3 Months Enriching and Lifting Conscious Awareness



If "the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" then ALL not only IS, but also 'belongs' to, God, Spirit, Truth.

All is God. All, all, ALL.

All is God BEING that Allness, that Macro, that Micro.

All is God BEING the Fullness of Itself, the Completeness of Itself, the Oneness of Itself, the Harmony, Peace, Bliss of Itself, in Oneness with and as Itself, Self-Complete, Self-Whole, Self-Fulfilled.

All is always Complete, Whole, in divine Balance, under divine Government, Perfect, Fulfilled, Flawless, Indefectible.

All, without exception.

All is the WHOLE of Infinity omnipresent as each specific aspect, or moment, of individual awareness. Each specific aspect of awareness - to the dim 'human' mind - looks as if it is, or appears as if it is, a specific aspect of matter or being - described as "the earth" in this truth statement.

It appears as if we are looking at (observing; experiencing) an object, an amount, a size, a weight, a distance, space, an activity, a substance or material, a human being, an animal, an insect, a plant, a flower, a vegetable, a mineral, a cell, an atom, a sub-atomic particle. It appears as if we are under the 'law' of process, of method, of cause and effect, and the time it takes for the cause to produce the effect.

It seems as if we can 'speed life up' or 'slow life down' by our knowledge and skill, or lack of - either of our own or that of somebody else.

It seems as if we are subject to either positive or negative 'outside forces' or 'forces that are greater than us'. These forces work either for or against us. Some are constructive, some destructive and it is down to 'luck' or 'destiny' or 'karma' as to which 'type' of force works on us in which department of our life.

It seems as if we can 'improve' or 'heal' or 'succeed' or 'prosper' or 'save' our experience if we have sufficient knowledge and skill, if we have sufficient resource, if we have sufficient friends or 'contacts' - either of our own or those of somebody else that we can borrow.

The 'force of health' works 'for us' while the 'force of disease' works against us.

The 'force of economics' combined with our individual 'knowledge and ability of success' in our chosen work either helps or hinders our success and prosperity in job, career, business or practice.

Our 'ability in love' either results in true and lasting relationships, particularly the one, true love of our life, or a string of unsatisfactory attempts at love, but never finding or being able to 'keep' our one, true love.

Our 'ability to keep peace and harmony' as a human race is what determines the stability or instability of our world. It seems as if world peace, balance, love, equality, safety and security is 'controlled' by, therefore 'dependent' on, both individual and group morality, decency, honesty, integrity.

But the way all APPEARS TO BE is not the way all IS.

ONLY GOD IS, despite appearance to, or through, or as the 'human' dimness of mind. ONLY SPIRIT AND TRUTH IS, despite the admittedly convincing way in which the mind, body and world - and all its apparent 'powers' - look as if they are acting in our experience.

We heard in Stand On Truth 100 Percent: "Wherever you look, there I Am; wherever you place your awareness, there I Am; whatever you see, hear, taste, touch, smell or think, there I Am."

Yes, "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof."


Because All is God, all is infinite.

There are no 'numbers' in God; all, without exception, is infinite. There is no unmanifest God, therefore whatever is, is infinite. God is infinite manifestation. Everything everywhere is infinity Itself being the very presence of inexhaustible embodiment, being, and activity.

You are the infinity of Being. Everything everywhere - whether we name it a person, place, thing, condition, tree, plant, vegetable, mineral, cell, atom or sub-atomic particle - is infinity being that being, that form, that condition, that activity.

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof."


Because All is God, there is no personal self nor personal thing. You are the infinity of being, not a finite being; you are an impersonal being, not a personal being.

You are the infinity of being with an infinity of resource. Your world is infinite and impersonal, to share unconditionally with All.

Because "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" you do not own anything. All is God and God's.

You do not own any 'thing' anymore than you own sunshine, or gravity, or aerodynamics, or mathematics, or the ocean, the sky, the clouds, the rain, the snowflakes. All is God therefore all is universal, impersonal and infinite.


You EXPERIENCE individually; you do not 'own'.

You individually EXPERIENCE sunshine, gravity, aerodynamics, mathematics, the ocean, the sky, the clouds, the rain, the snowflakes. You do not 'own' these.

In the same way, because "The (whole) earth is the Lord's and the fullness (everything everywhere, without exception) thereof" you INDIVIDUALLY EXPERIENCE everything of your life, but you 'own' nothing.

You are the guest of life not the owner. You are the guest of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING of your life, not the owner.

You are the guest of your body; you do not own it.

You are the guest of your love relationship; you do not own him or her.

You are the guest of your home, your furniture and furnishings, your electronics, your objects; you do not own them.

You are the guest of money; you do not own it nor have to work for it.

You are the guest of your job, career, business or practice; you do not own it.

You are the guest of your customers, clients or patients; you do not own them.

You are the guest of absolutely every person, thing, place, condition and activity in your universe; you own nothing because "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof."


In understanding this truth that All is God therefore 'owned' by God - and in understanding that the Whole of God is embodied in and as your individual consciousness because Consciousness is indivisible and omnipresent - the WHOLE being present at and as each point of Itself at the same time - you realize that "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" is true of YOUR VERY CONSCIOUSNESS.

You are That. "I Am that I am." Your PURE CONSCIOUSNESS is "the Lord" therefore "the earth and the fullness thereof" is yours - as Pure Consciousness; God Consciousness.

In releasing your sense of ownership of people, home, job, career, business, things, conditions, amounts, circumstances... everything of the personal sense of being... you free yourself as spiritual Being.

The moment we free ourselves of the sense of ownership we free ourselves of all limited experience.

Every person, thing, amount or condition that has bound us, now cannot. We are free in Spirit. We no longer create attachment to the conceptual experience - the physical or material 'things' of experience.

We stay unattached.

We stay spacious, loose, free.

We know that IN SPIRIT, in Truth, we ARE THE VERY INFINITY OF BEING ITSELF. We need nothing 'else' because ALL IS ALREADY US AND OURS. "Son you are ever with me and all that I have is yours."

I need nothing because I already AM ALL.

I AM ALL. I HAVE ALL. I Am the infinity of consciousness, fully manifest. I Am infinite manifestation, infinite form, infinite being in every way, free, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

I Am that I Am.


Ponder deeply "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof."

Ponder deeply that you own nothing; that all is God and God's; all is impersonal, universal, "one for all, and all for one".

Start to detach from all you sense is 'yours'.

Start 'loosening' your hold on all people, things, amounts, conditions, activities. Realize ALL as God and God's, not to be 'gained' or 'owned' but humbly experienced and creatively shared as fulfillment of being, of all of life, each hour and step of unfolding experience.

Start establishing a sense of true spaciousness about and around ALL, the deep stillness and spaciousness of You as Truth, as Spirit, as Peace, as Consciousness.

Realize deeper and deeper that as you release the beings, things and conditions of "this world" you are free in Spirit. Then you HAVE ALL in and as the freedom of truthful Being.

In 'ownership' you are restricted, bound, limited to that which you 'own'. In releasing ownership you discover you HAVE infinity; you ARE infinity; you are the Substance, Nature, Character, Form and Amount of infinity.

It is releasing ownership - that of the personal sense of life - that frees us, and presents us with and as ALL, HERE, NOW.

You are now free in SPIRIT and CONCEPT - in God and earth, and everything of God and earth, all being One, here, now, eternally.

"I am in the world but not of it." I have the freedom of the world BECAUSE I know my truth, the truth that All is God, the truth that "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" and I Am That.

I am not of concept but of Truth. I am IN the conceptual experience ("this world") but not OF it. I am of the Infinity of Being, therefore I AM and HAVE infinity of All, without ever owning a thing.

I am free in non-ownership; in the impersonal, universal truth if being, sharing All with All, unconditionally, each hour, each day.

The more I share, the more I have as my experience. The more of the impersonal, universal BEINGNESS I AM BEING the more of the beauty, bounty and freedom of infinity is my experience. "Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, running over shall men (the whole material sense of experience) give unto you."

Think deeply on these things each hour of this week. Don't let an hour go by without turning your awareness to these astonishing truths. Also have many periods of letting the silence of Truth be felt happening within you, as you, as your Truth of All, here and now.

Remember that as you DEEPEN your awareness of these beautiful truths by pondering them, by living with them, chewing on them, loving them!, your consciousness is enriched, and because "consciousness IS experience" so is your experience enriched, all being One.

I am with you 24 hours a day. My stillness, My peace, My silence is Yours. Truth Consciousness embraces you, supports you, lifts you, enriches you. Bathe in It many times throughout the day and night. Allow It to 'seek you' as you rest in the Stillness and Peace and Wholeness of being, receptive to the miracle of Truth happening as You.

With boundless Love and Gratitude,