3 Months Enriching and Lifting Conscious Awareness



As the roots of a plant grow, so do its young leaves and branches. The 'inner' growth is evident as 'outer' form too.

One without the other is impossible because the plant is ONE WHOLE, not 'two' separate parts; not 'one' feeding or producing the 'other'.

The deeper and more developed the roots become, the greater and more abundant is the outer form of foliage, buds, flowers and fruit - all ONE expression.

In this way, the deeper Truth is KNOWN and FELT as true, and AS ONE; the more we LIVE TRUTH rather than occasionally think about It, attempting to 'use' It to improve our 'outer' experience of life; the more we are aware of the ONENESS OF TRUTH rather than a false awareness of an 'inner' versus 'outer' sense of life, THEN more tangibly evident is the WHOLE of 'inner' AND 'outer' harmony, all being ONE.

Miracles of Truth begin to reveal themselves (like the miracle of foliage, buds, flowers and fruit of the vine appearing as its roots continue to grow deeper and more wide-spread) as we take the roots of TRUTH deeper into the rich soil of consciousness.

It is therefore with such joy that we take the FIRST TRUTH deeper this third week, remembering that just ONE truth statement contains the WHOLE of Truth, therefore the WHOLE of the fruitage of truth (see The Foundation, Week 1).


Remember, what we are doing is not 'work', it is the 'growth' (the revealing) of YOUR TRUTH OF BEING - the miracle of the infinity of You, your World, Your true fulfillment of Purpose - tangibly evident, formed and real here and now.

Taking these truth statements deeper and deeper into consciousness is not 'practice' for some future good. It is the actual revealing of the truth of You, the infinity of Your Being, evident here and now, this day, just as the growing roots of the vine is not 'practice' for future blossom and fruitage.

Each day of root growth beneath the ground IS 'ALSO' revealed as greater foliage, blossom and fruit growth above the ground, ALL BEING ONE WHOLE. It may SEEM for a short while (to material awareness) as if the roots grow 'before' more leaves and fruit appear. But the more we are aware of omnipresence - of ONE WHOLE, not 'two' - the more IMMEDIATE ONENESS is experienced.


Never let the Truth of the Finished Kingdom slip from your conscious awareness. Keep the truth of It ALIVE in consciousness each and every hour:



God is not still working on His Kingdom. Nothing is 'born', 'growing', 'maturing', then 'dying'. Nothing is 'evolving'. The Kingdom IS; the Universe IS; the Earth IS... All One Finished Body of Truth, God, Paradise... infinite in Form, Expression and Purpose.

The Spiritual Universe IS before (meaning 'within', not 'before' as in a sense of time) the IMAGE of universe (see Genesis 1:1-).

Spiritual Man IS before the IMAGE of man (called 'mental and physical).

Light fills the universe before the IMAGE of the sun is in the sky.

All already IS; all forms of imagery are 'secondary' as 'earthly' (what we name 'human; material; physical') experience.

All is God's Perfect Spiritual Kingdom, Being, Body, Form, Activity, Amount from 'the beginning' (eternity happening AS the very Essence, Truth and Reality of God, You, All; All One)... the Omnipresence of The Infinite HAPPENING AS YOU (because "I Am the Lord and beside Me there is none else" Isaiah 45:6), sublime Being-ness in divine order, undisturb-able Bliss, Peace and Joy of Being, immaculate beyond apprehension, transcendental, boundless, celestial, beatific, sacred, wonderful infinitely beyond the deepest possible intellectual description.


What appears to be born, to grow, develop, mature and eventually die is simply collective and individual AWARENESS MOVING.

God Already Is; the Finished Kingdom is what it says: FINISHED. God is Wholly Finished. Omnipresence is Wholly Finished and Present here and now AS YOU, AS ME, AS ALL - "The place whereon you stand (You are Being) is Holy (Whole; Omnipresent) ground." Exodus 3:5; Acts 7:33

What appears as evolution, growth, development, progress is simply AWARENESS of the Finished Kingdom HAPPENING as your moving, moment by moment consciousness, awareness.

The critical truth to realize is that ALL IS ALREADY WHOLE, FINISHED, in PERFECT DIVINE COMPLETION and ORDER. Nothing - not a true grain or fiber or wisp or form or amount - is missing from you, separate or apart from you and your spontaneous tangible experience at every step, every breath, every point of you.

All is One, without exception, without condition, without process.

You are That Oneness; I am that Oneness; All is that Oneness... in Its Perfect Finished State of Being and Experience... simply witnessed as 'happening' or 'evolving' or 'growing' AS AN ACT OF CONSCIOUSNESS AWARENESS but never as an Actual Act (because All is Already Finished, Done, Whole, Complete).

It is because of the truth of the finished kingdom of God, Oneness, Wholeness, Omnipresence that there is no 'practice' for some future good experience. All deepening of spiritual awareness IS the REVEALING of more of the OMNIPRESENT GOOD OF THE INFINITY OF BEING, TRUTH, THAT YOU ARE - already Whole, Complete, Finished in every way, every detail, every breath.

As we KNOW THIS TRUTH - "Know the truth and the truth will set you free" - we relax in confidence and joy in the activity of forever deepening truth awareness by 'working' with these truth statements.

The VERY ACT of pondering truth deeper and deeper; the VERY ACT of forever expounding and substantiating our individual awareness of the great spiritual truths IS THE REVEALING of greater and richer tangible forms and activities of Good HAPPENING AS OUR CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, therefore AS OUR TANGIBLE EXPERIENCE ("Consciousness IS tangible experience" The Miracle Self)... just as the VERY ACT of the roots of the vine growing and spreading 'under the ground' IS the growth and flourishing of the vine's leaves, blossoms and fruit.

All is ONE HAPPENING; the ONENESS of OMNIPRESENCE revealing ever more of Itself to and as 'human' experience BY THE ACTIVITY OF CONSCIOUS AWARENESS OF THE FINISHED KINGDOM HAPPENING COLLECTIVELY AND INDIVIDUALLY as a specific awareness of being, form, activity, amount, situation, condition, place.

The grass does not grow; awareness moves over the specificity of the finished kingdom of 'Grass' forever Whole, Divine and Perfect, and that movement of conscious awareness appears as the experience of grass growing, being cut, growing again. No material activity ever touches or disturbs (cuts) the True Grass. It ever Is and remains a divine state of untouchable, undisturb-able Form, but 'human' AWARENESS MOVING as a SENSE of time and space makes it SEEM to grow, be cut, grow again.

In the same way YOU are forever Whole, Complete, the Divinity of Being individually and uniquely BEING THE WHOLE of the FINISHED KINGDOM OF GOD HAPPENING HERE AND NOW AS YOU and EVERY TINY DETAIL AND EXPERIENCE OF YOU AND YOUR INFINITE WORLD, All One Being, One Happening, One Form, One Experience, never 'two', never Spirit 'feeding' or 'supplying' or eventually 'becoming' your tangible, visible experience.

So now, as we continue to delve deeper into conscious awareness of the Truth of Being - YOUR Truth of Being, and mine - by our ever deeper pondering, contemplating, meditating on these truths, we realize that this VERY ACT is NOW to be evident as greater, richer, more joyous, beautiful and harmonious tangible experience AS THE ONENESS of 'both' inner and outer experience.

Truth realization is never 'work' for some future 'result'; never 'practice' for some future good. It is the HERE and NOW of spiritual experience, purpose, being, 'inner' and 'outer' all Being One ("Make the inner the outer, and make the outer the inner" Jesus, Gospel of Thomas). It is the HERE and NOW of revealing the Truth of the Infinity of You as One Whole, the true and spiritual Freedom of You as One Whole, and the truth that Earth is Heaven HERE and NOW as One Whole, "and beside Me (God, Truth, Heaven) there is none else".


Knowing what has been said today, let us gleefully and with joyous openness and expectation, ponder even deeper our FIRST TRUTH of TRUTHS:

"All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made." (Gospel of John 1:3)


"God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." (Genesis 1:31)


"God is Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." (Gospel of John 4:24)

More and deeper than ever before, LIVE with this incredible truth at every step of your hour, day and week.

Look at every person, thing, amount, condition and place you experience at each moment. Realize that no matter how it appears to 'human' awareness, no matter how it acts, its nature, its character, its form, its color, its scent, its taste, its seeming reason or purpose, what is ACTUALLY and LITERALLY IS here and now is God, Spirit and Truth, the Infinite appearing to be finite, the divine appearing to be human, physical, material.

It is That which is "made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made."

And because the him, her or it of your awareness is God Only and therefore OF God (of the Oneness of God, Omnipresence), he, she or it is VERY GOOD IN AND AS TRUTH - "God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good."

Realize deeper than ever before that every he, she or it is Spirit and Truth - "God is Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him (recognize ALL) in spirit and in truth."


In order to achieve this deeper awareness of truth we must slow down. We must have, BE, a consciousness of spaciousness, gentleness, stillness, peace, tranquility.

In THAT SPACIOUSNESS the miracle of Truth is evident.

In the normal rush and bustle of 'human, material' activity Truth cannot possibly be evident.


That makes sense, doesn't it? If Truth IS Peace, Stillness, Spaciousness, Silence then it is perfectly logical and understandable that It is only Witnessed, Experienced IN THAT CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IT IS.

Lastly, always remember that after or interwoven with your pondering, contemplating, meditating, HAVE PLENTY OF SILENCE - BE SILENCE many, many times throughout the day.

It is ONLY in and as the SILENCE OF YOU that the 'growth' (the revealing) of greater Truth EVIDENT AS TANGIBLE EXPERIENCE happens.


You are never alone. The whole of our group - 109 of us now - is one body of being, one consciousness, one truth of being awakening.

You are That, and are continually held in my consciousness, known as Your Truth; tangibly realized as Your Truth and the Truth of every detail of you and your world.

Rest and relax in My Consciousness supporting you, flooding you, permeating every tiny detail of your world and experience. As you know this, and rest and relax, and be open to it, you will FEEL Its presence filling you, Being You, revealing the Life, Love, Beauty, Bounty, Harmony and Peace that is Your Truth here and now.

With My Love,