A Merry Christmas to You and all!

Let us rest today in the presence of the Christ, the omnipresence of Being, in and through that rest allowing Truth to permeate world being.

Let us gently be aware of Truth being the only actual presence, each moment of peace felt happening within being a new birth of Christ in individual consciousness.

And let us realize as "I" am given birth to -- as I be lifted up -- I draw all men unto Me. As individual consciousness experiences the presence of its Truth in and as the peace welling up within, all men and all of earth are drawn higher in truth awareness.

Being continouly aware, being still, being silent and receptive, devoting ourselves to the peace of Truth happening, permeating being: this is our gift to the Christ. It is the greatest Christmas gift we can give because it is a gift not to or for any personal being, but to and for and as all universally without preference, without creed, without divide.

I am with you today and always in the one consciousness of truth being all. I am with you in awareness, in stillness, in silence and in reverence beholding the birth, the blossoming and the fullness of Love and Light, Peace and Grace being every one of our brothers and sisters worldwide.

In oneness and unity of all,
Paul and Victoria