVERY POINT IN THE INFINITUDE AT THE SAME TIME… NOW.

"I am that Infinity, the very consciousness I am conscious WITH is the Infinity of All BEING Me."

"My body is that Infinity."

"He, she and it is that Infinity."

"Every breath I take, every birdsong I hear, every gentle breeze on my cheek, every sparkle on the ocean, and every drop of the ocean itself, is that Infinity."

"Every leaf, every pebble, every grain of sand, every cell and atom is an infinity unto itself, a universe of Bliss, Light, Joy, divine Perfection and fulfillment of Purpose."

Transparency Of Focus

If we are hard-focused on finite images of the material, physical sense instead of transparency-focused perceiving the invisible infinity of truth, we live the ‘hard’, material, limited outer experience instead of keeping ourselves at-one in thought and experience with the blissful Infinity of Self.

No longer is material focus satisfying. Only the transparency of focus that perceives the infinite where the finite seems to be, now satisfies.

Let us be spiritually satisfied, spiritually filled and fulfilled. Let us ALWAYS be the LIFTED AWARENESS that perceives the infinity of Self, of Spirit and Truth, despite the finiteness of human sense.

Then, finally, for some minutes each hour, let us rest in the deep silence of Spirit and Truth ITSELF HAPPENING AS US. This is now the absolute silencing of the human sense… the vacuum of self… the rag doll nothingness receptive and open for SPIRIT ITSELF to BE EVERYTHING ABOUT “I”, HERE, AS YOU, AS ME, AS ALL.

As one becomes more and more consciously aware of THAT WHICH IS, at each moment, one can then rest in the utter silence of being for more hours each day, effortlessly LETTING, WITNESSING and EXPERIENCING the indescribable infinity of Pure Love, Light and Life BEING THIS HERE, expansive, limitless, ecstatic Beingness as “I”, All.

All ‘outer’ forms conform, the ‘outer’ the very substance, body and activity of Spirit and Truth NOW APPEARING IN, AS, AND THROUGH THE TRANSPARENT ENVIRONMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS no longer clogged with finiteness, materiality, physicality.

Now the ‘outer’ life is as effortless as the ‘inner’ because FINALLY there is TRUE ONENESS HAPPENING AS THE INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS OF YOU, AND OF ME.

Let us never again allow the old belief of ‘this world’ to pull us into the limited, finite sense. Let us - from this week - forever BE THE AWARENESS OF THE INVISIBLE INFINITY OF SPIRIT AND TRUTH at every moment.

Let us realize our freedom of awakened self, therefore limitless experience of ALL, lies in the consciousness of INFINITY, SPIRIT AND TRUTH happening as individual you and me. In no other way do we discover and LIVE the spiritual self here, now.

With deep Love and Gratitude for you,Paul