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January 24, 2018

Now that you realize this truth, do you see why attempting to treat or manipulate the “physical” body fails spiritually?

It is impossible to experience the spiritual body by physical means. More than this, it is impossible to “heal” the spiritual body because the spiritual body does not need healing. It is forever perfectly healthy, formed and functional.

The true meaning of “healing” is awakening. When we experience injury, disease or decrepitude it is a wake up call, not a call to treat or manipulate the problem at the level we are experiencing it.

    If we attempt to solve the problem at its own level all we do is keep ourselves stuck at that level.

The “problem” is the body urging us, eventually screaming at us, to awaken. A minor problem is an urge, a major problem is a scream, to awaken.

I am body.
    Awaken to I, and you will instantaneously experience the true body of health, vitality, joy and freedom.

    “I am that I am” —
I am body I am.

And because I is forever whole, healthy, perfect and functional, as we awaken to I we discover the whole and healthy body standing where, to material sense, the sick, injured or aged body used to be.

From Healing of the Body page 45


Healing of the Body
Paul F. Gorman

New Cover Design
September 27, 2017
284 pages Paperback

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