3 Months Enriching and Lifting Conscious Awareness



Do you now thoroughly understand that God - Spirit and Truth - is infinite, therefore nothing BUT God is?

The Infinitude is as it suggests: infinite. Therefore nothing but infinity can exist; nothing but Spirit and Truth exist; nothing 'else' exists.

Therefore if something exists - anything and everything within and throughout all of infinity and eternality, whether 'we' name it a being, an animal, a plant or vegetable, an object, a place, an activity, a condition or circumstance - that existence, without exception, is Spirit and Truth.

Furthermore, because the Whole of God exists at every point of Itself at the same time - Omnipresence being Omnipresent - anything and everything that exists, without exception, is the WHOLE of Spirit and Truth simply APPEARING as a particular 'he, she or it.'

Appearance is 100 percent deceiving. Spirit and Truth have NOTHING to do with appearance. The way Spirit and Truth APPEAR TO BE as observed through and as the five 'human' senses has nothing whatsoever to do with what Truthfully is there; what Truth actually Is.

Yet AS TRUTH IS EXPERIENCED HAPPENING as your individual being (consciousness) or mine, the conceptual (mental, material, physical) appearance of Truth is illumined, being revealed as harmonious, complete, healthy, wealthy, loving and peaceful.

Do you thoroughly understand this now? Then the second Truth is ready to be planted in your consciousness.


"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof."

This is the great key to oneness EXPERIENCED TANGIBLY both 'in' and 'out'.

The 'earth' - which is what we have named the material, physical sense or experience - is nothing more or less or different than the FULLNESS OF GOD.

Why is that true? Because God is Infinite; the Infinitude Itself and everything everywhere in and of It.

Therefore all EXPERIENCE is of God. What 'else' could experience consist of if ALL is God?

All BEING is God. What 'else' could BEING be or consist of if ALL is God?

All THING is God. What 'else' could THING be or consist of if ALL is God?

All AMOUNT is God. What 'else' could AMOUNT be or consist of if ALL is God?

All ACTIVITY is God. What 'else' could ACTIVITY be or consist of if ALL is God?

All PLACE is God. What 'else' could PLACE be or consist of if ALL is God?

All CONDITION and CIRCUMSTANCE is God. What 'else' could CONDITION and CIRCUMSTANCE be or consist of if ALL is God?


The way ALL is experienced through and as the human five senses is illusory, 'maya', misconception - a foggy, dim, slow faculty of awareness of That which Is.

There is NO TRUTH in what appears to be - the way God APPEARS TO LOOK through, or to, the five senses - in the same as there is no truth of the APPEARANCE that the sun is 'turning itself off' at dusk. The sun is not turning itself off, the sun is shining just as brightly as ever, but the APPEARANCE of dusk to human sense looks as if the sun is dimming. Appearance is deceptive.

No matter what is appearing as everything everywhere materially and physically - good or bad, positive or negative, much or little, ease or struggle, peace or disharmony - there is NO TRUTH TO THAT APPEARANCE.

Lao Tzu's incredible statement, "If you can name it, it is not true" is LITERAL.

Only God Is. The first Truth - its three statements - have given us a beautiful clarity on ONLY GOD IS; ONLY SPIRIT AND TRUTH IS; ONLY INFINITY IS.

Now we can easily understand why "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof."

No matter what we 'name' God (the infinitude of Being and Experience) - in this case the name 'earth' - it is still, and only, God - for there is "none else".


Devote yourself this week to pondering - more and more consistently and deeply, at every moment - the truth that everything everywhere of your experience, everything that touches your consciousness - every being, object, animal, insect, plant, vegetable, activity, amount, condition, circumstance and place - EVERYTHING you see, hear, taste, touch, smell and think about - is in fact, despite appearance, "the earth" that is "the Lord's and the fullness thereof."

Realize that the APPEARANCE of ALL in your life is, without exception - despite the way it APPEARS TO BE and ACT, despite its appearing nature, character, form, size, weight, amount, despite its name - is IN TRUTH GOD, INFINITY ITSELF and the WHOLE OF INFINITY, simply appearing through or to any one of your five senses to BE THE 'he, she or it' you're experiencing.

Simply stated: everything is God despite what your perception is suggesting to you it is.

Remember: DEPTH of pondering this truth is the key to lifting and enriching consciousness.

It is ALL about DEPTH.

The DEEPER you ponder this truth... the more EARNESTLY you ponder everything that comes into or up against your consciousness moment by moment... the more CONSISTENTLY you keep your awareness of the fact that GOD IS THE ONLY ONLY despite the way everything of the material, physical, worldly experience LOOKS TO BE... the MORE you are spiritually lifting and enriching your consciousness of Truth.

And the more you lift and enrich consciousness - the more you 'SPIRITUALIZE CONSCIOUSNESS' - the more EVIDENCE of spiritual harmony, life, abundance, peace, joy, love and fulfilling purpose you tangibly experience.

I Am with you throughout, maintaining spiritual consciousness that opens, lifts, and supports Truth for and as you and our whole group.