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January 3, 2019

Webster defines “all” as:

    1a : the whole amount, quantity, or extent of
    1b: as much as possible
    2: every member or individual component of
    3: the whole number or sum of
    4: every
    5: any whatever
    6: nothing but: only:
    6a : completely taken up with, given to, or absorbed by
    6b : having or seeming to have in conspicuous excess or prominence
    6c : paying full attention with
    7: used up : entirely consumed

Certainly, there is no possibility of all containing anything else within or outside or additional to itself.

All is literally all of all, leaving no “other.”
    In truth awareness, the word all or the state of allness is very important to understand. All is one or oneness. God is, God is all, oneness is all. All, the only, the one, is literal.

Therefore, because God is consciousness, consciousness is the only, the all, the one.

It is this clearing out of fogginess or confusion that spiritualizes (purifies) our consciousness and reveals the body and world as they truly is -- healthy and harmonious.

From Chapter 11, What Is Consciousness?
Healing of the Body page 134

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