Asking For Spiritual Help Correctly

Let me clarify the instruction we were given last Sunday:

The message (TPOT3_7-8-12 "Our Ultimate Aim As a Group") gave us our ULTIMATE goal so don't feel bad if you still need help with a stubborn problem.

You are always free to ask for help, as is anyone else.

BUT... unless WE as this Phase 3 group now, finally, understand the actual nature of the 'problem' we will never witness 'its solution', and then we'll be still asking for help in a year, and ten years, and a thousand years UNTIL we understand, therefore free ourselves of, the false appearance of any problem, and certainly be unable to free the world of its discord, disease, lack, limitation and immorality.


All 'other' or 'different' or 'mortal' experience of being or condition is FALSE EXPERIENCE formed by the dim awareness of that which we name 'human' or 'five sense' consciousness.

There is NO BEING OTHER THAN GOD, therefore there is ONLY ONE BEING, ONE BODY, ONE PRESENCE, ONE CONDITION and because That ONE is Infinite, Perfect Being and Condition there is no 'personal' being or condition. THERE IS JUST THE ONE, INFINITE, UNIVERSAL ONE BEING WE NAME GOD. Period. No exceptions.

Therefore if we have a problematic person that is effecting our experience of harmony THAT EXPERIENCE IS FALSE. Therefore if we try to 'heal' that false person from problematic to fair and harmonious WE WILL FAIL. Why? Because THERE IS ACTUALLY, LITERALLY, ONLY GOD BEING and God-Being needs no healing. God only has to be RECOGNIZED, not healed!

The same goes for any and every problematic condition. It is FALSE experience of condition therefore cannot be healed. We can NEVER 'heal' a false impression, false experience, false image.

So... when we ask for help we must know what we're asking for, and that is ALWAYS: to "open my eyes that I may see" TRUTH rather than untruth. (2 Kings 6:17)

We MUST be beyond being transfixed by, and fooled by, the false experience so that when an experience stubbornly stays with us, and even becomes more severe as it can do, WE KNOW IT FOR THE FALSE EXPERIENCE IT IS, THEREFORE ASK FOR THE TRUTHFUL HELP: lifting consciousness above the appearing condition, having our "eyes opened so that we may see", having our consciousness illumined so that TRUTHFUL being and condition can be seen, revealed, witnessed.

Truth is not a materica medica help. It is not a help to harmonize or heal or pacify or prosper mental, physical or material condition BECAUSE GOD IS NOT, THEREFORE KNOWS NOTHING OF, THEREFORE CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT, these false experiences of Being and Condition.

In this way I cannot help with 'mother, father, sister, brother, friend, love, neighbor, condition, circumstance'. I can only help with ILLUMINED CONSCIOUSNESS. You can turn to me and ask for help in "seeing truthfully", in "opening my eyes that I may see" and THEN you are open to receive TRUTHFUL HELP: that of having 'my' illumination flood your consciousness so that you may also see truthfully.

Yes!, that "seeing truthfully" will appear through human consciousness to be a healing of the false experience of discord or disharmony or disease, even a miraculous healing. BUT ALL IT REALLY IS IS ILLUMINED SEEING which has been made possible for you BECAUSE YOU KNOW THE FALSE NATURE OF ANY APPEARING DISCORD therefore never ask for help with that false experience BUT NOW ONLY ASK FOR HELP WITH ILLUMINED SEEING.

It is that recognition of the falsity of experienced discord or disease or lack or limitation (of any category at all), therefore your asking for TRUTHFUL HELP that makes your consciousness open and receptive for the miracle of Truth witnessed as your experience.

Do you see?

In this way, I welcome every request for TRUTHFUL help you reach out for. Feel free! And it is in this way that we - as our sacred group, discover that our consciousness now filled with TRUTHFUL awareness is lifted higher and higher, blossoming as purer and purer, more and more illumined, always knowing What we Seek (the kingdom of God not an improved "this world") - that "lifts all men unto me" thereby freeing the world in Truth. (John 12:32)

The world (material consciousness) is busy attempting to heal itself, improve and prosper itself, harmonize and pacify itself. We MUST be above such low-level consciousness. We MUST be of higher, more illumined consciousness that "takes no thought for our lives but seeks the kingdom of God" and then BECAUSE WE ARE SEEKING TRUTHFULLY witnesses God as All Being, All World, All Condition here and now, wherever we are.

"Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." (Luke 12:32)

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Nothing less will do for us. Let us finally and thoroughly know this, and strive at every impasse to LIVE IT, to BE the "window of heaven", to live honestly and truthfully as God consciousness rather than false consciousness, thereby witness the glorious omnipresence of Liberty as All.

I hope this helps, dear friends.