For "Advanced" Students Only - 2 February California Retreats SPECIAL OFFER

"Spirit Is" Retreat, Old Mission, Santa Barbara, CA +

"Impersonal Self" Retreat, Inn Marin, San Rafael, CA

The unfoldment and depth of the message revealed in these two California retreats is not for "everyone".

The nature and clarity of each of these 17 sessions is for "advanced" students only - those who are ready to handle, and accept, the bare, "bottom-line" truth of spiritual living, EXACTLY what it requires as an activity of your consciousness and mine to reliable evidence harmony, health, wealth, relationship and in each experience of life - individually and worldwide.

The message was loud and clear: BE spiritual consciousness, or continue to experience the limitations and pains of being a material consciousness.

We have had enough "soft" spiritual instruction, certainly to SOME avail. Certainly, some good is evidenced by a small number of practitioners and seekers. BUT IT IS ONLY A SMALL NUMBER.

The majority of seekers - even after many years of studying and searching - are still unable to evidence their good ON A RELIABLE, REGULAR BASIS, as PRINCIPLE, not caprice.

Think about it: God, Spirit, is PRINCIPLE, LAW. In fact, of course, God, Spirit, is the One Supreme Principle, Law, ITSELF.

Yet if we were as unable to evidence the principle of mathematics, flight or gravity as most are unable to evidence spiritual harmony in every day life, we would be back in the dark ages.

The "dark ages" is where we are spiritually when we are unable to evidence the Principle of individual and world Life, Love, Wealth, Peace, Happiness and Harmony AS our every day tangible experience, just as we can evidence the principles of mathematics, flight and gravity tangibly every day.

The instruction about EXACTLY HOW to evidence - as 100% RELIABLE PRINCIPLE - has never been given to us as clearly, in step-by-step "instruction" as it has been throughout the two February retreats - Spirit Is, and The Impersonal Self.

But the message was "raw", direct, and possibly "unacceptable" to some. If you think you may not be ready for this "unrefined" clarity and simplicity PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THESE SETS.

Session Titles:

SPIRIT IS RETREAT, Old Mission, Santa Barbara, California

Session 1: Spirit Is, Period. No Exceptions.

Session 2: Truth Of Matter And Form, And How It Is Harmonized.

Session 3: Witnessing The True Presence And Form.

Session 4: No Process, Time, Vehicle, Channel, Instrument.

Session 5: Expectation - What You Should Expect; What You Must Not.

Session 6: Spirit "Appearing To Be" You, All.

Session 7: Beholding Spirit Omniactive In and As Your Experience

Session 8: Fulfillment Seeks You, You Do Not Need To Seek Your Good

IMPERSONAL SELF RETREAT, Inn Marin, San Rafael, California

Session 1: Short reading by Jay Stinnett

Session 2: Infinity "As, Through, To, For"

Session 3: Infinity Of Self - No "Personal, Finite" Self.

Session 4: Impersonalizing Reveals All Good, No Limit.

Session 5: Impersonalizing Evidences Fulfillment Of All

Session 6: Meditation On Divine Being, Body, Life, Wholeness.

Session 7: Meditation: Example Of Body Healing.

Session 8: Truth Of Business And Relationship, plus Q&A.

Session 9: It Is Spirit’s Good Pleasure To Give You Clarity, Plus Final Meditation.

2 Retreat Sets Together

Ideally the two retreat sets should be listened to together (in fact many of the Spirit Is participants decided to attend The Impersonal Self the following weekend). One is not complete without the other.

The reason is this: When you truly understand that SPIRIT IS the ONLY literal presence, form, activity, condition, circumstance and place, you make gigantic strides in consciousness.

Even so, if you are still harboring a PERSONAL SENSE of self you will be unable to EVIDENCE spiritual truth as every day harmony and wholeness (in all categories of your circumstance).

So... because you will ideally benefit from having BOTH retreat sets, I have put the two together at a substantially reduced price to help you get them.

The normal price for each set is $160, total $320.

You can get the TWO sets for the reduced price of $149 as a special offer (after the special offer the price reverts to the normal $160 per set).

Get both retreat sets for $149 here

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Much Love,