3 Months Enriching and Lifting Conscious Awareness



We have reached a depth of awareness during the past seven weeks together that has readied consciousness for an incredible revelation.

Let's journey on it today. As we do, remember, the key to spiritual awakening is DEPTH and VITALITY of Truth taking good, strong root in well fertilized 'ground' (consciousness), growing forth, blossoming, then bearing fruit as individual consciousness.

It is the spiritually lifted and enriched consciousness that bears fruit richly, experiencing the good of life unbounded, unconditional, with "twelve baskets full left over".

Therefore read slowly, purposefully, richly.

Take in the depth of meaning each sentence offers you. Bathe in its truth. Relish and savor the Message as "the pearl of great price", for this indeed is its truth.


"The earth" in our statement "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" means "consciousness" - lower case "c" - the conceptual awareness, therefore experience, of man.

Have you realized that? Everything, infinitely, is consciousness. Therefore the reference to "earth" is a reference to "consciousness" - "consciousness is the Lord's and the fullness thereof".

Whenever you have a question come back to foundation truth: God is Consciousness, and because God is infinite "there is none else", therefore there is none else but CONSCIOUSNESS (see Week 1 Message).

We can go further and understand that the word "Lord" also means "Consciousness" because THERE IS NOTHING BUT.

We now have: "The earth - consciousness - is the Lord's - Its Self; Consciousness - and the fullness thereof."

Interpreted: "All of experience is consciousness being that experience, and the object of experience, and all is the fullness of consciousness (the Whole of God - Consciousness - is present at every point of Itself simultaneously)."

So let us understand this: EVERYTHING in and of individual consciousness - your consciousness and mine - everything, everything, EVERYTHING whether a mountain of a speck of dust, an ocean or a dew drop, a human being or a nanobe, an entire body or a single cell, every being in the universe or one, all the money in the world or a penny, a billion miles or an inch, all the space in the cosmos or all the space between two atoms, all the time in eternity or this one millisecond - EVERYTHING WE CAN NAME, WITHOUT EXCEPTION - is consciousness witnessed AS ITSELF, but CONCEPTUALLY, FINITELY, WITHIN TIME AND SPACE.

All there is is PURE CONSCIOUSNESS BEING THE FULLNESS OF ITSELF AT EVERY POINT AT THE SAME TIME. But because of the LOW DEGREE of that One Consciousness being lived as what we have named 'man' (the mental, physical, material experience of life) - the ONE INFINITE AND OMNIPRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS OF BEING appears to be finite, conceptual and separate from everything of Itself, happening within and of time, occupying space.

But we know the truth: God is Consciousness. The WHOLE of God is being the WHOLE OF ITSELF at every point of awareness at the same time.

All is One Infinite Whole being Itself (Pure Consciousness) as You, as Me, as All.

You are The One Wholeness of Being. "I am that I am." Therefore, "Wherever you look, there I Am; whatever you see, hear, taste, touch, smell or think It is I and the fullness thereof."


You, me, all beings do not have our 'own' consciousness. There is no consciousness but God Consciousness - as we have said 'conceptually experienced' because of the conceptual sense of mind named 'man'.

This awareness of "no consciousness being 'mine'; all consciousness being God, therefore God's" is a giant leap in awakening.

"The earth - consciousness - is the Lord's - God - and the fullness thereof - because nothing but the fullness exists."

When we catch even a GRAIN of what this truly means we begin to experience a freedom of being never imagined as possible.

***Your consciousness is FULL to overflowing with miracles; your consciousness and the fullness thereof IS the One Eternal Miracle of God already Manifest and Visible***

You have been searching for a miracle that you have thought will heal your life, yet the very consciousness you have been searching with IS the INFINITY OF INEXHAUSTIBLE MIRACLES that is the One Great Miracle of God Itself being the fullness of Itself as You.


Your entire consciousness and every breath and particle of it is a miracle of boundless proportion.

Every breath, every 'place', every aspect, every moment of your consciousness - everywhere infinitely, as far as your consciousness can go, whatever its doing, wherever it goes (wherever your awareness is) - is WHOLLY ALIVE as unconditional Good already fully manifest, tangible and visible AS YOU, FOR YOU, AS THE FULFILLMENT OF GOD ITSELF BEING ITSELF AS YOU, ever "seeking Its fullness as you", ever seeking to pierce material sense to reveal Truthful sense - like the new light of dawn pierces the shadows of the earth.


Consciousness requires AWARENESS in order to experience Itself.

Now, let's understand this at a deeper level than it has been understood before, otherwise the statement "Consciousness requires AWARENESS in order to experience Itself" appears dualistic therefore confusing.

If you've thoroughly understood the seven Messages leading to this point you know that God - Consciousness - is All there Is. You are That, I am That, All is That AND THE FULLNESS THEREOF because nothing but the WHOLE exists at each point of Itself simultaneously.

From hereon - to understand the infinite degrees of conceptual experience we name 'life' in all of its degrees, and in particular, for us, the degree of conceptual experience we name 'human, mental, physical, material' life - we realize that ALL DESCRIBABLE (conceptual) LIFE EXPERIENCE IS SIMPLY A DEGREE 'LESS' THAN, OR 'DIMMER' THAN, THE FULLNESS ITSELF.

The 'less than' or 'dimmer than' experience is nothing but a degree of CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of THE WHOLE ONENESS THAT IS GOD BEING THE INFINITY OF ITSELF AS YOU.

The 'lessor' degree of your individual conscious awareness of the Wholeness of You that you are entertaining this hour, this day, the lessor is your experience - your tangible freedom, your health, wealth, success, love, happiness, peace, joy - because CONSCIOUSNESS IS TANGIBLE EXPERIENCE.

The 'greater' degree of your individual conscious awareness of the Wholeness of You you are entertaining, the greater is your experience - your tangible freedom, your health, wealth, success, love, happiness, peace, joy.

No consciousness is unexpressed, intangible, unmanifest. Consciousness IS ALWAYS MANIFEST, TANGIBLE, VISIBLE. Do you see that? Oneness is Oneness! There is NONE ELSE. There is NOWHERE ELSE. There is NO BODY or FORM or ACTIVITY or AMOUNT 'ELSE'. Where would that 'else' exist in literal ONENESS? It would not, cannot and does not - not even in the 'imagination' of the human sense. Therefore because ALL IS CONSCIOUSNESS BEING ITSELF - ONENESS BEING ITS and ONLY PRESENCE, BODY, FORM, AMOUNT, ACTIVITY - there is no 'other' state or place or experience It 'fills' or 'makes' manifest, 'makes' tangible, 'makes' visible.

There is not God 'and'. There is not a Spirit World 'and' a material world which Spirit fills or improves.

All is ONE, and that ONE is CONSCIOUSNESS fully manifest, tangible, visible and present AS YOU, for where 'else' can your consciousness be other than right here AS YOU 'HAPPENING'?

Yes THIS consciousness, right here, IS IT, and You are That; I am That, All is That.

Because of this truth you understand that whatever DEGREE of awareness you CONSCIOUSLY HAVE - or we can say YOU ARE CONSCIOUSLY BEING - IS your MANIFEST, TANGIBLE, VISIBLE EXPERIENCE.

How FULL of good is your experience here and now? The answer will depend on your DEGREE OF CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of Truth.

But no matter how you answer realize that - despite the degree of lack or limitation, pain or suffering you or your world may be experiencing this moment - RIGHT HERE where you are, this minute, IS THE FULLNESS OF UNCONDITIONAL GOD, GOOD, the miracle of You already manifest, tangible and visible "as far as your eye can see".


The scriptural reference "as far as the eye can see" means "by the degree of Truth you are CONSCIOUSLY AWARE OF; you are CONSCIOUSLY BEING" ... "as far as your degree of conscious awareness of Truth takes you."

'Conscious awareness' is the entire key. Imagine I blindfolded you and took you to my favorite place. You don't know it, you have no conscious awareness of it, so when we arrive we each have a completely different AWARENESS, therefore EXPERIENCE, of the same ground we are standing on.

I have a good conscious awareness of this place. It is my favorite place so I have spent much time here. I know many of its details - its beauty, its peace, its geography, its variety of life form, color, fragrance, character, activity, sound, its pathways, nooks and crannies.

You have no conscious awareness of it. You have never been here before now. Plus you have a blindfold on so your experience is 'dark'.

Now let's say I make a small hole in the blindfold. You are now able to see a little of the place whereon we stand. You have a little more CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of it. You are now able to EXPERIENCE a greater degree of it. Conscious awareness is experience. You can begin to describe that which you now have CONSCIOUS AWARENESS OF whereas, a moment ago, you had NO CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of that which you can see through the small hole, therefore no experience of it.

Now let's say I make the hole two or three times larger. You now have two or three times the degree of CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of this place, therefore your tangible experience is now two or three times greater.

Finally the blindfold is removed and you suddenly have full CONSCIOUS AWARENESS therefore EXPERIENCE of the place whereon we stand.

The only difference between 'full' experience and 'no' or 'little' experience is the degree of individual CONSCIOUS AWARENESS we each have.

Equally we can understand that if either you or I were asleep in this place, we are 'unconscious' of it, therefore not having an experience of it.

In all these examples my favorite place remains the same - the fullness of itself; the fully manifest, tangible and visible presence of itself. It is SIMPLY and ONLY the DEGREE of CONSCIOUS AWARENESS we each have - we each are BEING - that determines our individual EXPERIENCE of it.

"Consciousness IS tangible experience." Is that clearer now?


God, Truth, is FULLY PRESENT here and now, right where you are - actually AS You; BEING Itself AS You - just as my favorite place was fully present and manifest. "The place whereon you stand is Holy (Whole) ground." The Being you are being is ALWAYS, CEASELESSLY the FULLNESS OF GOD BEING GOD, God being Itself as the infinity, the entirety, of Itself as You.

Your versus my individual experience of our Wholeness of Truth is entirely dependent on the degree of CONSCIOUS AWARENESS OF TRUTH we have, or ARE BEING, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, 24 hours by 24 hours.

The fact that God, Truth IS FULLY PRESENT (fully manifest, tangible and visible) as the entirety of You and Me - as the "place whereon you stand" - doesn't help in the slightest UNTIL you and I become CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of It.

By the degree we become CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of TRUTH we experience Good as our life - in and of THAT DEGREE - no less, no more, no different.

Truth, being Principle, is an EXACT SCIENCE just as is the principle of mathematics or aerodynamics or gravity. We 'get' what we 'give' (are being aware of) any principle; we experience the degree of Truth we are CONSCIOUSLY BEING. The more we are CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of the truth of mathematics or aerodynamics or gravity the more these principles 'give' us. The more we are BEING THE FULLNESS OF CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of them, the more of the fullness of them is revealed - is visible and tangible to us - therefore the more of them we experience and benefit from.


Because God Is Consciousness, because the WHOLE of God is present at every point of Itself simultaneously, and because the consciousness that You are IS God Consciousness (Consciousness is indivisible, therefore the Whole is always present as that which appears individual: You, Me, All) your consciousness is full to overflowing with miracles.

Your consciousness IS THE MIRACLE.

Every pinpoint of the consciousness you are, you have, IS THE MIRACLE of God being the fullness of Itself as Your utter and unconditional fulfillment of being.

Every point of your awareness - despite what appears to be - is a miracle of unbridled beauty, bounty, life, love and truth.

This is true because God is Consciousness and the fullness thereof. The fullness of God exists fully manifest, tangible and visible at every point of Itself simultaneously - "The earth (consciousness) is the Lord's (God) and the fullness thereof."

But this Truth - this Fact - does your experience no good unless you are CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of the miracle everywhere present in and as your consciousness.

We can state it like this: the fact that It is True doesn't 'show' in and as your experience unless it is BEING CONSCIOUSLY REALIZED. It is ONLY the CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of TRUTH ITSELF HAPPENING AS THE INFINITY OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS that is the tangible experience of Good.

This is the great key to all tangible experiencing of Truth, to all awakening, to all truthful Being.


Become more and more CONSCIOUSLY AWARE that every pinpoint of your consciousness is the miracle of God Itself - the boundless, unconditional Gift of God being the Miracle of Your Fulfillment at and as every place, every moment, every aspect of your consciousness.

Realize more and more that the way your experience LOOKS and ACTS is not Truth, not God Itself, not the Miracle You are, but just FINITE, ILLUSORY APPEARANCE.

Remember Week 7, that NOTHING OF APPEARANCE - either good or bad - has quality of its own because ONLY GOD IS and HAS QUALITY. Therefore we ignore all appearance - both the 'problem' and 'solution' - and "seek God" instead. Seek the Miracle that exists as every pinpoint of your consciousness - the Paradise of Truthful Being and Freedom of All, fully manifest, tangible and visible AS your consciousness, everywhere within and of it, omnipresent.

It is your greater CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of Truth - this Truth - that opens the doorway of truthful tangible experience.

It is CONSCIOUS AWARENESS that opens and reveals the miracle of You, the miracle of every aspect of your experience. Therefore develop the discipline THIS WEEK and forevermore of turning within to become CONSCIOUSLY AWARE OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF realizing that YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF is, and reveals, the miracle that is God omnipresent.

Turn within 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 times a day (until you are doing so continuously) to rest attention on Consciousness Itself BEING your consciousness and the miracle thereof.

Devote more and more time to being the attentive Silence of Being, the Silence of the Miracle of You being tangibly experienced, the Gift of God unconditionally pouring Itself forth as You for the Truth and Good of All.

Indeed, "The earth - consciousness - is the Lord's - God - and the fullness thereof."

With Love, Joy and Freedom of Being,