Bergamo "Being Oneness"

May 2012 Retreat Audio Set

The 3 Day "Being Oneness" retreat held 5-6-7th May 2012 at Bergamo Center, Mount Saint John, 4400 Shakertown Road, Dayton OH 45430

NOTE: If there is any confusion in understanding, therefore demonstration, of Jesus's, Mary Baker Eddy's or Joel S. Goldsmith's descriptions of "God as health, God as supply, God as relationship, peace, joy and harmony, God as safety and security" and so on, THESE "BEING ONENESS" RETREAT AUDIOS ARE THE ONES TO GET.

Never before has "God IS..." and "God AS..." been explained so clearly and succinctly. Never before has "Oneness" been explained in such a way that The Practice of The Presence of God - and the tangible fruits of such "practice" (BEing) - becomes immediately clear and do-able by any serious student.

The retreat group - the majority of whom have been CS and IW students for decades - experienced great awakening, and for some, beautiful healing - during these 3 days of classes.

From a quite "material, troubled" state of awareness as the group entered the room the first morning, consciousness was lifted to a beautifully high, refreshed state by the third class (of 13 classes) which enabled one of the very clearest Miracle Self messages yet to come forth.

Being Oneness

God is One - All-Inclusive Oneness and Wholeness of Being, Omnipresence Itself Being All, Being You individually and uniquely.

Yet after centuries of Truth being given us - "I and the Father are One... I am the life... I (Truth) am come (as individual truth awareness) so that you may have life and have it more abundantly" - we still harbor a sense of 'twoness'. And because Consciousness IS tangible experience we EXPERIENCE twoness - a sense of separation from the All Good that is our very Being in Truth - even though Truth is fully manifest and tangible AS our very Being and everything of It (omnipresence).

All 'problems' in life occur because of a sense of separation from God, Truth, Spirit. There is not a single 'human' or 'world' problem that is not the result of the collective belief that "I" (you, me, the world and everything in it and of it) is 'separate' from God, or 'different' in form, nature, character and amount than God.

At best we believe that God is 'within' somewhere and that we have to somehow get God to 'come out here', be present and tangible 'out here', visible as 'materiality and physicality' in order for us to experience bodily health, financial sufficiency, love and joy in relationship, truthful and fulfilling purpose, and world peace and harmony.

One of the major reasons we continue to suffer 'humanly' and 'worldly' is because unless we more deeply KNOW and ARE BEING the consciousness of ONENESS then all the 'other' or 'additional' truth we try to know will not evidence more than a morsel of Actual Truth.

3 Days Lifting And Enriching Consciousness To Oneness

We devoted the full three days - 13 classes - to lifting and enriching consciousness to Oneness.

The new clarity and understandability of the message of Oneness leads one to a profound lifting of consciousness to the state where Oneness is actually KNOWN and FELT rather than just intellectually understood.

It is TRUE KNOWING and FEELING of literal ONENESS that is the consciousness that evidences Truth.

This set of class audios (13 audios) is a deep yet simple and clear study of the pain, lack and limitation of a "God AND..." consciousness versus the virtually instantaneous freedom, limitlessness and effortlessness of the consciousness of True Oneness (no "God AND" happening in consciousness).

The Retreat Audio Set is now available

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Thank You to...

Big "Thank Yous" to Dulcie Smith, George Bradley and Gabriella Barr for arranging this retreat, to all the students in Ohio who invited the message to be shared, and to you who are now joining the retreat via the audio set.

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