3 Months Enriching and Lifting Conscious Awareness



Perhaps the most wonderful and clear way we can understand what God – the Truth and infinity of Being; the Truth and infinity of All – is, is as Consciousness.

Again, let's not say we know this! Yes, we've heard it over and over but we know it only when we are experiencing it, being it – when we are witnessing the very presence and form of God, Truth, Limitlessness being our experience in and out, as everything everywhere, losing the 'skin' or 'veil' of material sense (material belief; material experience) to reveal truthful being, body, form, activity, and amount.

So let us delve deeper into Consciousness being what God, All, Is because without a clear and tangible understanding we cannot experience Truth alive as our being, our presence – the truth of all of life experience.


God is Consciousness.

The entirety of God – the entirety of the Infinitude - All that God Is and Has, therefore All that Is, without exception – is Consciousness.

The All that we name 'God' - which is 100 percent Consciousness - exists Wholly Complete, Manifest, Tangible and Visible as Itself in perfect, intricately divine Order at every point of Itself.

This intricately divine Order – Consciousness - appears as Presence at each Body of Awareness, as individual, unique and intricately perfect and whole body of awareness, consciousness, that is you, me and all.

There is no life but the Wholeness of Life being infinitely individual, unique and intricately perfect Bodies of Awareness. That is what You are, I am, All is. The very fact that you are alive – that you have life – means that you are, and have, the Whole of Life, the Whole and intricately perfect Infinity that God Is, Being the Entirety of Itself – a Body of the Whole of Awareness being Individual and Unique Presence - that human sense has named as you, and me, and all.


Consciousness is pure Consciousness, there being – literally - “none else”. “I am God and beside Me there is none else.”

It is on the misunderstanding of this truth (this fact) that spiritual understanding falls down. Despite over 4000 years of spiritual truth being revealed and evidenced we fall down by believing that there is God - Pure Consciousness – and a material, physical being and universe.

We believe we have to somehow 'demonstrate' or 'evidence' or 'manifest' or 'reveal' all the good that God is in our lives.

We believe that God is some kind of storehouse from which we get or draw our good. We believe that God, Pure Consciousness, has to somehow be 'brought' or 'converted' to the 'material, physical' experience of life.

Do you see that it is this very belief that is the sense of separation that keeps the Whole of Good which We Are and Have from experience here and now?

The belief that something 'else' than God Itself has to happen in order for 'material, physical' life to be full of unstoppable and unconditional good is the very belief that empties experience of the good it Is, is filled to overflowing with, has as every breath of its very being, and cannot ever be without!

No, there is nothing but Pure God, Pure Consciousness. It is right here, on this point that is found the reason so few of the population of the world, and even of the spiritually responsive of the world, fail to be able to experience the great truths and promises of Truth in and as every day life. It is the sole reason we struggle with life, in any and every way struggle is still experienced, individually and collectively.

There is no other reason for the lacks, limitations, discords and diseases that rack and ravage the world. There is no other place than God, Pure Consciousness, to look for the solution to any and every problem the world, including you and I individually, has or ever will have.


Consciousness – Life, God, Spirit, Truth - does not have within It or as It, nor does It produce or form or become, any name, body, form, object, amount, condition, circumstance, or activity as the conceptual mind knows of life experience.

Pure Consciousness does not change Its Nature, Substance, Body, Form, Amount or Activity. And because pure Consciousness is All there Is – the Infinite Itself, there being nothing else of existence possible (otherwise the Infinite would not truly be infinite, which of course is not possible) – Pure Consciousness is the only truthful experience, the only experience which is Full, Whole, Complete, Perfect.

Pure Consciousness is the only way in which the unstoppable fullness, perfection, freedom and joy of life is experienced.

There is not God Life and your life, or mine. There is not God Life and converted God Life appearing as material, physical life. There is only God Life.


God is not 'within' your mind or body. God is the 'withinness' of consciousness, which means the 'purity' of consciousness.

The term 'within consciousness' means 'pure consciousness' not any kind of physical withinness, not a center within a shell; not a central substance or beingness 'within' a body or a mind, but 'pure consciousness' without or before a thought, a word, a thing, a name.

This is the Great Key to spiritual living: living the experience of Pure Consciousness without or before a thought, a word, a thing, a name.

The whole of infinity, the Whole of God, the whole of everything the Infinite Is and Has – all the infinity of Mind, Body, Form, Thing, Activity, Amount, Condition, Circumstance, Place, World, Universe – is Pure Consciousness. Nothing else exists; nothing else at all exists.

Therefore if we have in mind the need or desire for anything else at all, there is the reason for the experience of lack and limitation, disease and discord.

There is nothing 'else' than God Itself, Consciousness Itself, therefore if we have a sense of anything 'else' or any 'other' condition or experience needed or desired than Pure God Itself – Pure Consciousness Itself – then it becomes obvious why we struggle along in lack and limitation.


With this clarity let us now gain a purer understanding of the First Truth:

"All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made." (Gospel of John 1:3) and...

"God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." (Genesis 1:31) and...

"God is Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." (Gospel of John 4:24)

Let's understand this as:

"All things were (are) made through and as Pure Consciousness, and without Pure Consciousness nothing was (is) made that was (is) made." and...

"Pure Consciousness sees every thing that It has made, and, behold, it is very good – very pure, made of pure consciousness." and...

"God is Pure Consciousness: and they that worship him must worship him in the truth - the undeviating fact - that All is Pure Consciousness."


Let us devote each hour of this week – as our 'formal' meditation and silence periods and as maintained underlying awareness during our work and family activities – that Only Pure Consciousness Is, that nothing at all exists but Pure Consciousness, and that, therefore, all that we need and all that we can desire is and must be only that of Pure Consciousness.

All 'else' is nothing more than 3 dimensional pictures formed as the conceptual sense of mind – the 'human' degree of awareness – observes itself and its world.

There is nothing 'else' yet there appears to be. But that which appears to be is nothing but pictures, images, formed of the One Pure Consciousness that Is Infinitely All.

Stay consciously aware of this truth every hour as best you can. Then have as much 'formal' meditation on it, pondering it, deepening your awareness of it, opening out the truth of it as your reality and the reality of all.

Also realize this, and let this happen as your experience often throughout each 24 hours:

Pure Consciousness is Silence.

The Infinity of Good, omnipresent right where You are, happening as the Truth and Wholeness of you, the infinite Completeness of You this and every minute of your experience, is found only to Be, and is experienced only in and as, Silence.

Therefore, only as we are silent – attentive, keen and responsive to the infinity of Pure Consciousness happening as the Wholeness of Individual Being; the individual, unique and intricately perfect and whole in every detail You that you are – do we discover the solution to every individual and collective problem, no matter what that problem is, or how urgent, overwhelming, large scale or impossible to overcome it seems to be to human awareness.

Not only do we discover the solution 'within' and as Silence (Pure Consciousness), but we discover it to be already manifest, whole, completed and perfect to all involved. “Before you call I have answered.” Before the naming of anything, before the conceptual experience, before any 'human' or 'worldly' experience – either good or bad – God Is, Pure Consciousness Is, All Perfection Is.

Before, before, before!!!... within, within, within!!! Do you see this now? Do you see where we have continued to be confused therefore continued to experience degrees of lack, limitation, discord, disharmony, disease that we have not been able to escape, to free ourselves from?

Please, please read this 4th Week Message over and over until the undeviating truth of it solidly registers in your awareness.

Meditate on it ceaselessly; let Silence be your way of living, your way of experience, never allowing the world belief that there is something 'else' needed. There is not because there is nothing else.

Pure Consciousness is All there Is. Live as and on It. Feast on It. Love It alone, seek It alone, be the Body of Awareness that's only Reality is Pure Consciousness alone.

Then watch the miracles that take place in and as your being, your experience.

I Am with you 24 hours a day in and as the Pure Consciousness of You, of Me, of All.

With My Love,