Conscious Parenting

Here are some typical scenarios that 'human' parenting encounters (and cannot find a way out of, leading to distasteful or bad or even severed relationship between parent and child or teacher and child), versus how the spiritually enlightened parent or teacher acts in the same situation.

It is all about first acknowledging the sticking points of the human sense of child and parent, and then the dissolving of those areas of collective consciousness that seem to 'block' the fullness of freedom and expression both of your relationships with your children (and/or grandchildren/students) and THEIR experience as THEIR lives.

It is about identifying and dissolving the 'personal sense of children, and parenting' that holds one bondage to old - collective consciousness - conditioning and beliefs.

It is what I call 'unconscious parenting' that we slip into, which leaves us frustrated or worried, second guessing certain decisions, trying to out-wit certain of our child's actions or behavior, and assuming what we have thought is necessary in bringing our children up correctly: human responsibility for them, their nature and their conduct.


The secret is to initiate a change in consciousness. That change sees quite miraculous results in you and your children or students.

It is a change in consciousness that sees all as truly One, Whole and therefore harmonious and free. The 'old' or traditional conditioning of what parent is, and child is, is dissolved to reveal Truthful Parenting and Truthful Child.

It is THEN that miracles are witnessed because as Truth is realized as the conscious union of Love, freedom and support between parent and child, the personal, limited and often fearful sense of self is freed and relieved of all that a 'human' approach to parenting suffers.

You see, as we - as parents - become free our children witness THEIR freedom too. Our children can only be as free and whole as WE KNOW THEM TO BE. The more TRUTH we know them to be - individually, with a divine and unique purpose for being here on earth - the more THEY are able to 'release their imprisoned splendor'.

And their splendor IS INDEED - each and every child - divine. But WE MUST TRULY KNOW THAT and ACT in accordance with the Truth we know they are.


As each of us individually, as parents, break free of the 'human' approach to raising children we help break collective consciousness parenting, loosening it's hold on all children and parents alike.

This is perhaps the greatest reason for our work in truthful parenting. "As I be lifted up I draw all men unto me." But first of all "I" must be lifted up.

By the way, it is worth remembering that although this truth of parenting and children may be experienced as coming from 'me' - the appearance of someone 'outside' of you - to 'you', the truth is there is no 'outside', no location known as the 'outside'. Not even a thought is 'outside'. All is the One consciousness that you are.

So realize that all the truth of parenting and children we'll discuss is actually YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS REALIZING TRUTH.


* Let go of all personal desires for return (love) recognition, or reward.

* GIVE as an intrinsic nature of parenting - wanting nothing from your children or from the situation.

* Increase awareness of your parenting messages, shining light on the unconscious 'spots'.

* Fear acts as the fly paper of the collective, and thus the personal sense, raising your children or raising them in certain areas of their lives. Watch for fear, and do your best to nullify it.

* Identify and dissolve specific fears that hinder and bind you.

* There are 3 ‘magical’ activities of conscious parenting: Learn, Teach, Support.

* Acknowledge specifically what we yet need to learn; understand the Spiritual wisdom available to you.

* The teaching portion of life with our children is such a tiny window. Treasure it. Use it wisely!

* Teach primarily through modeling, NOT instructing. (What are we modeling each day, each contact with our children?)

* Identify what support REALLY looks like.

* Watch out, if there's an opinion voiced, how easily it falls out of the category of support, and into the category of the personal sense. Here are some examples of when we're in the personal sense (hypnotism) - what personal sense as a parent desires, wants, needs:

To be heard.

To be seen.

To be understood.

To be appreciated.

To be thanked.

To be loved.

To be included.

To be respected.

To be remembered.

To be mentioned.

To be noticed.

To be needed.

To be wanted.

To be pursued.

These occur because of the underlying (collective) fear that they won't be fulfilled, which is an intensified belief in separation.

This is parenting WITHOUT conscious Oneness.

Your goal Is to continually increase conscious awareness of the times we are back in the mesmerism of the collective, and with that awareness dissolve the concepts and beliefs that we once took ownership of.

The ultimate freedom from the human sleepiness, to conscious awareness, is what ‘conscious parenting’ is all about.

A final realization: Conscious parenting is NOT about improving the human picture. It requires an earnest desire to lift above the human struggle (the collective).