Trust The Center of Your Children's Truth

Withiness is All.

Your children’s Truthful Center is living within them. If you are able to touch yours, then theirs is just a gentle reference away, because all is One.

Alive in them is their truth, their answers, their comfort, their sense of God, the consciousness that is the truth of them.

What will it take for you to trust? Do you believe your children already know what is right for them? They do, they always have.

Do you believe that they can grow up and never have to rely on someone telling them what is right for them? That they will happen on IT because they are it, and feel the(ir) harmony?

If your answer is "Yes" or "Maybe" then stop telling them what to do. Assume they know, absolutely. Since their years of conditioning are less than ours, their access is so much simpler. But we must keep leading (turning) them back to their truth by recognizing it mostly silently AND aloud.

In other words, since I have an awareness of my consciousness I know that is their truth as well. I silently acknowledge their truth because it is the ONE Truth, AND I make reference to it in conversation - for example, I'll say, "I know you'll know what to do, or what is right. You have your own answers."

When they are young, make requests rather than tell them. "Could you please brush your teeth, put on your shoes, tidy your room?" instead of commanding them or barking orders.

In this way you free them to have a sense of their inner selves rather than their waiting for their next command. It’s the way of our not trouncing on their ability to discriminate what is out there and their own withiness.

When they don’t like doing something, CELEBRATE! Just the information they have access to like/dislike, Truth/illusion. Quietly know that this is their ability to listen to the(ir) Self.

They already know what they like. They don’t know what’s best for them when they are young, but they do know what they like. That’s what keeps their Truth alive. Allow that pathway unlimited access. Don’t talk them out of it. We can’t, anyway, but we can delay their trust in listening to it.

Honestly, how long did it take for us to rebuild the pathway to our truth? I’m going on 30 years, how about you? My children’s access to Self/God/Omniscience is intact. The world (collective) is working overtime to deny that, let’s not ally with or personalize collective.

I think keeping children's access intact is more important than keeping the family intact. Even though we readily consider sacrificing truth for keeping the family intact. Keep your children’s pathway intact. They will be (brought to) their ultimate peace that way.

I personally prefer my children’s peace and joy above the circumstances (pictures). I would rather them be happy and fulfilled than tell them "you should be a lawyer" or "go into the family business".

I once told my high school senior, who didn’t have solid confidence (because of collective) in what he felt and knew to be true, that I wanted him to make more mistakes. Sometimes the perceived power of the collective is screaming so loudly that the voice of Truth - which whispers - cannot be heard and makes your children immobile and even fearful for the moment.

Here's an example: during a big transition like graduating high school, which is one of the opportunistic times collective is perceived to have a greater intensity, the voice of 'this world' is louder. It can seem that children falter at the point of an experience like this.

REALIZE THIS: What appears to be faltering is OUR sense of collective consciousness at its most intense. They - the children - are not necessarily faltering at all. This is where and when WE need to be firm in our truthful awareness, not look to the children to change THEIR awareness.

Now you understand why I felt my high school senior wasn’t making enough mistakes. It is BECAUSE of the above awareness that I told him I WANTED him to make more mistakes. I told him, "I think you're not making enough mistakes." In other words, I wanted to give him the encouragement to investigate the interests of his inner nigglings, and that I would be behind him 100 percent even if there were dozens or hundreds. There is no limit!

I told him to overturn EVERY stone and that that path would lead him to what was right for him. I also told him that when he happened on it, HE would know it.

I supported EVERYTHING that interested him - with no judgment from me, no personal (mother's) preference whatsoever - until he found that thing which he recognized to be his truth.

And that is what has happened - he has found True Purpose at the age of 20. There is no greater joy than the independent sought-and-found fulfillment of your children witnessed - which is my (our, as parents) fulfillment because All is One.

I operate under the assumption that I don’t ever know what anyone’s individual fulfillment is AND that only THEY can recognize it as Truth. I also operate on the assumption that Truth appears from no rhyme or reason therefore I can stop believing that 'mother knows best' which also means 'collective knows best'. Collective knows nothing, only it’s dream.

Do I trust? God is All or nothing, certainly not somewhere selectively in between.

Stop answering for your children. They know the more accurate answer, just allow them to be asked. Give God his respect. Stop putting your children on display - meaning using what they are 'doing' as a way to relate to other parents or other family members.

Families seem to be pack animals; it takes a village...and so on. The only pack is God. One with God is a majority. If I’m asked I say, "He is enjoying his friends, studies, athletics, game stations, freedoms, challenges," and that I am so happy he’s having an experience that HE enjoys. His enjoyment has nothing to do with what I think he should enjoy.

Honestly what better experience for (as) someone you love? If it is your consciousness that All is Here, done, and awareness is the only thing that is happening, then those children ARE your consciousness, so how bright is YOUR illumination?

They’re enjoying their experience! I wish that for ALL!! I support them in discovering what that is. I am not interested in the 'behavior modification' style of collective conformity. I am breaking free of that myself. It’s we, the parents, who need to change our behavior, not our children. Awareness, and that change, are One.

By all means, step in and keep your children safe, but stop keeping yourself safe by parenting by your fears.

And those fears, if closely examined, aren’t even yours! Take a look at what collective is up to these days, and see where you’ve personalized. Parent by Truth, by faith. Surrender those erroneously perceived fears.

A parent who worries teaches a child that there is something outside of God. Surrender your fears. Name each and every one of your fears and see them for the non-power that they are.

Sometimes our way to Truth is one non-truth at a time. Take that step: It is only I. "Fear not, it is I."

And sometimes it feels like one step forward, two steps back. Remember, nothing is ever wrong. Nothing is a 'step back'.

In truthful awareness, consciousness reveals what is not true AS it reveals what is True. It’s the same action, All being One.

So much love here for you,