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January 4, 2018

To experience oneness, you must realize the non-locality of truth. Truth, good, is non-local because good is God and God
is non-local.

God is omnipresence not local presence; God is omni-form not local form; God is incorporeal not corporeal. This understanding — along with the realization of oneness being all there is, therefore forever whole and self-complete, unable to be discordant, ill, diseased or in lack — is the key.

The oneness of true (God) life, love, wealth, harmony, peace and fulfillment cannot be in disagreement or discord with itself.

All is God, good itself, one and omnipresent. It would require two different entities or aspects of being to create a possible misalignment, disagreement, discord, illness or disharmony.

But God is one; therefore, all is one and of oneness.

From Healing of the Body page 38


Healing of the Body
by Paul F. Gorman

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September 27, 2017
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