3 Months Enriching and Lifting Conscious Awareness



There is a sublime state of consciousness that sees through all appearance to Truth. It has been referred to as the 'healing' consciousness (more accurately the revealing consciousness) – the Buddha or Christ consciousness; that state of consciousness which reveals, through the fog of the 'human' mind, That which already and eternally Is.

Once attained, that consciousness is able to reveal what to human perception is miracle after miracle of Good.

Lack, discord and disease of any name or nature cannot exist in the presence of this state of consciousness.

Nothing but the tangible revelation of Good is possible to it.

After our first six weeks together it is now time for you to attain it.


In the statement, "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" we are given the truth of one presence.

As always we must understand this truth statement as being literal. One presence is the literal truth.

God Is. And because God Is is the infinity of the Infinitude Itself, nothing 'else' is; nothing 'else' exists.

Strangely, the 'human' mind hears or reads that God Is, that God Is infinite, and that nothing 'else' therefore can be, then carries straight on accepting the human self and material world with all its lacks, limitations, discords and diseases, trying to 'apply' or 'bring' God Is to its experience.

In other words, God Is is not taken literally - "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" is not taken literally. If it were, every person who has grasped even a grain of its truth would be stopped in their tracks at every step.

Let us therefore deepen our understanding of the statement: "The earth - even though every being and every thing of it appears conceptual, finite, separate, of many different natures, amounts, characters, categories and powers, many good and many bad – is actually and exclusively God Is and the fullness of God Is."

When we are able to look at any being, thing, amount or condition – either good or bad – and realize that despite the way it appears it is actually, literally, and exclusively God Is, then we are attaining the Buddha or Christ consciousness.


When we can look at any appearance and realize that despite the quality it seems to have, and the seeming effect of that quality – either good effect or bad effect, constructive effect or destructive effect – actually only God has quality therefore it – the appearing him, her or it - has no quality at all of its own.

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." There is nothing but God Is despite all and every appearance.

When we can dismiss all appearing quality and effect in the realization that only God Is, therefore the only quality all has is God, we are able to 'invite' God to reveal Itself.

Our untroubled, detached consciousness is the openness and silence that reveals Truth where there appeared to be untruth.

Only Truth Is. Oneness Is. One Being, One Presence, One Power, One Quality. It is only a troubled, attached (to appearance) consciousness that obscures That which Is.

We are always witnessing God Is (Truth) because there is no 'other' presence to witness, but by being attached to appearance – believing it, loving it, hating it, fearing it – our senses are fogged and unable to witness what appears to us Truthfully.


Appearance 'just is'. We don't have to understand it, argue with it, fight it, improve it, prosper it, pacify it or heal it. There is nothing Real there, therefore nothing with which to engage.

It is appearance only, not Truth. That being so, why argue with it, battle with it, attempt to heal it? It is this very misunderstanding of appearance, and the very attempt to fix appearance, that has been the death of the greatest spiritual teachings of the ages.

Appearance 'just is'. It doesn't matter. It has no reality, no power, no quality, no truth. Leave it alone in the realization that only God Is, and then – in your rested, quiet, untroubled and detached consciousness (because it has only ever been your unrested, busy, troubled and attached mind that obscures Truth) – Truth becomes visible and tangible.

Let's say you are looking at railway tracks. Where you stand they appear set at the proper distance from each other but up in the distance they appear to be joined together. How is that so? Are they really joined together? No. It is just an optical illusion. The appearance 'just is'. You don't have to understand why, neither do you have to do anything about it. You don't have to run up there and force the tracks apart before the train comes. You simply have to know the truth that, despite appearance, the tracks are perfectly set apart.

"Know the truth and the truth will set you free."

Now let's say that someone calls you with a headache. What will you do? Well, most so-called 'spiritual' practices will quickly get to work on either knowing the truth of the person, or the non-truth of the headache. What they have failed to realize is that there is no truth of the person, nor non-truth of the headache.

Both are just appearance. There is no Truth to be found in either the appearance of the person or the headache. Nothing appearing is Truth; all appearing is just appearance, nothing more. Because it is nothing but appearance it is neither good nor bad despite its 'good' or 'bad' suggestion.

The saddest thing to witness these days in once truthful teachings such as Christian Science and Unity is the acceptance of appearance as something real that Truth can get rid of; the acceptance of two powers – one lessor, untruthful power that the second greater power of Truth can overcome.

So many people write to me saying they have an appearance of a migrane, or cancer, or loneliness, or depression, or lack, or insecurity, or homelessness, or family discord and ask me to heal it (reveal the Truth of it). Well there is no truth to be found within the appearance. No Truth can be made evident in or from or through the appearance because the appearance is 100 percent illusion – just as are the joined together railway tracks.

But people have latched onto the word 'appearance' and now made IT a power they want to be rid of. The power of a mental or physical or material problem has now been dropped for the power of 'appearance', which has now become the fashionable problem to be fixed.

People with an 'appearance' to be healed still have two powers - the 'lessor' power of an appearance versus the 'greater' power of Truth, Truth being able to overcome 'appearance'.

But Truth contains nothing but Itself - no 'appearance', no 'other' under any circumstances whatsoever. All but Truth is illusory appearance, nothing more. And appearance, because it is nothing but appearance, needs no more 'done' about it than images on the movie screen need something 'done' about them.

No, there is just One Presence, One Power, One Quality, One Amount, One Condition, One Being, One Body, One Form. Everything that appears isn't That, so forget appearance. Forget it, and do this:

Instantly realize that the appearance – the whole of it including all its detail – 'just is' and is therefore of no consequence.

It has no power because only God Is power.

It has no quality because only God Is quality.

It has no body or form or amount because only God Is body, form and amount.

It has no activity or condition because only God Is activity and condition.

It has no 'good' quality neither 'bad' quality because only God Is.

It has no 'constructive' quality nor 'destructive' quality because only God Is.

It has no 'abundant' quality nor 'lacking' quality because only God Is.

It has no 'healthy' quality nor 'unhealthy' quality because only God Is.

It has no 'intelligent' nor 'unintelligent' quality because only God Is.

It has no 'presence' nor 'absence' because only God Is.

It isn't a 'he, she or it' because only God Is.

Then – in a state of detached and untroubled consciousness (no belief, love, hate or fear of the appearance) – rest in the deep stillness and silence of God Is and witness God appearing.

You may witness God as a feeling of peace welling up within, or of love or joy or harmony or freedom or light or warmth or heat permeating your body or an area of the body. You may witness God as a truth statement suddenly filling your awareness, or as an instruction either audibly or inaudibly.

There are infinite ways in and as which God can be experienced, so don't limit it. Stay silent, open and receptive EXPECTING a God experience.

As soon as you have it, the 'healing' is complete; the discordant or diseased appearance is 'corrected' to reveal truthful appearance.

In our example of a person calling you with a headache, you instantly recognize the WHOLE scene as appearance only. Both the person AND the headache are appearance only - an appearance that needs no understanding. The person in the appearance is neither good nor bad, and the headache in the appearance is neither good nor bad. Neither have any quality of their own because only God has quality. Therefore the whole appearance 'just is'.

In this realization your consciousness is untroubled and detached from the appearance, ready to 'invite' God to reveal the TRUTH of what is appearing as your consciousness. In and as the openness, silence and receptivity of your consciousness Truth reveals Itself where there appeared to be untruth.


Realize more and more the non-reality of all appearance.

Detach more and more from all appearance, both 'good' and 'bad'.

Become less and less troubled by any and every 'negative' appearance in the realization of the Truth of only God Is.

In this realization, rest more, be silent more, be receptive to the 'inner voice' of Truth always revealing Itself as your consciousness, your being, your world and everything in it and of it – BEING the fullness of You.

I Am with you 24 hours a day, holding the consciousness of Truth for you, as you, as all. Rest back in It, rely on It, Trust It.

With Love and Gratitude,