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January 3, 2018

One cannot disagree with itself by being discordant, diseased, limited, lacking, immoral, unjust, unhappy. One is one, self-inclusive, all-inclusive, omnipresent form and nothing other.

The whole of oneness exists at every point of infinity at the same time because infinity is oneness—and not only oneness but the omnipresence of oneness.

Oneness is omnipresence; omnipresence is oneness. Once you have and live by the consciousness of oneness, you have all good. There is no “more” to have.

If you had all the good the world has in it but had not oneness you would have nothing. When you have oneness, you not only have all the good the world has in it, but infinitely more than the world has ever seen because your consciousness of oneness is infinity and all it constitutes.

From Healing of the Body page 38


Healing of the Body
by Paul F. Gorman

New Cover Design
September 27, 2017
284 pages Paperback

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