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February 17, 2018

God is consciousness, consciousness is what God is.

God is not “in” consciousness; consciousness is not a “means of” accessing God; consciousness is not a “storehouse” of life, peace and harmony, consciousness is not “a way of” becoming healthy, a way of staving off the pain and activity of disease for relief and healing. Consciousness is God itself, consciousness is life itself, consciousness is creation itself, consciousness is your true identity itself.

Because consciousness is God—absolutely all that existence itself is, within and without—everything I am conscious of is consciousness itself.

Therefore, my body, which I am conscious of, is life itself, health itself, youthfulness itself, freedom itself.

There is nothing of my body—my all-inclusive consciousness, my infinite and omnipresent consciousness—that is separate from, different from or less than God itself.

Because I am conscious of it it is consciousness itself—God itself, perfect, invariable and eternal life itself.

From Healing of the Body page 52

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