2011 Oct. Tampa Bay RIGI Retreat


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2011 Tampa Bay RIGI Retreat Complete Set - $110.

DAY ONE (4 audios)

RIGI Day 1-1: "Making Oneness Evident"

RIGI Day 1-2: "Being Conscious Of Oneness"

RIGI Day 1-3: "The Truth Of Body"

RIGI Day 1-4: "The Unavoidable Principle Of Wholeness"

DAY TWO (3 audios)

RIGI Day 2-1: "Truth Is Always Present, Even Conceptually"

RIGI Day 2-2: "The Storehouse Is Withiness Everywhere Present"

RIGI Day 2-3: "Illumined Consciousness Reveals Truth"

DAY THREE (4 audios)

RIGI Day 3-1: "Healing All Sense Of Separation From God"

RIGI Day 3-2: "Dissolving Dependence on Person, Place, or Thing"

RIGI Day 3-3: "The Only Human Malody: A Lack of Giving"

RIGI Day 3-4: "Last Words"