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February 21, 2018

I, the whole of I, the entire mind, body and universe I am conscious of, is consciousness itself.

Every detail of that which embodies my experience of a local, individual body, family, home, person, activity, amount, condition and place is consciousness itself, simply objectively sensed at our current degree of objective awareness.

In other words, we have a corporeal sense of that which is one hundred percent incorporeal.

And because consciousness is infinite and omnipresent, the objective sense includes an infinite and ever-present variety of seemingly different people, things, activities, amounts, conditions and places, yet all the One.

The multitudes of sense are the one presence of God, forever the same, whole and indivisible.

Withdraw fixation from that which seems to be, to that which is, and you have the secret of healing at hand.

From Healing of the Body page 52

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