Basking Ridge 2011 "Silence Lives Me" Retreat Audios

NOTE: Last year's (2010) Basking Ridge retreat raised the conscious realization of Oneness to new heights. The true SCIENCE of Truth - the "Science of Spiritual Healing" - was made so clearly evident that it lifted every one of us to greater tangible awareness that ONLY GOD IS therefore ONLY GOOD IS.

This 2011 Basking Ridge retreat - "Silence Lives Me" - so graciously and generously hosted again by Arti and Keith Kahn - has once more raised consciousness by degrees I couldn't ever have imagined.

What we have been given as each class has transformed each and every individual in the room, and far beyond. Many healings were experienced, much freedom of being evidenced, and clarity of purpose - and the spiritual freedom to carry out that purpose - realized.

Thank you, THANK YOU all at Basking Ridge for this heavenly experience and the deep joy of being together in true spiritual oneness and givingness, that knows no bound.




Right click each link (if you have a Mac press CTRL then click) then select "Save As" to download your audios:

DAY ONE (4 audios)

SLM Day 1-1

SLM Day 1-2

SLM Day 1-3

SLM Day 1-4

DAY TWO (7 audios)

SLM Day 2-1

SLM Day 2-2

SLM Day 2-3

SLM Day 2-4

SLM Day 2-5

SLM Day 2-6

SLM Day 2-7

DAY THREE (4 audios)

SLM Day 3-1

SLM Day 3-2

SLM Day 3-3

SLM Day 3-4

SLM Day 3-5

NOTE: Ideally you will have all three November messages as one complete phase of the teaching. Here are the two others (if you do not yet have them):

Redondo Beach Advanced Class: "Omnipresence Of Withinness" (2 audios $35)

Tampa, Florida "Rest In God Is" Retreat Set (11 audios $120)